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Random Ramblings

  • Can someone explain to me how our new air conditioner/heating system will cost more than my first car did? WAAAAAY more. And STFU. It wasn't that many years ago that I was 16. My car didn't have one of those cranks on the front of it.
  • What the hell is up with Tila Tequila? She just looks trashy. I don't think I'd do her if I was a guy. She sure as hell wouldn't make me want to switch teams.
  • Angelina Jolie. Now she would make me switch teams. Well, at least until Random Mommy started calling her 'gina lips girl.
  • Am I ever going to get pregnant? Because I'm getting really tired of trying. For the first time, I actually didn't even realize it was day 28 last month. I started cramping and I'm like shit, it's that time. Usually I'm hanging out, pregnancy test in hand, waiting for day 28.
  • How can my big ass look better in my bathing suit than some of the thin people I saw at the swim park the other day? Note to self: not being fat doesn't necessarily mean you are in shape.
  • Why is Punkin obsessed with all things butt? Do all preschoolers do that? His thing here lately is to come up, bend over and stick his ass out at you. Often commenting on showing you his hiney so white and shiny. Also, please don't be offended if he tells you your hiney stinks. He says it with love.
  • Why would some smart ass want to post smart ass posts on my blog? Huh? Why? I'm not feeling the love. Good thing I'm inhuman (according to Poodlehead), or I'd be hurt. ~sniff~ You'd think she didn't like her Tom-Tom........
  • Hubby was upset by the cost of the AC I picked out. Until he learned a fancy schmancy air purifier thingie was part of the package. Then he was ok with it. What the hell? Punkin will have to drive that thing to school when he turns 16.
  • If I were hubby would I rather have an IPod or satellite radio for father's day? Of course he'd probably settle for a BJ, which would be much cheaper. And I could buy myself that camera I've been wanting.
  • Why do I desperately want a pint of Chubby Hubby right now? Wonder if mine would go get me some? Of course for him to get me some I'd probably have to give him some. Hmmmm...... gotta go!
  • Gratuitous cuteness

10 comments: said...

Did you get the pkg?

Beckie said...

The pic is awfully cute, but I want to say - I LOVE the color of that wall!

Also I wanted to let you know that I have moved on. I'm tire of Give It a Try so I moved into my own space -

Hear Their Everywear said...

You know I have nothing but love for you! I have very few friends. So please don't hold Tom hostage. I am kinda lost with out him...LOL

Oh, and I am there with the waiting. Mine is almost here and I am going to buy test(s). But I do not think it took this month...

You going to the gym this AM?!?

K-Mom said...

Blue Momma, yours is the third blog I've read this week where someone has left mean comments.

What's going on? Did someone let the meanies out of their cages or something?

We might have to take care of them Texas style, as in get together a posse and go slap a little "shock and y'all" on 'em.

So, sorry someone hurt your feelings!

Marmarbug said...

WHO left a mean comment? I'll beat them up for you!!!
And you know they always say you get pregoo when you least expect it!!! I have a feeling next month will be it for you.
Just a gut thing.
And Bean is obsessed with his butt too. He like to shake hit bootay as he says.
And you have some cute boys there!

the planet of janet said...

ipods are good.

but cameras for blue mommas are better ;-)

That Chick Over There said...

I like big butts. I cannot lie.

Natalie said...

Your boys are adorable!

And yes, all kids are obsessed with butts. Mine likes to stick his butt IN MY FACE and rip 'em. I'm just not sure where he learned that from. *ahem*

Bren said...

Showed my little guy the pic and he said, "I miss my brother." Awww!

elena jane said...

cameras are much better than ipods (glad you got the camera)...cute photo...mean people suck....and i love facebook games....

yeah, in no particular reply order ;)