Life in the Fish Bowl


All bassackward

Yesterday I was soooo tired. We got up early in the a.m. to get ready for a birthday party. I had been busy the night before and didn't make it to pick up a present so I sent TB (The Boy, aka Punkin) and Hubby to pick something up. I told him what to get and how much to spend. He comes home having spent half what I told him and had a toy that the kid was waaaay too young for. The kid is younger than TB and TB couldn't have played with the toy. First case of bassackwardness.

TB and I had to run by Target on the way to the party, exchange the gift and buy another one. On a side note, I did get to tell TB that he was gonna be "Tardy for the Party" and we had a lot of fun singing Tardy for the Party as we hurried through the store. (Gotta love those Real Housewives!)

After the party we met a friend for lunch. After lunch I offered to take TB to Toys R Us to do a little advance scouting for Santa Claus. What kid could turn that down, right??


Little punk wanted to go to Wal Hell instead!!! That was our second case off bassackwardness. I tried to talk him out of it, but he insisted. Of course Wal Hell didn't have the toys he wanted to look at, just like I had predicted. We looked at what they had and made our way home. On the way home I was so damn tired that I could have closed my eyes and slept right there in the driver's seat.

I only got more tired as I got closer to home, but I figure me and TG (The Girl, aka Orange Juice) could nurse and nap when I got home. WRONG! She wanted no part of a nap so we actually got a blanket and layed out in the backyard with TB until it started getting cold. I did manage to keep my eyes open, but barely, and only because my phone kept ringing.

So I'm like screw it. I'm going to bed. An actual bed. For those who don't know it, I've been sleeping with TG in the recliner in the living room since she was born. FIVE MONTHS AGO. Yes, I have. Back the fuck up, haters! It works for us. Anyway, I've been wanting a nights sleep in a real bed and since hubby didn't have call that day or the next I figured he had no excuse. I took TG downstairs where hubby had been drinking beer grilling and gave her to him, informed him of the plan, left him mumbling and grumbling and headed up to bed.

Now before you all start that "poor hubby" shit, let me tell you that he has NEVER had to tend to her at night, all night. She will be six months old and this was his first time. So TB and I snuggle up and he goes to sleep. ME? Here is our next case of bassackwardness.

I can't sleep.

When I do finally go to sleep, I wake up miserable. Crampy, sore - hell, like I'd been sleeping in a chair or something! (Though I might add that my chair is very comfy.) I get up and go get in my bed (hubby is in MY chair with TG). Again, can't sleep. Wake up off and on all night long, back hurting, legs hurting. Finally, I got up and got in the other recliner and went to sleep. I guess the going cold turkey on the recliner is not going to work. Not. At. All.

Plus, after sleeping (off and on) from 7pm till sometime early the next morning? I woke up with two of these
on my chest. So a night of no sleep, aches and pains, and boulder boobs? Leads to one bitchy Blue Momma today!!! The only thing that is making it tolerable is looking down and seeing thisHubby and TB have gone to the zoo, so my house is really as peaceful as that pic would make it appear.

Bassackward, but peaceful and full of love. :-)


Junebug said...

Looking at that little angel would make everything right. That's how I now feel when I look at my baby granddaughter who is soon to be 6 months also. She was born June 4. When was your sweet girl born?

Kim said...

oh my. that TG really does make that day worth it. she is SO sweet.

i'd prefer the chair too if that was my view. :)