Life in the Fish Bowl


Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

I'm feeling the urge to post, but not to really put together complete sentences or cohesive paragraphs. Since yall already indulge me by still coming around in spite of my infrequent posting, please allow me to once again glorify the bullet post.
  • Punkin and I took a nap today. It was very nice. I sure miss nap time - though I must admit that if he started napping again I would so be napping with him vs. my old habit of blogging cleaning.
  • I was worried that Punkin might not enjoy his second visit to the dentist as much as his first. All he was worried about was that he got to go back by himself like a big boy and that he'd get a toy. Hmmmph. The kid grew up when I wasn't looking.
  • I just got a new phone and along with it unlimited internet and texting. I am sure I've found my latest addiction and probably the reason for my next new car and hospital visit.
  • I also realize that I have all of this unlimited texting now, but no one is texting me. Will this crap make me needy? Because I feel needy and in next of some text love soon. Hubby can't help me out because I most certainly did not add it to his phone!
  • I installed Google Talk yesterday and realize that my gmail invisibility shield is no longer in effect. However, I did catch up with three "long lost" pals since that time, which was nice. You chicks know who you are. It was nice chatting with you!
  • My registration for school in the spring is complete. No last minute, what am I gonna do, holy shit crap for me this go round. This time I was prepared. And yes, that is quite a rare thing for me lately.
  • My docs office called yesterday to schedule another appointment for me with a different doctor for some testing. Don't you love it when they earn their $$$ by actually taking care of you? Seriously, though. Considering they will be poking a big ass needle up my woo ha and stealing fetal cells that are mine, all mine, they should act as my concierge. Shouldn't they?
  • Oh, yeah. That last one. Yes, I am. Eleven weeks today. Yipeeeee! And this does serve as my public announcement. Being that pretty much everyone I actually talk to in real life knows already, but have all been sworn to secrecy, I guess it is kind of anticlimactic, but still, an announcement all the same. And yes, we are ecstatic.
  • Punkin will accept no news other than that he is having a sister. He prefers to name her Orange Juice. Ha! He says we "already have enough boys in our house." He is such a little man!!!
Ok, I'm outta here. The Punk is playing for a moment and I can catch up on my DVR. Top Chef anyone?????

Woo Hoo!!!