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Only 363 More Days Until Christmas

It's over. I'm always sad after Christmas. The build up is so big, the day is so much fun and then comes the let down. The realization that it is another whole year until we get to do this again. I think Christmas should happen at least twice a year. Really. Having to wait 363 more days? So not fair.

But Christmas? Loads. Of. Fun. We waited for Santa to come by on the fire truck for at least an hour. When he finally came -about two hours late- I was inside cooking so we didn't get any pictures. My parents and granny came up Christmas Eve and spent the night. We opened presents to/from them that evening. This is pre-opening, all clean and peaceful. Punkin got a "baby" tiger which he was just thrilled over. He also got the kitchen he had wanted. Of course his grandaddy had to comment that it looked like a girl toy. Whatever. He said it or the tiger was his favorite gift. Of course when he opened the animal book the show was almost over. Between that and the Diego animals he almost forgot the rest of his gifts.

We let him skip his nap Christmas Eve, which he thought was just way cool, and also let him eat whatever he wanted. Believe it or not he didn't totally gorge on sweets and even asked for a banana. Don't get me wrong though. He did have several cookies, nuts, and sweet goodies, but not like I imagined he would do.

He went to bed crying, but was asleep in about five minutes. Thanks to the non napping, of course. We had "Santa" put out and were in bed ourselves by 9pm. Of course as tired as I was I couldn't sleep once I got in the bed. I felt like I was five years old. Damn Christmas anticipation!

Of course Punkin slept late Christmas morning. I went in to wake him up and he and his daddy were just raising their selves up in the bed. (Granny slept in Punkin's room, so he slept with us. Plus the Santa stash was in the closet right outside his door, so he'd have slept with us even if she wasn't here). I ran in, got the camera and started taking more of our annual crappy photos.

To have such a cute kid, he sure won't pose for the camera. Except for the video camera. He'll ham it up for the video camera until the cows come home!

Of course the first thing he went to was the BIG tiger! Santa had snuck in and took the smaller one after he was sleeping so it was with the big one that morning.
He LOVED them. I knew he would. Of course he paid minimal attention to Squawkers, which he had been asking for since October. Oh, well.

He also ignored the only big ticket item he had, the Power Wheels.

At least until we put him in it.But he was very happy and thrilled with his new things. It was a great morning. My parents were leaving around 9am to go to my sister's house, so after that we were on our own. It was a really great, fun day. I stayed in my pajamas all day, which is my favorite thing to do. They boys got dressed so they could go outside and play with the new car. I took pics - from the deck, in my pajamas.

Once Punkin got in the car he loved it. Grinning from ear to ear. Of course he didn't want to wear his helmet. Hi internet! He never wants anything on his head. He also reused to steer, so he mostly just went around in big circles until hubby would occasionally push him to change his course.

I went in to change lenses and he was off of it when I came back out. All it took was allowing him to take off the helmet and he was back on. He had a ball. When hubby shifted it from low to high? OMG!!! He went insane! He just loved it!!!

Hubby was back to work yesterday and Punkin and I again spent the day in our pajamas. We played with most everything he got at least a couple of times. It was a great day.

Today? We need cat food so I'll have to brave the after Christmas crowds and go out. And damn, I guess I'll have to take of my pajamas, too. That sucks. Anyway, I'm guessing the crowds at PetSmart won't be too bad. I just have to resist the temptation of after Christmas sales at WalHell and Target.

I mean, I only have about 25 rolls of wrapping paper. Don't you think I need more? Come on. It's half price!

Thanks to all of you who left comments, or sent cards or emails with Christmas greetings. I hope you all had a splendid Christmas and will have the best year ever in 2008! I'm looking forward to the best year we've had in a while and just can't wait!


janet said...

looks like a great couple of days.

love the expressions of total joy on that boy's face!

and the kitchen? NOT a girl toy. think of it as a prelim to a career ... my boy is now in culinary school.

