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Random Meme

I was tagged for a meme by Random Mommy. I haven't done one of these in a while, but since she never does this kind of thing I figured what the hell. Of course she tagged everyone in the known universe and didn't answer the questions herself, but....since I'd never pass up a chance to talk about myself... I cannot resist her command... she is one of the few moms I know with a son (can we play, pleeeeeaaase?) here goes:

Why do you blog? If you check up at the top there, there's a button which gives you a big spiel on why I blog. But really? I guess I do it because I'm an attention whore for the friends I've made. It also kept me sane through a pretty tough time in my life before I got my happy pills.
What was the first blog you ever read? The first blog I ever read was I'm A Mom's blog. I didn't even know what a blog was at the time. But one thing led to another and here I am, boring you with my brilliant attempts at humor and tales of my oh so exciting life.
What was the first blog that had you hooked? Hooked? Really hooked? Catwoman and Redneck Mommy. I felt like such a stalker, but soon got to like the stalkerish feeling. But when I got my first (and maybe only) comment from them? I was giggling like a school girl. And I'm soooo not a school girl.
Which blogger friend would you most like to meet in real person? I'm lucky enough to met quite a few of the bloggers I read since it seems that having a blog must be a requirement to join my Moms group. Then I've talked to several of those who are further away on the phone. Does that count as meeting? Oh, and I met one previously unknown blogger for breakfast. And lunch. On the same day. But, really, I can't pick. There are too many. If gas ever goes back down to a reasonable price I am going on a grand blog tour of the US. Oh, and Canada, too. So you chicks who were nice enough to provide your addresses for Christmas cards or who, through true stalker fashion, I was able to locate via the internet watch out. I'm coming one day.....
Which blog do you admire the most, why? Again, how am I supposed to pick? I read too many and love you all. Wouldn't be reading you and wasting my valuable tv Scrabulous time if I didn't.
How different are you in real life than in your blog? I think I'm pretty much the same in real life. Maybe a little bitchier in real life and I cuss waaaaaay more than I do on my blog. Plus, my ass is even larger in real life than how I make it out to be on my blog. Oh, and I'm even lazier than I say, too.
How many blogs do you keep up with on a daily basis? I cut back a while ago, so I only have about 62 ( I had to count) on my Bloglines now. But since the happy pills and the gym came along? I don't get to read all of them everyday, though I get to them all at least once a week. I've become a piss poor commenter, too. I'm still reading though. Having a real life has really gotten in the way of my blogging.
Link to your 123rd post. Or your 3rd, if you don't have 123. Damn. Count 123 posts? At dinner time? Geeze. Here it is. Or close to it anyway.

Who do I tag? I tag everyone who wants to be tagged! And if you tagged me for something or awarded me something and I haven't gotten to it? I'm blaming it on my happy pills. Come on folks, I can't even keep up with my own keys.


Kimberly said...

Dang - this meme is just trying to force you to hurt feelings, isn't it? =P

I can't wait to have a real life and not want to blog every spare moment anymore!

Redneck Mommy said...

I've commented more than once! LOL. I'm a regular stalker woman, cuz I luuuuurve you.

You had me at hello.

Wink, wink.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you on "real life" getting in the way of blogging, I only have about 25 feeds and I feel like I can hardly keep up with those!

random_mommy said...

We play soon!!! Buddha needs male companionship.
Funny comment about trying to hurt feelings... I actually liked this one because it would show who would try to be nice and who would be honest!!

justmylife said...

Just one more question....How long have you been blogging? Just curious. You have so many loyal followers, me included, and you are a rip roarin good read. I get that stalker comment, I've done my share of stalkin too. And for the record...YOU were one of my first blogs to read. Number 3 to be exact.

Rachel said...

Yep, we are all bitchier. I definitely cuss ALOT more too!

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

I loved the book burgler post the first time around! Yay for seeing it again.

I loves you!

Catwoman said...

You got hooked on me? Sob. I'm not worthy. I feel very very flattered that you found my little dusty corner of the Internet and actually came back time and time again.

And surprisingly, you've continued to do so on your happy pills! ;) said...

hey mama,
you are a riot. fun meme. i love your emails girl and i love how you got me started on scrabble again.

i did a shout out to you (but i didn't say your name) on my blog the other night. you will see. thank you for this.

great day cyber sister,
kathleen :)