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To Do Update

I know you are all just dieing to know how I did with my to do list today. Just can't wait to find out. Well, no surprise, I didn't get to everything. I did get ALL, I said ALL, of my laundry done. Yea me!

I also got both cakes made and iced. I got a bit sloppy here and there, used the wrong tip, thinned the icing a bit to much on the castle cake, etc, but they turned out good enough for the MDO. Hey, it's not like they are paying me for them or anything.

Here they are pre icing
The lion cake post icing
The castle cake post icing
Has anyone ever noticed that on the Wilton cake pans, or at least for these two, the photos are reversed? The photo is a mirror image of what you actually decorate. Of course this leads to me putting things in the wrong place because I'm looking at the picture and not paying attention.

Oh, well. I guess I'll live.

Poodlehead gave me tons of shit about backing out on movie night tonight. That girl cuts me no slack. And here I was, slaving for my kid and cleaning house. Where's the love? I say, where???
At this point I am just fucking exhausted!! Body pump isn't sounding very attractive to me at this point, though after all of the icing I licked off of my fingers today I sure need to do it in the morning. Gym or no gym, standing in my kitchen all day has worn my ass out.

Or it could just be that I am old.

Or stupid.

Or just possibly both.

But I certainly not lazy. Well, at least not today.


Serina Hope said...

These are awesome!!! I LOVE the lion.

the planet of janet said...

i bow to your cake-decorating prowess.

i. am. not. worthy.

Daphne said...

you cakes look AWESOME! =)

Seis said...

They look so much better than you described. I am so excited to learn. Now if I can get F to teach me how to cook Indian food I might just morph into Martha Stewart.

Feener said...

wow, those are awesome !!!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Damn woman! Those look amazing! You get serious bragging rights with those cakes. And don't let anyone give you any shit.

justmylife said...

The cakes look great! Brag, woman, Brag!!!!!! Hey you got way more done than I did.

Alison said...

those cakes are pretty awesome...I am totally impressed!!

Anonymous said...

WTF! When you hang at my house, you can freaking cook. I am now too embarassed to try to cook for the master.

K-Mom said...

Those cakes look great and because you got all your laundry done, I will forgive you for missing Movie Night!

I'm a Mom!..? said...

Holy Crap! Those are awesome... and you say you aren't creative!!

Little Red's Momma said...

So when are you going to have a MNO at your house teaching the girls of the BDMGE !!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the cakes!! Wanna make one for me? Of course, you'll need either need to ship it to me or deliver it in person.


CPA Mom said...

That lion looks EXACTLY like the lion cake I made Tigger for his bday two years ago. you go girl! It's hard work, I know!!

elena jane said...