Life in the Fish Bowl


Things I Love About The Girl

I haven't blogged in quite a while - well, over a year it seems - and was just saying yesterday how I don't know how I ever had the time.  Then today, all I can think about is blog posts. Duh.  Anyway, I think having a toddler just lends itself to blogging.  Your friends get sick of hearing about how cute, sweet, smart, perfect, etc., little sweetie is and you have to tell someone - even if it is just a blog post with no readers bouncing around out in cyberspace!!
The Girl is 20 months old now.  She is wondrous! Amazing.  Outstanding.  Perfect.  Yeah, yeah, you are already sick of hearing it, I know.  Therefore, I will spare you excess verbage and go to a bullet list. 
Things I love about The Girl
  • I love how feisty she is.  She is NOT taking any bullshit from anyone. Being 20 months old isn't any reason to have to, right?
  • I love how she says YAY!!!! when she is getting/doing something she wants.  Enthusiasm should be her middle name.
  • I love how she loves spicy food, pickles, salsa,butter beans, hot stuff - just like her mommy.
  • I love how she trusts me completely.  I can reach out to her from across the room and she'll just jump - knowing I'll catch her.  
  • I love her fearlessness.  Big dog? Strange person? New food? New place? Bring it on.  
  • I love how she loves her brother.  She will beat him down in a heartbeat if he messes with her - which he frequently does -, but she lights up from ear to ear, head to toe when she sees him.  She doesn't look at anyone else like she looks at him.  It makes my heart grow two sizes.
  • I love how she rolls with the flow.  She'll sleep wherever/whenever.  She'll go wherever. She isn't bothered by change or inconsistency.  Thank god, because we sure don't have any kind of schedule!!!
  • I love how she wrinkles up her nose and makes silly faces at you when you say something she doesn't like. She may not say a lot of words, but she understands every word and their connotation. 
  • I love how she says mama.  How she babbles on endlessly in some foreign language, yet expects you to answer and looks irritated when you don't.
  • I love how she started putting her diapers in the trash can without me ever asking her to.
  • I love that she is my baby for ever and always, no matter how old she gets.  :-)