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Use Your Powers For Good Today - OK?

I got this email this morning from a friend and wanted to pass it along on my blog. I seem to know so many people - IRL and through my blog - who have been touched in some way by autism that I want to do anything I can do to help raise awareness and maybe contribute to making their - and their kids - life just a bit easier.

So you people out there - go use your many powers for good. Click on the link, watch the video and raise a little money for a good cause.

And for you skeptics out there, not that I am one - of course not!- here is a link to Snopes verifying the authenticity of the facts stated below.

The band, "Five for Fighting", is generously donating $0.40 to
Autism Speaks for
*each time* the below video is viewed. This funding then goes
toward research studies to help find a cure.

When you have a moment, please visit the link below to watch the
video and pass it along to your friends and family. They are aiming
for 10,000 hits, but hopefully we can help them to surpass this goal.


justmylife said...

This video brought tears to my eyes. I am always careful to check out things on Snopes if I am not sure if its true or not. (No need in sending cards to a child who had to have his address changed due to the sheer volume of mail received after the sickness is gone or they have passed on).

buddha_girl said...

Christ. That killed me. I'm at work and don't care that I'm sitting here weeping.

A very dear friend of mine has a son who is autistic. Granted he's on the weak end of the spectrum with Asperger's, but it's never a good thing. Never.

He's had a ton of counseling, interventions, skills training, and family support and education. My friend is a hero to her son and so many others who otherwise would have watched this wonderful young man walk by without a second thought.

He's currently a freshman in high school and is breaking records in track and cross country which were set by his older brother who is ranked in the top five in our state. Amazing stuff, I tell, ya.

ChrisB said...

That was a very moving video. I do hope they raise lots of money for the very necessary research into autism.

Feener said...

the vid is amazing right ?? i got this about 2 weeks ago, we must have a six degree of seperation thing..

mjd said...

I watched...

Catwoman said...

Well, if that didn't make me bawl like a baby. The stat that most alarmed me was the more diagnosis than AIDS or diabetes. I mean, we're looking at an epidemic here! And the fact insurance companies don't do anything about it? Boggles the mind.

My2Suns said...

You rock! I'm so glad you put it out there!

Junebug said...

I watched it. Such a mystery. I hope it will be solved someday soon.

Queeny said...

That's a great cause.

Jennifer said...

I love Five for Fighting. But their songs always make me want to sit in the corner of the basement and weep while I slowly cut myself with sharp objects. Maybe I need to up my Lexapro... said...

hey mama,
morning. i watched this the other day and was touched! my heart goes out to the families. wish it could be easier for them.

it's your move on our scrabble game. thanks for the invite. haven't played it in a long time. and you are awesome at it!

great day hon,
kathleen :)

elena jane said...

that is a great video. gal (and her kids) on my mom's e group list made one as part of that site, have to find the link and post it on my blog with clicks that donate to autism speaks.