Life in the Fish Bowl


My Attempt At A Short Post

Consignment shopping.

I was there nine hours.

I spent way too much.

Punkin' thinks it is Christmas.

I wore my pedometer.

I walked 8200 steps while shopping.

My ass?


Gym today?


School for Punkin today?

NO. We skipped.

Attire for today?


Happy Monday!


random_mommy said...

ooooh! post pictures of your loot! I love when people post pics of everything they got... gives me a vicarious shopping high!

Catwoman said...

Our big consignment sale is this coming weekend! I can't wait!!!! I'm already prepared to spend my entire monthly allowance and go $100 over... Hey, it's so cheap!!!!

Junebug said...

Must have been a big shop!

Rachel said...

Catwoman is gonna go clean them out of maternity clothes!!

That's a crapload of walking, I wouldn't go to the gym either!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Random Mommy beat me to it! Show pictures, dammit! We wanna see yer loot!

RaeJane said...

I wanna go consignment shopping.....with YOU!

Anonymous said...

I still say 52 pairs of undies is a bit excessive Blu.

Anonymous said...

I SO need to find out if my area has anything like this!!

elena jane said...

those sales are starting to scare me....

and pj days is not one of them for me unfortunately....

maybe tomorrow :)

Rosie said...

It must have been a HUGE sale to do 8000+ steps. There can't be a better way to burn off calories, well not too many! said...

silly girl. i just saw this pop up on my goggle reader that you posted.

thanks for the kind emais. thanks for rooting me on, too.

you can do this momma!!!!!!

your cheerleader (but i won't wear that short lame skirt!!!! he he),

Morgan Leigh said...

wow! That sounds like a fun sale! And huge. :)

Steph said...

Woohoo for PJ Monday! I wouldve skipped the gym too!

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