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A Very Meowy Birthday

If you read my last post, you know that we had a party for Punkin's kitty yesterday. If you didn't read my last post, you unloyal slacker well, I had a party for Punkin's kitty yesterday. It went well, even if it didn't turn out quite like I had hoped.

So let me elaborate a bit. Punkin wanted to have a party for "his cat" Theo. Of course, I was in. School was out Friday so we decided to have it then. I invited nine kids from his MDO class. I had one RSVP, at 9pm the day before the party. Luckily, the little girl who was invited was to be with a sitter that day and the sitter also brought her little girl. So Punkin had two girls for the day. I'll just go ahead and say "Cool!" for him.

We went to his favorite store, The Dollar Tree, and he picked out a table cloth, plates, napkins, and cutlery. All matching, of course. I'm not raising a neandertal here, folks! We even got a coordinating balloon to tie to the mailbox! I already had a cat cake pan so I made the cake. Wanna see?

Here it is before it was decoratedI have only made a few cakes since taking those decorating classes (which I royally sucked at) so I wasn't sure how well it was going to turn out. But really? It was just stars so I figured even a dufus (dufus here!) could do it. I was just really happy that the cake came out of the pan whole, without sticking at all. At that point I already felt successful.

Here is the finished productI was very pleased with how it turned out. The eyes were a little iffy at first, but in the end I think they came out alright. But the purple, while my favorite color and while totally matching the forks exactly, was a bit yucky. You know how they say red food color used in large quantities will have a funny taste? So. Does. Purple.

(We ate a little of the purple, but later that afternoon I scraped off the purple and put on the extra yellow which I had saved - what person would throw away perfectly good icing that they could sit on the couch and eat with a spoon possibly use for something later?)

Anyway, Friday morning came and it was party time. His friends came and they had a ball. The little girl M is kind of like Punkin, usually the Alpha in the pack, so I was a bit worried as to how it would go, but they did great. Had a great time. The mom and I sat and chatted and had as good of a time as did the kids. Hell, they ended up staying from about 9:30 until after 1pm.

As usual I forgot about the camera, but did get a pic of them blowing out the candles. We did a candle for each kid and let them blow them out, since Theo might get fur on the cake if he tried. All in all, a successful party and the ones who didn't make it? Totally their loss. Punkin didn't ask where any of them were, just enjoyed M and A and was happy with what he had. I really need to work on being that same way as I wanted to go out and rip all of the parents who stood up my Punkin a new asshole.

Of course I was up to 3am the night before and was wiped out when they left. Punkin and I sat down on the couch and I offfered to nap with him. Of course he said he wasn't tired, but was sleeping with in five minutes. I tried, but just couldn't doze off.

Seis brought his Best Buddy and his Great Buddy (here after know as BB and GB) over to play that afternoon and they had dinner and leftover cake with us that evening. By the end of the dayPunkin was totally wiped out and must have been sleeping before I even had his door closed. I must admit that I was also sleeping shortly after that.

I'm beginning to buy into this whole keeping your house clean thing because it sure is hard staying up until 3am then getting up at 6am to get ready for guests to arrive. And doing that twice in the same week? Verrrrrrry hard. Of course I've always bought into the cleaning regularly plan, I just fail miserably at it's execution.

I guess that I just still am - as always - a work in progress!


Feener said...


K-Mom said...

The cake turned out great! Starting now I'm officially kissing your ass in the hopes I can talk you into decorating Miss Priss's cake for her 2nd birthday.

ChrisB said...

That is a great looking cake~looks like they are having fun blowing out the candles.

Law Student Hot Mama said...

I love it! That cake looks awesome . . . if I tried to make something comparable, it would have turned out looking like some sort of demonic squirrel.

Catwoman said...

Blue Momma! Look at you and your secret talents! That cake rocks!!!! Better than anything I could have made in a million years!

Glad Punkin had a great time. You didn't mention whether Theo was moved by all the festivities in his honor!

Seis said...

Thanks for having us. I think you should make a cake for every playdate! You know what tehy say practice makes perfect.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

You are making me feel like a slacker for not so much as mentioning the Bulldog's birthday last weekend. Somehow, I feel like I owe her a cake.

Feel free to bake that for me. Skip the purple icing, though.

Heather S. said...

That cake looks awesome! I'm certainly impressed. :)

buddha_girl said...

I want you to find a Buddha pan and make me a cake. No colored icing necessary. Just make sure it's full of butter and sugar. Perhaps cream cheese icing? Yeah.

And I'll even go for carrot cake. The miniscule amount of shredded carrot should make up for all the oil in the cake and the butter in the icing, right?

I'm a fucking genius!

I'm jealous we could celebrate Theo's birthday. *grumbling*

Anonymous said...

Kick ass job on the cake!! The entire party was a great little idea and I'm so glad two kids showed up!

justmylife said...

The cake looked great! I think you could have a new job! Glad everyone had fun.

CPA Mom said...

EXCELLENT job on the cake! I have to make all my kids' bday cakes due to allergies so I understand the angst!!!

Bren said...

Wow, you did an awesome job on that cake! I think it's sweet that you went all out for Theo's birthday just to make Punkin happy.

No pictures of Theo at the party?

Emma in Canada said...

Who knew you could make cakes!?

Sorry all those others didn't show up...I hope they at least say sorry. But I'm glad Punkin and the girls had such a good time.

Alison said...

How fun...the cake is spectacular!!! great job! I with you though about the other parents and no RSVP's...that totally burns me and very few parents RSVP nowadays!!

Rachel said...

That cake is awesome!!! Um, can you be my mom? I wanna have a party for the fish we just bought. Please make us a cake.

My2Suns said...

That turned out great! I'm with Kmom about getting you to do our next birthday cake, but I'm NOT kissing your ASS!