Life in the Fish Bowl


Things I've Learned from my Four Year Old

Punkin has become quite the little man lately. He's still cute and sweet - most of the time - and loves to snuggle with his mama, but then he will also tell it like it is. Well, like it is in his world, which exists in some strange land ruled by preschoolers.

Just recently he has:
- told me that he only likes to talk to nice people, so would I please quit talking to him
- after being dumped by his girlfriend, he said "Maybe she'll change her mind when she grows up"
- told hubby to "Please stop talking! I just don't want to hear it."
- said that he likes it when I type on my computer because when I do we don't have to clean up
- was pissed off that he didn't get to eat dinner with my friend's husband or to play with her little girl after we delivered food to another friend who'd just had a baby. This had been our plan the week before and I hadn't mentioned it since.
- suggested that I get a job in the evenings so that he could see daddy more often, but then decided since he loved me I could go ahead and stay home
- taken exception to the fact that I said he was a girl because his fingernails had gotten long, he dropped his pants, pointed to his package and said "I have a wingding. I'm a boy!"
- argued with me over the identity of Chloe on Smallville (she was impersonated last week, but was herself this week - he had a problem with this for some reason)
- reminded me that he will change diapers when Orange Juice gets here, but only wet ones because he does not like poop
- told me that I was the best mommy ever and that he loved me sooooo much
- asked why I hid behind the pillow in the pictures from bunco (because I make shitty pictures). He said for me to please take more pictures because he loved me.
- asked why I wear makeup because he liked me better without it

He's becoming quite the little man. Such a talker, so opinionated, so sure of his little four year old self. I see lots of hair pulling and headaches ahead, but I am so proud of him. I love his spunk and his determination and I love how alike we are. I love that he is sooooo excited about his new baby sister's arrival and I can't wait to see his face when he first lays eyes on her. I will even gladly have my picture made with them (yes, bunco bitches, I said gladly!). Today we turned off the tv and the computer and just sat in the rocking chair, read books and talked. It was so nice.

Life? Despite my bitching? It is good.

And the laundry is ALL done. Who could ask for more?