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Thursday Thirteen #8 - 13 TV Shows I Can't Miss

Thirteen TV Shows I Can't Miss
Oh, How I Love My DVR

Obviously I watch way too much tv if there are thirteen show I can't miss. My name is Blue Momma and I am a tv/blog/internet/cat/salsa and chips addict. Please, don't hold it against me.

In no particular order and that most of these shows have a bit of eye candy is a total coincidence:
  1. Bones - Such a cool show. And Angel is in it. If I can't have Spike, I'll settle for Angel. And I know that's not his real name, but who cares about his real name?? H.O.T. Plus the show is great.
  2. House - Who thought a total asshole could be so intriguing? I'd let house slander me any day, because I know in the end he'd make everything OK. And Dr. Chase? He could stand by my bedside anytime he wants.
  3. Criminal Minds - Even though one of my faves, Mandy Patinkin, left the show, this season has been really good. And tonight Garcia got shot! And my DVR, who obviously doesn't like me as much as I like it, cut off before the previews. Damn technology.
  4. Two and a Half Men - I'm not big into comedy, but this show rocks. I love Charlie Sheen's character and that damn kid is hilarious. Hilarious, but please God, don't let my kid turn out like that!
  5. Heroes - What's up with Skylar? And did Peter bulk up a bit over the summer or what? I really get into the whole super powers thing, but after watching this show I just don't think I'd tell anyone I had them. Shhhh. I don't have any. Really.
  6. Smallville - It's about Superman. Everyone loves Superman, right? And is he ever hot, hot, hot. Especially when the red kryptonite comes out and he turns into evil Clark. OMG. Evil Clark is mega hot. What is it with me and the evil guys? Because I am so into them.
  7. ER - I think this show has been on since I was 12. Well, maybe not that long, but long enough that it feels like part of the family. Even though the characters come and go it still rocks. But Abby, what's up, girl? You cheat on Luka? I'm sorry, but there's just not enough alcohol in the world to make me mess that sweet situation up!
  8. Boston Legal - Denny Crane, Denny Crane. This is the quirkiest show on tv. And I so love it. I used to have such a crush on James Spader back in the 80's, though like me he has "bulked up" a bit since then. And not like Peter from Heroes.
  9. Project Runway - If I was fashionable and male and gay and hot, oh, and if I lived in Massachusetts I would so marry Tim Gunn. He is so cool. Or if not marry him I'd at least stalk him. Again, shhhh. Don't tell. The first episode of Season Four was on tonight and I must admit, I wasn't blown away. But Tim? Still my silver fox. I have high hopes for next week. Let the bitchiness begin!
  10. Nip/Tuck - Again. Hot. Hot. Hot. Then some more hot. Remember Julian McMahon when he was Cole on Charmed? Hot. And evil. Now he's just hot and bad. And is it just me, or has Nip/Tuck gotten much more explicit this season? Basic cable is really pushing the envelope these days. And I like it!
  11. Law and Order: SVU - I'm very into these cop shows. And this is my favorite. The scenarios on the show are so relevant to real life and makes me realize my problems just may not be as bad as I think they are. However, I still flash back to Det. Stabler as Keller on Oz. Plus, they also have Schillinger, Father Mukada and that guy whose name I can't remember, but who the nazis made dress up like a girl for a while. They also used to have Ryan O'Reily, another bad boy. Damn, I miss OZ and HBO on Demand.
  12. The Closer - This is a great cop show with a female lead. She really needs to work on her southern accent, but she is tough and smart and kicks major ass. As I'm writing this 13 I feel like I've said all of this before. Deja vu or did I do this post already? Oh well, I'm on #12 so you'll just have to deal with the rerun.
  13. Top Chef - If I haven't mentioned it before, I'm also a reality tv junkie. And I love Chef Tom. These chefs are as catty as any model or fashion designer and the show kicks ass. I am patiently awaiting the next season. Wonder which will be back first, this or Hell's Kitchen? God, this list could be 33 shows long. I better shut up now and try to get a life.
That's it. See ya next Thursday. For more Thursday Thirteeners with most excellent taste, please visit the links below. And go watch some tv so I don't feel like the only loser glued to the tv set, OK?


Serina Hope said...

2,5,6,7,9,10, and 11 are my favorites too!!!!
I can't get into Angel. I am antiAngel.
And girl!! I am so with you on the Abby cheating on Luka thing!!! WTF!!!
I almost posted on this last week. That is how upset I am by the craziness.
And why him? Why oh why? What the hell?
I think I am done now. Great LIST!!!
Happy TT!

Emma in Canada said...

