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I'm Not a Big Fan of Sweating

It's springtime. Springtime in Alabama.

This means that the temperatures are starting to creep into the 80's, the humidity is getting ready to join us once again and that my air conditioner has decided to go out.

This AC? A brand new unit that was installed (courtesy of our shitty home warranty) at approximately this same time last spring.

Oh, and did I mention it was a replacement for the prior BRAND NEW unit? Which the installers inconveniently forgot to mention that they had dropped off of the fucking truck and had then tried to repair before installing at my house? Still calling it brand new. Fuckers.

Did I mention that the the first new unit and the second new unit both make a sound like a jet liner landing in my living room about every third or fourth time they started up? Of course it isn't making that sound now. No, now it is just sitting there in about two inches of oil or some oil like substance, resting itself, not doing it's job.

All of this leads to me and Punkin packing up our crap and heading to Nana's house until the sorry fucker gets fixed. Which, when dealing with AHS, could be Monday or December. Nana's house has no internet access. Nor does it have anyone close enough to steal internet access from. They also have no Starbucks or Panera where I could go and use a connection.

So I will be AWOL for a while. Of course I won't have to cook or clean or do much of anything else. I also won't be able to go to the gym, which really bothers me. I guess I'll just do shit loads of crunches and maybe walk around the block or something. I also won't have my DVR, my RockBand or my king size bed. But I guess I'll live. Anyway, this is it for a bit.

Please refrain from posting anything good until I get back ok? I hate to miss everything. And did I say I wish a pox on Carrier air conditioners and all of their miscellaneous brands?

Because they really suck.


nikki said...

That sucjs sweaty donkey balls. Get it? air conditioner?! Ha! Don't worry folks, I will be here all week.

Mommapeas said...

Oh... so sorry. We'll miss you but boy do I understand!

Rachel said...

That sucks! But, I totally understand! No AC in the South is against the law!

SwampAngel65 said...

I have to laugh...we just turned out AC on last week for the first time in months. The low electric bill was soooo nice ($125 vs. almost $400!). Anyway, when we went to turn it back on for the first time, it didn't work. The damn thing was broken! it replaced pretty quick, though. Just in time for hurricane season. BTW, try going for over a week with no hot water, no fans, no internet, no ain't fun! That's what us in sunny South Florida have to look forward to 5 months out of the year.

Hope your AC gets fixed up soon, though. It's hell when you're used to it...makes people crazy not to have it!

justmylife said...

That so sucks!!!! I would die without my AC! I suddenly can't take the heat, never bothered me before, must be an age thing. So Sorry!!!!Hope you are up and running (the electric bill) up soon.

Emma in Canada said...

Well, you are always welcome here. I don't think it's made it to 10 (so 40 I think) yet. And I don't go to the gym, but we could always walk to the mall and let Saoirse and Punkin loose on Galaxyland. Damn the fact that airplane flights aren't free.

Beckie said...

I remember one summer I spent in dog couldn't make it on a walk around the block without taking a rest half way. It was miserably hot and humid. Good luck getting your AC fixed.

Kim said...

that sucks girl. i get SOO irritable when i'm hot that i could not imagine life without an AC. hope it gets fixed soon!