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Is It Thursday Already?

It seems Thursday is here. I am so not ready to have people at my house tonight. I have been sitting on my ass cleaning up all week, but the place is still a mess.

And my bathroom? Still not done.

Punkin's molding? Still not up.

At least most of the clothes are washed and the kitchen is clean except for the floor. I keep volunteering to host things in the hope that it will help me to stay on top of the housework. Yet that doesn't seem to happen. I end up staying up to 3am the night before and then working my ass off the day of.

Damn, I'm such a slacker. Please, anyone with any ideas about how I can get my ass in gear and quit procrastinating on the house work, feel free to share. Boss me around. Tell me what to do, because I'm sure not getting a handle on it by myself.

On another note, Punkin and I had a great day yesterday. We played, read books, snuggled, talked about Santa - all of the good stuff. Of course, my blogging -both reading and writing- has suffered, but I'm trying to put a little more effort into my "real life". Plus, really spending time with Punkin is why I'm home, not writing these crappy shitty boring rambling incoherent awe inspiring posts for you guys. Though I am missing you guy's blogs something fierce.

On another blogging note, I had my first face to face blogger meeting the other day! I met Jennifer from Daily Diatribes for breakfast. Which turned into lunch since we sat in the restaurant from about 9:30am until 1:40pm. You know that's because she talks a lot, not me, right? Kathy from Birmingham Blues joined us for a while, which was great, too.

We whined about our families, talked about our ultra conservative (I hope you know by now that this is me being a smart ass and certainly not being serious!) political views, and just generally shot the shit for a few hours. Jennifer came in a rental car and I'm sure it is because she really did have a wreck in her own, and not that she is trying to hide from a potential stalker.

Me? Stalk someone? Come on, I'm way to lazy. Don't believe that? Then you must have skipped the first part of this post. I'd give a more detailed description of my laziness, but - yes, you guessed it - I'm too lazy. But Jennifer? Way cool. Go check out her blog because she is hilarious. And also has a pretty new layout. Kathy's blog is the political blog I wanted this to be, but she does it so much better than I could. Check her out, too. I'll just stick to talking about poop and such and leave the serious stuff to people who are smarter than me!

I've given myself until 9am to get back to work on this house. It is 20 till. Better go read, read, read for a few before returning to my glorious housework.

(Speaking of smart people - I ran spell check and the only word it had a problem with was Punkin. I feel so smart now. A little pitiful, too, but smarter. Now to go find my vacuum....)


Bronie said...

hi. i just had to laugh because my husband used to want us to host some of our bible studies because he knew it meant a guaranteed house-cleaning each week.


that was before blogging. now, that would simply mean i was staying up incredibly late the night before doing what i should have been doing all week while i was, um, networking. :)

ok. have you ever heard of flylady? she is the cleaning/organizational guru who can whip us and our houses into shape.

she's a fan of the timer. set your timer for 15 minutes and be amazed at what you can get done in a room. (at my house it takes lots of setting the timer for 15 minutes) it's a reasonable chunk of time that let's you accomplish your goal a little at a time and feel good about it.

there. that was your pep talk. now stop reading this long comment and go. go on. go ahead. get started.

why are you still here?

just kidding. good luck.

Junebug said...

Hope your party goes well. :D No advice, because I too am like you.

Anonymous said...

Blog friends in Real Life!!! Awesome!

Bren said...

I can't help you with housework tips. Mine is a pig sty and I'm sitting on my ass.

I'm sure your party will be a hit regardless of any messes. And hey, when it's over, you'll just have to clean up anyway.

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...


RaeJane said...

Guess what?
It arrived in the mail today!

It's lovely, thank you.
and I did not hang it on the 'other' side of the tree. It's right up front.

I'll post a blog about it soon!!

Thanks again!

Jennifer said...

No keep sitting on your ass and writing highly flattering things about me!! I love it!! All posts should refer to my fabulousness at least once!! And thank you for not mentioning: how many times I had to pee; how many times I dropped food on myself; how many times I lost my purse; or how I generally comported myself like I had never been out in public before. You're very kind!!
As for cleaning, buy a very large rubbermaid container and put as much crap into it as possible. Then drape it with a pretty, seasonal tablecloth and put a centerpiece on it!! No one will ever know!

Rachel said...

That's why I never volunteer to host anything. Of course, on Sunday, you know, 2 days after we moved, Chris tells me his parents and sisters are coming over that night for dinner!! We usually go over there.

Emma in Canada said...

I have totally done Jennifer's suggestion! Failing that I have been known to shove everything into ginat garbage bags and throw it all into the garage, never to be looked again (but not thrown away). I do use Fly Lady but i am not really organized enough for it.

My suggestion would be to talk on the phone, to say, I don't know, me! I find I get mucho done when I am on thephone. Thank God for cordless ones.

Catwoman said...

You met bloggers? In real life? oooooh.... Only blogger I know is AFF, and I knew her before she was a blogger, so that doesn't really count. Hell, I told her what a blog is. Before me, she didn't even know there was such a thing as the Internet.

She also didn't wear shoes.

Kathy said...

Thanks! It was great to meet you, and I hope we can get together again soon. Perhaps you should adopt my approach to housework, which is basically non-existent unless my mother is coming to visit. :)

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

I freaking wear shoes...mostly. AND YOU MISSY! NEXT TIME I CALL YOU? You should really clue in on it being me before the five minute point. HMMMM....

Serina Hope said...

I hope you have fun!!

That Chick Over There said...

I was going to suggest flylady too. 15 minutes at a time, that's how I get things done. I make "deals" with myself all the time. Okay, if I work on THIS for one hour, then I can read blogs for fifteen minutes. Or twelve hours. Or whatever.

M said...

The only reason my house is somewhat passable? Because Liam has in home therapy on fridays.

So thursday night we get to cleaning. Mmmmm.hmmm. Clean. as. neccessary. only. The end.

Kimberly said...

I'm a Done List girl. I write down everything I accomplish (on the bad days I put things like - Didn't shriek at the kids, Let Emma Live...), then leave the list somewhere Neil will see it. Some days I buddy up with a friend and we email each other our lists at the end of the day.

Verrrry motivational. I find myself doing things just so I can watch the list grow longer. =)

Devilish Southern Belle said...

I don't have any advice, but if you come across something that works for you, pass it my way, mmmmkay? I can never stay on top of housework.