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Ten for '10

I don't usually do New Year's resolutions.  The whole idea just doesn't seem necessary to me.  If you need to do something, do it.  Don't wait until a certain day of the year to start.  Since I don't work or go to school, my calendar is very fluid - though with TB starting school I guess that is changing - so the new year, the weekend, etc, etc, just doesn't mean that much.

Anyway, this year I'm gonna jump on the resolution bandwagon.  I've had a baby this year, my other baby has started school - lots of change and right now seems like a good time to set some goals for myself.  That it coincides with the New Year? Well, that's just a total coincidence.  So without further adieu...

Blue Momma's Resolutions for 2010
  1. Sell/dispose of all of the no longer needed baby paraphernalia - clothes, hardware, toys, etc.  I have so much shit piled around here that we can hardly get around.  Now that we have TG and aren't in a holding pattern anymore it is time to declutter and get rid of the things she has outgrown or no longer/never will need.
  2. Organize the kids rooms and help TB keep his that way.  Both kids have small rooms so organization is essential. I have tons of bins and shelving, but we never seem to get the "litter" in the storage units. 
  3. Finish decorating projects in house - particularly in the kid's rooms.  I haven't finished decorating TG's room and she is 7 months old.  I guess I shouldn't feel so bad about that though, because I  haven't finished TB's and he is five.  Bad Mom.
  4. Cook more frequently.  I really do enjoy cooking, but have so gotten out of the habit.  It is so easy to just eat a frozen pizza or let hubby pull something together.  My bank account and my ass demand more home cooked meals in 2010. Blue Momma is gonna pull out the cookbooks, make some menus and get busy.
  5. Eat a healthier diet - fewer calories, healthier foods, more fruits and vegetables.  I guess this one explains itself.
  6. Start eating on a smaller plate and don't go back for seconds.  It's not that I eat such shitty foods to get the size I am - it's that I eat a fucking ton of whatever I eat. I'm not listing lose weight here, as I figure that if I do numbers five and six the weight will come off all on its on.
  7. Learn to like at least three new vegetables this year.  Since I hate them I figure one every three months is more than reasonable.  In the past few years I have added spinach (raw only) and romaine to my vegetable repertoire, but I need to expand it greatly.  I only like spinach, romaine (leaves only), butterbeans, tomatoes, corn and potatoes.  I need to add some beans and maybe carrots.... This one will be hard.
  8. Be more patient with my husband.  He really is a good guy and tries really hard to make me happy.  He is also a good father to TB and TG.  I have less patience with him than I do with anyone else on earth and I am going to try to change that.  
  9. Get on a cleaning schedule for my house and keep it in order.  I shouldn't have to spend more than 30 minutes cleaning/straightening up before I can have company over (as compared with needing about 2 days now).
  10. Make sure that the time I spend with my husband/kids/family/friends is quality time vs. quantity.  I want this to be the most kick ass year ever! Who cares if I'm with my family, but we are watching tv or doing our own things.  This year will be about quality.
(Where did the spell check button go?  Am I losing my mind?  I know I don't blog much these days, but I know there used to be spell check on blogger, but I sure as hell can't find it.)