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Young Love

Love is in the air, folks. My Punkin has found him a woman. Yes, at the ripe old age of three. We had a playgroup here on Thursday and he was in fine form. As the first people arrived my little sweetie morphed into a little menace. He hid toys, he snatched toys, he yelled, he didn't want to share.

But then his lady arrived. He shared with her. He even gave her food. He yelled for her to come back when she walked away. Yes, this little minx has cast a spell upon my boy!!! Luckily she is very cute and very sweet and I like her mommy. So I guess I won't complain. And would I stand in the way of my boy and his first love? Of course not.

Unless I didn't like her.

And Monday? They are coming back. Along with some other mommies and kids who are, I'm sure, hoping Punkin has reverted back to a sweet kid who likes to play with his friends. And I am so hoping the same thing.

Here's a little peak at Punkin talking about his lady and being himself!


Kimberly said...

I am about to die from the cuteness. And I'm not just talking about your voice...Punkin is such a cutie!

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

Mommy AND Alex. His accent resembles yours. And, his kissup? ADORABLE! I think we have that phone, too.

M said...

Oh cod I very love him!

CHEESE! Oh cod I do very love him!

I LOVE that his accent is like yours.

And he's hilarious.

I don't believe for an instant that he was the terror at playgroup you said he was.

Oh cod I couldn't stop smiling looking at his face.

Even when he went camera crazy. OMFG.

His songs are killing me.

Oh LOOK at his castle! You were not kidding of the greatness of that thing for him. WEEEEE!

Don't you love how everything is "we" when it should be "he". WE don't jump in the castle? Somehow I doubt you have a problem with jumping in the castle. I'm CERTAIN you use the door.

This video? Greatest thing of my day. And what IS in his mouth? lol. I wanted to know just as you asked and ended it!

Always leave us wanting more, right? ;)

Steph said...

I very love him and your accents as well! He is a doll!!!

That castle rocks!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

OMG! How cute that he has his little first crush! Wait 'til he wants to buy her a Christmas present!! LOL

Emma in Canada said...

I can't see the video cause I'm at work but I'll watch when I get home.

Tell him he can have all the girlfriends he wants but you've already arranged his marriage!

Serina Hope said...

So sweet . I love how he said cheese for the camera. That is too cute. Tell him the internet said hey :)

janet said...

ooohhhh the accents! the "cheese"! the cuteness! the young love!

love it.

Bren said...

Your Punkin is SO adorable! That accent just makes me smile.

My kids heard the video and came to watch. Now they want a castle! I think I do too. That thing is way cool!

Alida said...

Very cute! She sounds like a keeper. It's great when your true love brings out the best in you:)

Joy T. said...

Ok I have to de-lurk to say how incredibly cute this is! And the castle is amazing. My kids had cut out paper dolls or something like that. Now kids get castles?! Very very cool.

her indoors said...

he is adorable, 'i very want more candy' priceless hope his 2nd date goes ok on monday!

ChrisB said...

He is a real cutie. Love the 'cheese' pose for the camera.

cate said...

oh, that's just too cute! i can't wait till the boys are at the stage when they start having little girlfriends! of course, then i'm going to lock them away until old enough that the girl can't corrupt my baby boys!

Anonymous said...

hi blue momma,
your post here is totally adorable. love it, kathleen :)

justmylife said...

OK you sound as "country" as I do, I thought you were a southern transplant! Your house, what I saw, is beautiful and clean! I look around mine and wonder if you'll come clean mine. The video is too cute for words!!!

"MommaDrool" said...

I just melted when I saw this! The Fred thought that it was so sweet...she kept saying, "He is my best friend!" I love it!

Anonymous said...

you're so adorable! how are you hon? hope your night is groovy chickadee :) kathleen