Life in the Fish Bowl


Knowledge is a Good Thing - Or So They Say

I asked TB last night what bad words he knew.  He said he only knew two:

Oh my God


Stupid Asshole.

Can't imagine where he heard either of those from. 

I know it won't win me any mom of the year awards, but I find that absolutely hilarious.  If we can keep his bad word vocabulary at OMG and stupid asshole I would feel I was a great success. 

Now if he had said stupid fucking asshole, now that would have been a different story....



Kim said...

i love it. this story is pretty damn great. even better in person. stupid asshole. :)

oh my god.

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Molly said...

Hey Blue Momma,
Look at your beautiful new site. I have been faithfully playing your trivia game but have not looked at the new digs. I am glad that you are still in business.

For the language, he didn't hear it from me...I'm innocent:)

Dx said...

I hate to say this Blue Momma but you are becoming TOO extreme. Apart from Resolution Number 10, dump the rest, stop worrying, be yourself and just repeat Resolution 10 on a regular basis. Now go and sit down with a nice cup of coffee and do absolutely nothing for a few hours (or days).