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To Do List For Today

Being of lost sound mind, but no clue whatsoever inspiration whatsoever, I leave you, my long suffering readers with my to do list for today.
  • Wash the three foot tall pile of clothes in front of my washer. You think three foot isn't bad? It's three foot high and about five foot long. Yeah, it's bad.
  • Make and ice two cakes for Punkin's MDO tomorrow. Can't make the frog as there is no lemon lime icing coloring on the face of the earth and I'm not smart enough to improvise.
  • Make the umpteen colors of icing for those cakes. Why the hell do I keep volunteering for his kind of thing?
  • FINALLY strip the remaining wallpaper from my bathroom walls and get ready to paint them. FINALLY.
  • Pick up all the crap that is thrown around my house and put it in it's place.
  • Put photos in the large photo frame that is supposed to be hanging in my bedroom. This was all done and hubby broke the frame. Of course he bought me a new one, but the mat is different so all needs to be changed. Uh, this was about two years ago. I've been moving it from place to place in my bedroom since then. This thing is like three foot by four foot. It is big and in my fucking way CONSTANTLY.
  • Paint the molding for Punkins room again since I've decided it should be high gloss instead of semi gloss. Plan for actually installing it.
  • Clean the disaster that will be my kitchen after making two cakes and four batches of icing.
  • Go to mother's night out movie night at K-Mom's Ugh, no can't do that must do the rest of my list.
  • Go to gym with Poodlehead and Seis Again, did you check out this list? Not gonna happen.
  • Neglect my poor Punkin while I do all of this crap on my list. Poor kid. I'd feel worse if he didn't have six million movies to watch and sixteen billion toys to play with. Plus, I'm trying to get all of this stuff done before taking him to the beach(!!!!!), to Barney's Zoo (more to come on this one), and who the hell knows where else.
Ok, readers. See ya tomorrow, maybe with pictures of all I've accomplished. Uh, better add that to my list.
  • Take pictures of all I've accomplished.


Marmarbug said...

Oh lord. You have quite the list. I say make a new bullet.
And put, have a nice margarita while baking.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until the Barney's Zoo part. Screw the rest of it. It's still gonna be there when you get back.

Daphne said...

that's a long list!! I try not to make to-do lists, cuz when I do, it makes me lazy, lol. or maybe I'm already lazy.

justmylife said...

Good luck with the list, when you are done, come by my house. I have a list as long as my arm and I really don't want to do it. heh!

Natalie said...

So umm, how long have you had this domain? Because I've been linking to you at your old one. What a dope I am!

Have fun accomplishing everything!

Rachel said...

Your laundry sounds alot like mine only smaller because I have 3 girls that love to change clothes and a husband that puts clean clothes in the laundry.

the planet of janet said...

i'm tired just READING your list.

oh, and i like your little sig thing. that's new, no?

and... it's still your turn on scrab. quick before i force a forfeit. :-P

Not Afraid To Use It said...

Don't ever give up a mom's night out for a list! The night out is what rejuvenates you to get the list done! I hope your night is looking up. Hugs.

Law Student Hot Mama said...

Barney's Zoo? That sounds like a special circle of hell no adult deserves to be confined to . . .

Bren said...

What's Barney's Zoo?

Your list is worse than mine but mine is bad too. I'm blowing it all off tomorrow.