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Haiku Friday

Haiku Friday

My boys, they love me.
They wanted to give me hugs.
Water glass: hits floor.

You guess hubs response.
Of course Punkin repeats it.
Yes, his first "OH SHIT".

That one was all his.
'Cause I've been watching my mouth.
Hope he spares Nana.

Yes, I bragged on him
In my last haiku. Jinx me.
Last week? Poops in pants.

He tried to make it,
But that tiger in the car?

He came up the stairs.
Told me his leg was messy
And he was sorry.

Saying or doing -
Our house is all about shit.
What's my name? B.M.


suchsimplepleasures said...

poopy stinks!!! that sucks!
david beckham makes an almost 40 year old, feel like a teenager...sigh. i'll be over this obsession by tomorrow. as for jonny depp...i dunno, there is just a certain something about least, to me...always since 21 jump street!!
have a good night...loved the haiku. sorry about the poop!

MamaGeek said...

OH but the blog fodder he provided? Priceless! He's at the age where it's still a bit more cute than not cute! :)

Cyndy said...

Just wanted to say I love your blog!

storyteller said...

Thanks for the first chuckle of the day.
Hugs and blessings,

Secret Agent Mama said...

An honest-to-goodness-Blue-Momma-Poop'ku! WOOOHOO!!!

Jenni said...

Classic!! Sounds just like my world.

Anonymous said...

A messy leg -- but at least he was sorry!
SusieJ Haiku Friday

nikki said...

Funny thing, my name is BM too!

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

Told you you had a pooku in there somewhere! And, I feel so honored to have been "right there" when the Oh shit happened.

Bren said...

Ha! He's blog gold, your Punkin!

~JJ! said...


Kimberly said...

If you want sympathy you have to stop being so darn funny!

Kathryn said...

Yep, our house is all about poop too.
Great haiku!

Kathryn said...

Yep, our house is all about poop too.
Great haiku!

Queeny said...

Poop in your pants beats
mud in your eye, unless you're
holding a shot glass

Love your haiku! There's my effort.

Toni said...

The first big, bad curse word. Another milestone!

Catwoman said...

Well, that's one for the baby book, eh?

And congrats on your 3 lost pounds! That's awesome! The bad news is, I found them, and they're nicely lodged on my ass. So thanks for nothing!

We're going to have to start calling you Red Hot Blue Mama.

janet said...

hee hee! poop and poopy talk!

it's a poopku goldmine!

Cathy said...

Poop is no fun!

Anonymous said...

congrats on Punkin's first "oh shit!"! Zander got his first in a few months ago...and he learned it from his little 20-month old cousin who learned it from my brother...bad Andrew! ;-)

Anonymous said...

The last line just completes it. Wonderful haikus.

Sandy said...

Oh, poop! All the good puns have already been used. Great post.

melissa said...

I remember those fact having the cussing days more frequently now that they are older. And it's no longer as cute...oh well.

Happy Hai-day!

mjd said...

He, he, your name is BM.

Laura McIntyre said...

He he kids never let you stop do they !!!