Life in the Fish Bowl


Power Trip Pt. 2: Another AFF Guest Post

Well, she's still without internet. She emailed me from a stolen connection at a friend's house today. I can tell it is eating at her. Like telling a 2 pack a day smoker the plane needs to sit on the tarmac for an extra three hours. You make promises but fail to deliver.

So, sorry. You are stuck with me once again. I have been wondering what to write on my blog, so thinking about how to write inside of a fish bowl is difficult. Then I got to thinking. I need to tell you how much I love BM.

I love BM to the moon & back. She may be almost totally opposite of me in every way - like when she says, "You're a Republican," with disdain and thinking this will upset me, so I get reply with, "And, you're a damn Democrat!" with similar disapproval - but she rocks my world. She's the only person in blogdom I've actually talked with on the phone (I've seen June Cleaver Nirvana, but she lives two towns over....and as I knew Catwoman before I knew what a blog was, I don't think that counts!) and considering we rang in New Year's together gmail chatting in our night gowns, I'd say we're cut from the same cloth. Everybody should love her like I do. That is an order!

I don't think I've mentioned it, but the family is heading to Disney World at the end of April. It's my parents' b-day present to Sweetie Darling. {2nd b-day was a swing set, 3rd is Disney...I shudder at the thought of the convertible awaiting him at 16} As soon as I got the go ahead, I totally emailed Blue and said, "IT IS ON!" which roughly translates to, "Oh, sister from another mother I am coming to see you in real life...for REALS!"

Since I don't fly, I have tried mapping this out for weeks. The route from my parents' in Houston to Orlando is straight down I-10...nowhere near B'ham. And, I was begging, pleading, and cajoling Blue to meet me in like Gulf Shores or even for beignets at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. Apparently, these are both far from her, too. Craptastic. What to do? What to do? I cannot be within like four hours of Blue Momma and not visit her 'hood!

My father somehow decided he and Mom would fly with the baby, allowing Hubby to drive with me. He also decided we would leave from Dallas. Since he is paying for this whole trip, I let him decide such things. Especially since Dallas is off of I-20...and I-20 just happens to run through Montgomery...a mere 45 minutes south of my main Momma's crib.

Guess who gets to hang with Blue Momma in a mere month? That's right. This football fanatic who happens to dig Brits something fierce! I'm soooo excited. Puppy, not so much...he's still upset she knows more intimate details about our house than he does....and seeing someone who knows that much about him? Terrifies him. Pish Posh! I get to hang with Momma. I do. I do!

Tell me how jealous you are! April 28th....this could be historic!


Bren said...

Sounds like a blast! Of course, you can't pass through that part of the country and NOT stop. And that visit will make one hell of a blog post, I'm sure!

Let BM know she's missed!

VDog said...

His....wait for it, wait for it...toric.

NICE! said...

oh, i agree! BM is awesome. i get such a kick out of her. her humor and realness (especially in emails) is refreshing and raw. i love people who call it like it is and don't fake it, they just say what they mean.

sorry BM, i would be going bonkers without the connection, too. because i am a total email addict, i admit it. hope you get back to normal soon hon. take care girl, kathleen xo

Sandy said...

What fun for everyone but Puppy! SD gets to fly, your mom and dad get to alone time with him, and you and Pup get to spend time alone with each other - and BM! Hurray!

Morgan Leigh said...

Really awesome. :)

Catwoman said...

I can't believe she's survived this long. I'm assume that she's in a cold sweat constantly and no longer has any seeming of a nail bed.

My thoughts and prayers are with Blue Momma during this particularly difficult time. May the Lord (or Vonage) bring her back to us soon.

And so totally jealous that you get to meet Blue Momma! She's definitely on my list of blogger I want to meet IRL.

justmylife said...

Let Momma know we MISS her. I am enjoying your guest post though, its just not Blue Momma. And I know the two of you will have a blast. The chance to torment the husbands, what could be better?

Emma in Canada said...

I'm totally jealous. Without words jealous.

janet said...

i am jealous. yes i am.

but i am jealous for two reasons.

1) you get to hang with the blue chickie.

2) she gets to hang with YOU.

oh, my heart is heavy that i don't get to do either of these things...

Poodlehead said...

Ok, Blue Momma - I know you have your internet back but I'm very surprised it's been 2 hours and you haven't blogged yet.

As for meeting Momma, I do it almost every single day and I'm still waiting for the cheap thrill. Blue, perhaps you need to step up your stage presence and impress me. ;)

Rachel said...

You suck!! I am totally jealous! I think that we should have a blogger meet up here in Memphis during our BBQ-fest in May.