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Haiku Friday

Haiku Friday
Christmas is over.
Punkin is still excited,
House is still a mess.

This was a great one,
With all my new bloggy friends
To share in the fun.

So many great cards
With beautiful kids on them.
Hugs to all of you!

And my great Moms group -
Damn, if they aren't all pregnant!
I should hurry up!

A happy new year
Is my wish for you and yours -
In 2008.

and because I forgot my trademark last week, here are some poopku to make up for it -

Yes, he's potty trained.
No accidents in a while.
But still there is poop.

Momma! Hey, Momma!
Sorry, got to go for now
Got a butt to wipe!

Yes, cut my chat short
Cause my boy had gone stinky.
That's what he calls poop.

Poop, stinky, crap, shit
I'll gladly wipe that cute butt
Love him more than life!

Would have never thought
I'd gladly wipe a butt - my
Heart grew two sizes.

Only 363 More Days Until Christmas

It's over. I'm always sad after Christmas. The build up is so big, the day is so much fun and then comes the let down. The realization that it is another whole year until we get to do this again. I think Christmas should happen at least twice a year. Really. Having to wait 363 more days? So not fair.

But Christmas? Loads. Of. Fun. We waited for Santa to come by on the fire truck for at least an hour. When he finally came -about two hours late- I was inside cooking so we didn't get any pictures. My parents and granny came up Christmas Eve and spent the night. We opened presents to/from them that evening. This is pre-opening, all clean and peaceful. Punkin got a "baby" tiger which he was just thrilled over. He also got the kitchen he had wanted. Of course his grandaddy had to comment that it looked like a girl toy. Whatever. He said it or the tiger was his favorite gift. Of course when he opened the animal book the show was almost over. Between that and the Diego animals he almost forgot the rest of his gifts.

We let him skip his nap Christmas Eve, which he thought was just way cool, and also let him eat whatever he wanted. Believe it or not he didn't totally gorge on sweets and even asked for a banana. Don't get me wrong though. He did have several cookies, nuts, and sweet goodies, but not like I imagined he would do.

He went to bed crying, but was asleep in about five minutes. Thanks to the non napping, of course. We had "Santa" put out and were in bed ourselves by 9pm. Of course as tired as I was I couldn't sleep once I got in the bed. I felt like I was five years old. Damn Christmas anticipation!

Of course Punkin slept late Christmas morning. I went in to wake him up and he and his daddy were just raising their selves up in the bed. (Granny slept in Punkin's room, so he slept with us. Plus the Santa stash was in the closet right outside his door, so he'd have slept with us even if she wasn't here). I ran in, got the camera and started taking more of our annual crappy photos.

To have such a cute kid, he sure won't pose for the camera. Except for the video camera. He'll ham it up for the video camera until the cows come home!

Of course the first thing he went to was the BIG tiger! Santa had snuck in and took the smaller one after he was sleeping so it was with the big one that morning.
He LOVED them. I knew he would. Of course he paid minimal attention to Squawkers, which he had been asking for since October. Oh, well.

He also ignored the only big ticket item he had, the Power Wheels.

At least until we put him in it.But he was very happy and thrilled with his new things. It was a great morning. My parents were leaving around 9am to go to my sister's house, so after that we were on our own. It was a really great, fun day. I stayed in my pajamas all day, which is my favorite thing to do. They boys got dressed so they could go outside and play with the new car. I took pics - from the deck, in my pajamas.

Once Punkin got in the car he loved it. Grinning from ear to ear. Of course he didn't want to wear his helmet. Hi internet! He never wants anything on his head. He also reused to steer, so he mostly just went around in big circles until hubby would occasionally push him to change his course.

I went in to change lenses and he was off of it when I came back out. All it took was allowing him to take off the helmet and he was back on. He had a ball. When hubby shifted it from low to high? OMG!!! He went insane! He just loved it!!!

Hubby was back to work yesterday and Punkin and I again spent the day in our pajamas. We played with most everything he got at least a couple of times. It was a great day.

Today? We need cat food so I'll have to brave the after Christmas crowds and go out. And damn, I guess I'll have to take of my pajamas, too. That sucks. Anyway, I'm guessing the crowds at PetSmart won't be too bad. I just have to resist the temptation of after Christmas sales at WalHell and Target.

I mean, I only have about 25 rolls of wrapping paper. Don't you think I need more? Come on. It's half price!

Thanks to all of you who left comments, or sent cards or emails with Christmas greetings. I hope you all had a splendid Christmas and will have the best year ever in 2008! I'm looking forward to the best year we've had in a while and just can't wait!

It's Christmas Eve Eve.....Finally!

I can't believe it is nearly here. Christmas has sure taken it's sweet time getting here this year. They boys are off to the zoo and I'm left here all alone {sniff} to cook and get the house clean before the parental units arrive tomorrow.