Lil Mouse said...

we wrapped in the same 2 rolls of paper for at least 3 years, until we finally got rid of the rolls and the paper wasn't big enough to do any more big gifts, so those scraps are at the bottom of the bucket and we got 4 new half-price! rolls of paper. we hadn't gotten any new paper in at least 4 years i dont think, and maybe longer than that! glad your yung'in had fun!

Anonymous said...

My obsession with buying after Christmas wrapping paper paid off and I haven't had to buy any for three years. Until now.

LOVE the car--he looks like he had a blast in it!!

The letdown is always crappy. This year is the first year it is NOT a letdown for me.


Kimberly said...

Great pictures! And what a lucky, lucky boy! Thanks for the luverly card! Emma is totally and completely smitten. She grabs the card down from the mantel and hugs it and says with delirious happiness, "Look Mummy! It's my new friend!" Ah...young love!

Steph said...

GREAT pictures of Punkin! Looks like you all had a great holiday!

Rachel said...

I love those pictures!! It looks like Punkin had a wonderful Christmas!! Sounds like you all did.

I'm a Mom!..? said...

Looks like he racked up!!!! Now where will you put it all?

buddha_girl said...

I love that Santa got the smaller tiger so it could be positioned with the big guy when Punkin got up. Like you guys, we had Buddha sleep with us on Christmas Eve. No way was I gonna trust that he wouldn't somehow wak eup at 3am and pounce on the booty under and around the tree.

LOVED the car pics. Too great, sister! I'm also glad you got at least one day in your jammies before having to face the store for some damn-ass cat food!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Holy moly those are great photos! A kitchen being too girlie? Has he SEEN Chef Ramsey? Have a him watch a bunch of Kitchen Nightmare episodes and he may change his tune. LOL

I am glad to see there is another kindred spirit out there in her pajamas. This is day number two that I have not even bothered to get dressed--and I even had a playdate this morning. There is something to be said about having a laid back friend who will come to you house and have coffee and not even have to put on a bra.

Emma in Canada said...

I'm with you on the post Christmas letdown. Of course it didn't help that I was a sick as a dog AND that I had to work. And my tree? Is coming down today. It's depressing me.

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

I am so loving that ear-to-ear grin! He looks like he could explode with pure happy. Where are you in these pictures?? Are you hiding behind the camera again?

Heather, Queen of Shake-Shake said...

Christmas TWICE a year?

Oh man, I better start stocking up on beer now so there are plenty to throw at TWO trees!

lisa's chaos said...

I think a kitchen is great for a boy or a girl. My boys always liked playing with toy food. :)

I hate to say it but it's 364 days to Christmas, it's leap year. :(

Queeny said...

Glad you had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was awesome, too. Great pictures, BTW. But the fun starts after Christmas for me. More and more, I'm having hard time with the big buildup. I can't wait to unwind, nowadays.

Serina Hope said...

Your pictures are great. He is such a cutie. I am going to try my best to get my pics up this weekend. I am just so tired..I mean lazy....

Kim said...

wow, he must have been a very good boy because he racked up!! can i be adopted into your family!? ;) glad to see ya'll had a great christmas!

Sandy said...

I love the picture of your punkin with the book - always my favorite gift, either to give or to receive!

Of course, I wouldn't turn down a new set of wheels either!

Bren said...

I love the one of him grinning like crazy! Adorable!!

And thanks! Now my kid wants a Power Wheels ride like Punkin's.

Catwoman said...

It looks like he has such a blast (and sounds like Momma did too!!!!) Glad it was all you wanted it to be! said...

hi sweetie,
what fun for pumpkin.

really enjoyed your blog post title silly girl.

hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

here here to PJs!

kathleen :)

That Chick Over There said...

These pictures? Fabulous! I love how THRILLED he looks! He is just PRECIOUS!

Anonymous said...

10 years from now, when the paperwork to take him off the ventilator is in your hands, you can remember this was the year that you taught him that helmets were unnecessary.