Life in the Fish Bowl


Good Times

Tonight we had some friends over for dinner.  It was nice.  The kids played and got along well.  The grown ups did the same.  The food was good - even if I did cook it - and the company was better.  I was going to take some pictures, but was distracted by those kids, friends and food I was talking about.  Maybe Kimtastic will email me a pic for my blog.  You know she took some, if not quite as many as usual.

I know I bitch and moan a lot about things, but life really is pretty good. Don't get me wrong.  I could be thinner, richer, prettier, smarter, etc, etc.  But in all honesty?  I have a great family and great friends. I am able to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  My belly is always full (ha - even too full!).

I need to shut up and enjoy what I have and that is exactly what I plan to start doing more of.

You bitches rock.  And that includes you, too, J!!

I have to admit that TB did say he wanted F, H and E to be here, but he had a ball, too.

To quote Yankee Belle, "Good times, good times."



Kim said...

we love you, BM!! if only you lived a little closer, we'd be at your house everyday. the drive to montgomery makes everything totally worth it though. :)

you're a great friend and an even better cook. thank you, again! oh, and btw, J said he loves being your bitch.

the planet of janet said...

wish we lived closer ... cuz i'd totally hang at your house.

Yankee Belle said...

Kim said it all. The only thing I can add is: 'what time you need me over tonight?' =) XOXO YB.