Life in the Fish Bowl


Looking For Some Funny??

Ok, I'm not around much lately am I? Just too busy. Summer has been fun, but I really miss my couch potato days!

Lots to tell, not much time to tell it. But if you are looking for a dose of funny, go over here and check out my girl Janet. Hell, I'm even late posting this so make me look better by going over and leaving her a shout out or two.

Maybe then she'll quit kicking my ass at Scrabulous. And Word Twist. And Scramble.

Ouch. My ass hurts.

My only revenge is Sudoku, where I'm doing quite well. Though surely after posting this she'll begin kicking my ass at that, too.

Ok, I'm gonna shut up while I'm less behind.


the planet of janet said...

you are making me laugh out loud. right now.

because the funny post? that was sunday. the last 2 have been far from funny.

poignant? yes

heartwrenching? yes

suspenseful? yes.

funny? uh, not so much.

but i love you anyway. (and we have a scrab game that is languishing....)

the planet of janet said...

although you were oh-so-clever in linking straight to the funny. :-P

nikki said...

I think I have a crush on Janet, although she could kick my ass any day.

Marmarbug said...

LMAO! Where do y'all go to play these games???

Kaytabug said...

Yeah, she was hilarious with Carl!!
She told me twisted but I guess that just makes me twisted too!! Ha ha twisted sisters!! lol I'm on a roll!

justmylife said...

WOW, I am glad to see you are surviving! heh!! Have fun and good luck kicking ass!!

Poodlehead said...

I miss your couch potato days too although I get the feeling that your new love is Rock Band.

CPA Mom said...

WTF happened to her blog?

Bren said...

When you can tear what's left of your ass away from Scrabulous and Word Twist and Scramble. Oh, and Sudoku, I could use so,e assistance with my PS3. ;)

And I'm going to the post office tomorrow. Promise!

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