Life in the Fish Bowl


Things I Have Learned

As of this past September I am 40 years old. Damn. Time flies. I remember when I thought 21 was old. Argh.

In honor of my agedness, I wanted to share some of my great wisdom. Here it is.

  • People will always stop and stare at a train wreck. They don't want to be a part of it by any means, but they cannot resist taking a moment to slow down and look - to count their blessings in comparison.
  • Life includes many decisions. If you don't make the correct one the first time, don't be a dumb ass. Suck it up and change course. A failure can be a good thing - if you learn from it.
  • Dependence on the approval/acceptance of others is a sure fire route to unhappiness and discontent. Why do so many people need it? If you love yourself - warts and all! - what other people think about you (whether it be good or bad) doesn't matter so much anymore - and that is incredibly freeing.
  • Contentedness is the thing I strive for most. I work on it everyday, but haven't achieved it yet. Still, though, I haven't given up.
  • You don't have to like someone to be nice to them and you don't necessarily always have to be nice to the people you do like. Life is messy and shit happens. Just because I'm grouchy sometimes doesn't mean you aren't my friend - or just because I'm nice doesn't mean you are. Civility is an underrated quality in my opinion.
  • Quality is more important than quantity. A good, small steak. A few good friends. More doesn't mean better, it just means more.
  • Sadly, sometimes they are laughing at you, not with you. Don't sweat it and move on or do something to change your situation. Only YOU control YOU.
  • Kids really do change you and your life and all of those people who told me that really weren't full of shit. I admit it. I was wrong.
  • If you have a freak flag, fly it - and be proud. But be able to live with the consequences of it. If you can't handle the consequences maybe you need to reevaluate your flag.
  • Stopping and listening to the advice of friends whose opinion you value is important. Even if you are a big know it all like me. You have these people around you for a reason - take advantage of them and their experience.
  • Life is too short for negativity. I will excise all of it that I possibly can from my life, though I know some of it is unavoidable. Dragging negative shit out is not my style. Let's wallow in it for a bit and then move on and get over it.
  • There are very few people who do not have some type of qualities which I admire and who I don't feel I can learn something from - even if it is learning what not to be/say/do. When you quit learning you are dead. And a sad, deluded person, too.
  • A human can live off spicy hummus and pita bread alone - at least for a few weeks. That is some gooood shit.
  • Going off of my happy pills is/was not a good idea. I need those fuckers.