Life in the Fish Bowl


It's Too Soon!

I had to run to WalHell today to pick up some groceries.  Yes, I have done that before, smart ass, but I haven't done it that frequently since TG was born.  You see, believe it or not, my girl likes to be held.  She has a hate/hate relationship with her car seat.  She fucking hates that bitch!!!!

Usually we go to the store and she makes it about five minutes until she screams bloody murder.  I end up carrying her in front of me in a forward facing position, trying to push the buggy with my free hand while peeping over top of the now empty car seat so I don't plow over some tooth missing, mullet sporting, wife beater wearing fellow shopper. 

This is our routine.  I've become accustomed to it.  I've bitched and moaned and couldn't do anything about it accepted it. 

But now?  Today?  I put TG in the carseat.  NO TEARS.  We go to WalHell and actually shop for things.  NO TEARS.  I push my luck and casually browse through the baby toys after getting my groceries.  NO TEARS.

I should be happy, right? 

I'M NOT!!!

I'm not ready for my baby to be all grown and able to handle shit without me holding her.  I mean really, she isn't even six months old yet!!!!!!!  Next thing you know she'll be sleeping in her own bed, calling me poopie head and getting on the school bus.  That leads to high school, college, marriage, her moving away.....gahhhhhhhhh!!!!  I can't take it!!!!!!

Seriously folks, I need another baby because mine is already practically grown.

Or maybe what I need is a good therapist and/or a fucking intervention.....

(FYI - for those of you who think I am neglecting TG while I am typing this, she is currently sound asleep while simultaneously on the boob.  I may be a shitty housekeeper, but I am a kick ass multi-tasker!)



Junebug said...

I like the "Calvin" quote. I don't know about the brown background to read from. I like the pretty tree.

Junebug said...

Maybe if your words were whiter or lighter.