It. Is. So. Cool. Ahhhhh, the silence is so sweet!

Of course, I'm not cooking or cleaning. I'm sitting here with this evil tempter, my laptop. Though I have washed two loads of clothes, made a batch of yummy, yummy Double Treat Toffee and made a to do list for today and tomorrow.

For me? That is a lot accomplished before 10am!

The zoo was fun yesterday, though Punkin had no use for Santa. All he wanted was to see animals, see animals. So we went to see animals. Another mom we've met a couple of times was there and she and her son accompanied us around the zoo for a bit. Of course Punkin acted as the tour guide, pointing out and naming most of the animals. He is so funny. They really should give him a job!!!! MommaPeas, I hope Tooty is feeling better. We missed you!

Ok, I'm all caught up on my Scrabulous games, too far behind on blog reading to even worry, and I need to get my ass back to work. Yall have a fabulous Christmas Eve Eve, OK? Please.

And if I don't talk to you before the big day ----


Random Ramblings

  • Why is it that when I go to bed earlier, I wake up earlier? Doesn't that defeat the whole point of going to bed early?
  • Why can Punkin remember all of the lyrics to the Pinky and the Brain theme song, but yet he can't remember to put the yogurt container in the trash and his spoon in the sink instead of vice versa?
  • Why does Christmas take so damn long to get here?
  • How can a kid of mine be so worried about eating something hot?
  • We are going to breakfast with Santa at the zoo this morning. At 11pm. Shouldn't that be lunch? Or at the least brunch? And am I insane to go there the Saturday before Christmas?
  • Everyone is always saying they are ROFLMAO. Is that just a hideous tease? If you can laugh your ass off, someone please share the method with me. Because I definitely need to shed a bit of ass. (I'm assuming the same method that works for ass will also work for thighs, stomach, arms, etc).
  • Why do people look into the Kleenex after they blow their nose? Don't you know it's gone? Do your really need visual verification? Do you think it's pretty or something?
  • Why do some people get pissy with me because I don't do certain things, but then not let you do them when you offer? (No, I'm not talking about hubby)
  • Speaking of hubby, why do all men think all other men are getting more than them? Because isn't it technically impossible for EVERYONE to get more than EVERYONE? That would leave no one to get less.
  • Does your hubby ask for the same Christmas present every year? The same one he never gets because he always asks? Maybe if he'd just shut up about it.......
  • How can one kid be so sweet and so rotten at the same time?
  • If The Brain is so smart, why does he hang out with Pinky? NARF!!!

Haiku Friday

Haiku Friday
Santa is coming
Can't tell who's more excited -
Me or my Punkin.

Oh how things can change
In such a short span of time
Life is good again.

I hesitated.
Didn't want to take that step.
Crazy pills? They rock!!!!!!!!

Life is good again.
Doing "real life" things again.
Yes, blog time suffers.

I still love my blog.
I still love all of your blogs.
Just don't have as much time now.

I really notice
How going to bed by ten
Cuts down on blog time.

I was a night owl
Up nightly til 2 am
Reading your great blogs.

Then? I was a zombie
All the next day. What a bitch.
I'm glad she is gone!!!!

Yes, I'm still around
Just not as much. Still love you.
Just with more balance!


Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear AFF,
Happy birthday to you!!!!

Today is Anglophile Football Fanatic's birthday. The big 3-0!

Go over and offer her your condolences!!! (snort)

Hell, I'll be the even bigger 4-0 my birthday. What is she whining about??????

Sleeping Sweetie

Today was wear your pajamas day at the MDO. It was also binge on Christmas candy and cookie day and - Punkin's favorite - NO NAPS!!!!!

We came home from MDO, watched a bit of tv in the basement then I came upstairs to read blogs clean house. A few minutes later Punkin came up and sat next to me on the couch and asked to watch one of "his shows".

Ten minutes into Backyardigans?

He is sound asleep, leaning against my shoulder, with his arm up behind my head.

He may be the terror of the MDO, but he's also the sweetest little man I've ever encountered.

And he is very upset that Santa doesn't bring grown ups presents. He insists that I get a present. He is very distressed about the whole thing and I don't know what to do or how to fix it.

Know what he asks for Santa to bring me?

A baby girl.

For Daddy?

A soccer ball.

Now that's a boy that loves his Momma!

One Thing Leads To Another Leads To Another

The other day I was going to cook dinner. Yes, this is newsworthy because we've been living off of $5 Hot'n'Ready pizza lately. Anyway, I was going to cook chicken tetrazzini. I was cooking the chicken and figured I'd toast the almonds while it cooked. Ends up they didn't need to be toasted, but whatever. So I'm looking for the almonds.

