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Is It Finally Saturday????

Have you ever met one of the blogger's you read? I'm not counting the ones you know already, but the ones you stalk from afar?

I've met one who is local and we had a great breakfast. In fact, we sat at the same table most of the day and ended up having breakfast and lunch! We still get together for lunch and I'm glad to have made a new "in real life" friend.

Was I nervous? Why hell yes! We had only communicated via email so I didn't even know what her voice sounded like and the only picture I had seen of her she was wearing plastic, yellow cartoon hair!!!! (Which, unfortunately, she couldn't wear to lunch. False advertising is what I call that!) But I was way nervous. Would I be like she thought I'd be? Would my boringness send her running from the restaurant?

So tonight Anglophile Football Fanatic and her hubby, Puppy, are coming into town. We are meeting them for dinner and again, I am way nervous. I've talked to AFF just about every day for months now and we've also talked on the phone a good bit. I think she is great and we are at the same time both totally alike and completely different, which I find to be a great quality in a friend. I feel like I know her as good - or better - than a lot of the people I know IRL. So why am I so damn nervous?

If you haven't picked up on it before, I'm my biggest admirer. Yes, I said it. I think you have to like yourself to be truly happy and I like myself. What pulls me down? These 8,000 pounds I still have to lose. When I said I liked myself I meant the inside me, not the outside! My wonderfulness is trapped inside this big fat body which I do my best to hide. Funny how a blog is perfect for hiding that kind of thing!

On my blog I can pretend to be thin and fabulous.....ok, I don't pretend to be thin, but I can imagine that all my readers think I am. In person? No pretending. Ok, I admit it, I'm fabulous (STFU Poodlehead!), but not thin.

Why does this bother me so much? I guess I just grew up hearing how fat I was and it stuck with me. Now I'd kill to be as "fat" as I was as a teenager, but I just can't seem to shake the bad body image. I'm sure if I get down to 12o I'll still feel that way.

Or either I'll become the most insufferable, full of herself, thinking her shit doesn't stink bitch in the South! (Again, Poodlehead, shut up! And quit saying I already am!) .

Anyway, Mrs. AFF gets to meet the real deal tonight. Hopefully she isn't too disappointed. It's not like we are dating or anything. I promise, I have no plans to put out, even if I was asked! Just ask my hubby.....

I'm excited, scared, nervous - you name it. I can't wait. But seriously, this will get me over the hump. It'll break me in. Now I'm expecting all of you to stop by Birmingham as you are headed on vacation and to visit me! I want to meet everyone. And I don't care if it is 300 miles out of your way! Get your asses here. If your hubby's aren't scared of meeting your weird internet friend you are even welcome to the guest room. We can play Rock Band (yes, I'm obsessed with it and WILL make you listen to me screech sing.)

Well, I'm off now to primp and manicure and pedicure and exfoliate and glimmer and all of that good stuff. Punkin and hubby are at the zoo and then Punkin is heading to nanny's for the night so maybe hubby will even get lucky.

Check back later for pics (yes, I am even going to allow myself to be photographed, uhggggg) here and on AFF's blog. I'll be doing my first guest post over at her place on Monday so come over and visit her, if you don't already.

Wish me luck......


Beckie said...

Good Luck - you won't need it because everything will be great, but good luck!

K-Mom said...

I've met you IRL and I think you're the REAL DEAL!

Saying good luck sounds stupid because you don't need it.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

How great that you get to meet IRL!! You'd better be posting pictures woman!!!

justmylife said...

I don't think you could ever disappoint! I have not met you IRL but if you are just your blogger self, you will not disappoint! Have fun!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I am INSANELY jealous. That's all.

Poodlehead said...

I really don't understand. This isn't just me drunk talking (it IS 2:33 a.m. on Sat. night but I'm just saying) but I don't get the whole nervousness thing. You profess how wonderful you are all the time. I KNEW you were blowing smoke up my ass. No one can be THAT high on themselves.

Even so you have instilled in me a certain IDGAF ( - I don't give a fuck)ness that I have needed. So if this came from a hollow place then how real can it be for me? I NEED your strength and wonderfullness to transfer into my life. That's why God brought you to me you Aethesist freak. I heart you. :)

buddha_girl said...

Hooray for real friends via blogging! I am sure you had a great time since it's Sunday morning now!

Kick that Fat Gene out of your head. I'm fat too even though I've lost a ton of weight. Doesn't matter how much I've lost or what I look like now, I'll always fight that stupid Fat Gene voice in my head.

ChrisB said...

I'm sure you will have a wonderful time~ who cares about a few extra pounds~ but I do understand how you feel as I have been dealing with weight issues all my life! said...

hi blue momma,
this is awesome. hope you both have a fantabulous time visiting in person, too.

just relax and realize she already loves you for the friend you are to her. just keep being yourself.

you are awesome :) kathleen

CPA Mom said...

Hi! I came over from AFF. I started reading her blog from Catwoman. I think you looked wonderful in that picture with AFF and I totally get the nervousness of meeting bloggers IRL.

Can't wait to read more here...looks like a fun blog!

Rachel said...

So jealous that you got to meet each other!

BritGal' Sarah said...

I met 2 of my blogging buddies in one day last month down in OKC and we had a wonderful time. There's a link with piccies under my 'Popular Posts' on the right. I was totally nervous beforehand too. As you say, you know them but then you don't know them and who knows if you'll gel in the flesh. Luckily we did and now they are all planning to visit me this summer.

I am delighted yours tunred out well with AFF too :-)

But then I met the Hubster online and so I am one to take a chance!