Life in the Fish Bowl


Uh, What's The Deal?

Recently Punkin has:
  • peed in the litter box
  • peed in a Target bag
  • pretended his wang was a water hose and sprayed it all over the bathroom
  • tried (yes tried because it wasn't a total success) to pee through a brand new roll of toilet paper, spraying the toilet and the wall in the process
  • stopped lifting the seat when he has to pee
  • peed in the bushes at a birthday party
  • attempted to pee in the bathroom sink
  • peed in my granny's potty seat/lift thingie which was in the bathroom floor (it is just a ring, it has no bottom)
  • threatened to pee on me
I thought when potty training was over I was done with worrying about his peeing. What's the deal with this new obsession with peeing? He'll be four in just over a month. Seriously. Shouldn't he know better than this?

If he starts experimenting with his poop I am listing him on Ebay.

Looking For Some Funny??

Ok, I'm not around much lately am I? Just too busy. Summer has been fun, but I really miss my couch potato days!

Lots to tell, not much time to tell it. But if you are looking for a dose of funny, go over here and check out my girl Janet. Hell, I'm even late posting this so make me look better by going over and leaving her a shout out or two.

Maybe then she'll quit kicking my ass at Scrabulous. And Word Twist. And Scramble.

Ouch. My ass hurts.

My only revenge is Sudoku, where I'm doing quite well. Though surely after posting this she'll begin kicking my ass at that, too.

Ok, I'm gonna shut up while I'm less behind.

You Are NEVER Out Of The Woods

No really. You think you are out of the woods, but you aren't.

My Punkin?

This kid right here
The one who knows every animal on earth (well, close to it anyway!), who can tell you what those animals eat and which country or continent they live on, whether they sleep during the day or at night.

The one who remembers EVERYTHING he's ever heard and is almost always right (which is a very irritating quality in a three year old.)

The one who will carry on a conversation with you like you and he are the same age?

My nearly four year old, potty trained son?

Yes. He did it.

Peed in the litter box.

I must admit he learned it all on his own, with no training from me. I'm so proud.

While I may be bitching about it now, I guess it is preferable to a few days earlier when he peed in a Target bag and then brought it to me. Luckily it was a Target bag without a hole in it.

What is it with these preschool age boys and their obsession with their body parts and bodily functions? All I hear from the time he wakes up until he goes to bed is poop, pee, penis, wingding, junk, poot, butt, butthole, etc, etc. I am SO over it.

I even pointed out to him that all boys have penises and that they aren't that special. Sorry to any guys who may have happened by this post, but they aren't. (Ok, he just pretend farted at me while I was typing that sentence.) I mean you all have them. That makes them, well, very regular.

To those of you with older kids - is there an end to this or am I doomed to a life of potty talk? Seriously. If he's not going to stop it, I'm gonna have to get better at it. There is no way I'm gonna be out pooted pooped talked by a three year old.

At least I hope I won't be...............

If At First You Don't Succeed....

Punkin's birthday is coming up in a month or so. Now that I'm not working we really can't afford to buy the kind of cake I he wants, so I've become our birthday cake baker.

Last year was my first attempt at birthday cake making. I was going to do a trial run before hand, but due to my lazy assiness lack of time I failed to do so. This year I'm determined not to embarrass myself, so I'm getting started in plenty of time.

Punkin wants a Backyardigans (circus Backyardigans to be exact) party and with those vivid colors I'm going to have to do fondant. I hate the taste of icing when it has enough coloring in it to get it nice and bright.

Anyway, tonight was my first attempt. I made marshmallow fondant and I guess it turned out ok, though making it was a pain in the ass. Of course my execution leaves much to be desired. First, I didn't roll out a large enough piece and had to try to add more to it, ensuring that I had creases and lines where the pieces joined. Also my rolling pin wasn't large enough or maybe I just don't know what I'm doing, so I left more lines.

Fondant is supposed to be perfectly smooth. Obviously mine isn't. But for a first try? I can live with it. Hopefully with a few more practice runs I'll be able to do Pablo and Uniqua justice.

Here it is, my contribution to tomorrow's playgroup:
Oh, and an in real life picture of my new love. He's a real hottie, isn't he???!!!!

You Know You Want One....

Ok girls - and guys, if you're out there - y'all know I've been working on a cookbook for TBDMGE. Thanks to a late rally by the girls in the group and to several of you we got all of the recipes we needed - plus some! It's gonna be a great book.

Now to the good part. You want one, right??? It's going to be really nice. 450 recipes. Hard cover, spiral bound. Cooking tips, conversions, etc. Lots of tried and true recipes which are cooked in the homes of the moms league members and some of your favorite blogger's kitchens, too. It will make an excellent addition to your collection or to your mom's, your friends, etc.

Right now - today and tomorrow! - we are selling them for the bargain basement price of $13. We priced the advance sales low as we didn't expect to produce as large a book as we are ending up with. Hence, the deal. After the books arrive they will be going for $20.

So come on. Help us out. Help some great charities. Help me! The books will be here in late August or mid September. I'll put it in a nice padded envelope and mail it to you with the appreciation of myself and the MLOB (Moms League of Birmingham, aka The Best Damn Moms Group Evah!).

We can take PayPal payments at MLOBCookbook at gmail dot com. Shipping is $3.50 to anywhere in the US, plus $1 for each additional book. This pretty much just covers shipping and the envelope and is not a money maker for us. No handling charge! So your US total would be $16.50 for one book.

Think about it. You'd be contributing to some great charities, helping me and my group out, and getting a kick ass cookbook for yourself and your family. Seems like a win/win situation to me!

If you have any questions, you can email me directly at bluemomma2u at gmail dot com.

Now start typing. PayPal dot com........

Wordless Wednesday - Summertime

Love: Sometimes You Just Know When It's Right

When I first saw him, I knew it was meant to be. He just had that look.

You know what I mean.

You see him and know you HAVE. TO. HAVE. HIM.

He looked cool. He looked strong. He looked capable.

He looked like he could handle everything I could ever want him to do. He looked like he'd even enjoy it.

Yes, he's a bit more than I'd planned for, but I thought I could make it work.

Seriously. One like this? You want to keep for a life time and cherish every day.


I went for it.

He should be here Thursday.