Can't find them anywhere. Surely hubby didn't eat them. Or he will die. Because he did eat the cheese for said dish. He's always doing that kind of thing. (see how one thing really does lead to another?)

While my head is buried in my pantry looking for the almonds I smell a not so pleasant smell. Being the kick ass housekeeper that I am I ignore it and keep looking for those freakin' almonds. Not here, not there, seemingly not anywhere.

I look in the least likely place they might be because, hey, isn't that where what you are looking for always is? What do you think I find? Almonds? HELL, NO.

Have you ever purchased on of those big five pound bags of potatoes? And then not cooked them because the ones in a box are oh so much easier better? Do you know what happens to potatoes when they sit in the bag and you don't use them for weeks months years a long time?

They turn to mush. Brown, runny, stinky, liquidy mush. And run out all in your cabinet. And all over everything in said cabinet. Yea Blue Momma housekeeping!

Sadly I cleaned it up before thinking that I really should share my sorriness with the internet so there are no photos. People are always saying sure your house is messy, sure you are a shitty housekeeper. Like I'm a liar. I am so not a liar.

Have you ever let you pantry get so disorganized that you have no idea what you have in it? Well, this I do have photos of. First I cleaned out the cabinet with the liquid potatoes. After restocking it I find I have five bags of powdered sugar and two unopened cans of Crisco. Cake decorating supplies run amuck.I have about six different kinds of plastic cups and three different kinds of paper plates. And this is just this cabinet.Moving on to the next cabinet, I find tons of expired stuff. Two bags of Marie Callender's croutons. Those are just the best croutons ever. But check out those expiration datesStuffing. Equally expired. Except for that unopened bag. That one is new.No before shot here either, but here is an after.Check out all of this Kool-Aid. Bought because it is invisible and won't stain my white carpet. That would be my new white carpet. In Michigan. Yes, I transported all of this Kool-Aid from Michigan.

I think these onions also came from Michigan. Do these things expire? Why the hell did I buy them to begin with?

Corn meal. Oh, hell yes. So much expired cornmeal. This one was never even opened.Three boxes of crackers. Damn. And no one here named Polly.Here is an actual before of the next shelf up. My pasta collection. That would be about eight pounds of spaghetti plus miscellaneous other shapes. You'd think we ate this stuff three meals a day.
And look. Taco Bell taco seasoning. If I had been organized enough to know that I had this I wouldn't have fed Punkin the chipotle kind and scarred him for life. (No!! I don't like tacos!! They are hot!)

Here is the after.Notice that canister? More. Powdered. Sugar. I could make enough icing to ice all of Birmingham.

Does this stuff expire?Because it has no expiration date and damn, is it good. I forgot I had it. I think I'm gonna take my chances with it and put it back in the cabinet.

Our condiment stash. What do you think the chances are of us ever using that much tartar sauce? TRASH. See those two gallon zip lock bags? Full of candy which I took to the MDO.So now 1/4 of my pantry is clean. It no longer smells. I'm so glad no one opened that door at the dirty Santa party.

Hubby really showed his ass (though I'll spare you that photo!) when I told him to take out all of the garbage from the pantry.
He is looking back at me and saying I won't post the pics of his ass on the internet. He was only partially right. But hey, everyone has to be right once in a while.
Oh, and in case anyone wondered, I did find the almonds and the chicken tetrazzini was yummy!

Thursday Thirteen #9 - Ornaments

Since I'm lacking in original inspiration, I thought I'd continue with my Fun Monday post (and AFF's suggestion) and show you thirteen of my favorite Christmas ornaments. In no particular order, here they are:

  1. I bought this one at a little Christmas shop near where we lived in Massachusetts. It is silver plate, very detailed and just gorgeous in person. It doesn't seem to photograph well, though, does it?
  2. This one was for Punkin and his love of all things animal!
  3. I purchased this close to twenty years ago when I was collecting eggs and still love it. It is so pretty when the lights shine through it on the deer.
  4. This one is our ornament for this year. It is the first one that Punkin has picked out himself.
  5. Another that doesn't photograph beautifully. But it is really pretty on the tree. Big and glittery, with another ornament hanging inside of it. The lights shine through it and it is really nice!
  6. The Abominable Snowman. Does he need introduction? Now if I could only locate the Heat Miser and the Snow Miser.
  7. We got this one the year we got married.
  8. Back in the days when it was just us and the cats!
  9. Last year's ornament.
  10. Back when it was just me and Mr. Blue.
  11. I told you I used to be the Crazy Cat Lady, right? Well, here's another cat ornament.
  12. This is a twofer. Punkin was diggin' the penguins last year and I really like the red and green glittery one!
  13. HO! HO! HO! A big, ole Santa! Courtesy of the Cracker Barrel. Did I ever mention that I think Cracker Barrel sucks? Well, except for their hash brown casserole.