For someone I adore so much we have totally different viewing habits. I do watch ER, SVU and Nip/Tuck when I can find it. I do really like Criminal Minds, but it freaks the hell out of me so don't watch it. I'm a wuss.

I just did my first TT, I need to learn how to do the links. And funky little pictures.

That is an official hint.

Coco said...

I love ER and SVU too... but most of all... I love CSI! Wonder why that show's not on your list...?

MissMeliss said...

I'm with you on House, Heroes, Smallville, ER, Project Runway and Top Chef.

Actually, come friends and I are blogging Project Runway at electrictangerine dot com. Come visit?

Willowtree said...

Bones is my favourite show, well equal fav with Boston Legal. I like all the others except Nip/Tuck and the fashion one.

Did you know that Julian McMahon (Nip Tuck) is the son of an ex-Prime Minister of Australia?

Secret Agent Mama said...

I won't hold "cats" against you since you like Project Runway and Top Chef. Those and the Food Network are what I miss with not having television.

BTW: Glad your only a little ways down I20. It's comforting!! :D

Bren said...

I'm so with you on the reality tv addiction. You wouldn't believe how much so. I also love me some SVU! I have a complete girl crush on Mariska Hargitay. *blush*

And dammit, now I want chips and salsa!

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

Love Bones. I actually have about five hours of Heroes on the Tivo that I haven't had time for yet. I think I might be getting the box set come summer!

Raggedy said...

I have not seen any of them.
They all look great.
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

Lil Mouse (Jill) said...

bones house heroes law and order, yeah!

something about doctors and cops.. how odd..

jenn said...

ER is my all time favorite show.
happy tt!

janet said...

doctor and cop shows rock my world, especially house, er, svu, boston legal (ok, off category, but still) and criminal minds.

and when garcia was shot? OMG.

Yen said...

We share the same TV series that I like too:) Great lists!
Mine is up here;
Yen's TT
Happy TT!

kitten said...

Good selection. I really like #1, but hubby don't like so I sometimes go to kids room. Also really like #2, 3, 11. I like #12, but for the same reason as #1 I can't always watch.
I would also have to add all the CSI's to my list.

nell said...

I saw Spike in something the other day and, well, I should really call him James, because Spike was hot, but James? Without the blond hair and the British accent he was just not hot. At all. Now I'm going to go crazy trying to remember what the heck I was watching that he was in.

Anonymous said...

We have very different viewing habits! I don't watch any of the shows on your list...but I just may check them out! Happy TT!

Daisy said...

Oh, Project Runway is one of my very favorites! And I love Top Chef, too.

Junebug said...

I must admit I don't watch much tv. I have watched Two and a Half Men. I like Charlie Sheen's legs, they are shapely! I would watch Project Runway. I like Tim Gunn. I do watch America's Next Top Model though I missed it last week!! I also occasionally watch Survivor and Amazing Race.

Junebug said...

Oh, I forgot I watch Food Network all the time and any home improvement show and What Not to Wear. I used to watch Trading Spaces but they don't have new shows I guess.

*Rae* said...

Man I must be out of the loop lol i've heard of those shows but never watched any of them I am not a real big tv watcher I have maybe one show a night I watch if even that maybe I will check out a few shows on your list Happy TT

Rachel said...

I am totally with you on Two and a Half Men, ER and SVU!

And seriously, Abby is losing it!

Kimberly said...

Totally with you on least up until the current season which has me worried. Haven't watched it yet (we wait for seasons on DVD), but I'm told there's a less than stellar Mormon character on there and I'm a bit freaked out about that. Eeep!

Catwoman said...

Heroes has bored me to tears this year, when I was really, really into it last year.

Until Monday's episode. The wheels are finally back on the train.

I can't believe you don't have Grey's Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother and my new favorite cotton candy show, Pushing Daisies on there.

Oh and Dirty Sexy Monday. I love, love that show!

justmylife said...

I like most all of those shows. I missed ER last week, did I miss Abby cheating on Luka? I have watched it forever too!

Cheri said...

Love most of the same shows myself (Nip/Tuck,House, SVU)...Oh, Julian McMahon is so hot! BTW, I have finally posted a Thursday 13 might take you back. Take a look and hope you are having a great day!

Erin said...

I too am addicted to many many shows. but i've actually never seen any of these!

ellen b said...

Love bones. Can't wait for a new project runway and always enjoy Top Chef. fun tt!

cate said...


we have very similar tastes in TV shows!

(btw, did you know that Joss Whedon has another in the works for the fall? woohoo!)

Sarah said...

I have only watched ER...and that was back when it wasn't so weird. I used to watch it all the time.

Happy TT~

Natalie said...

Oh how I wish I had a DVR! You have some really great shows on there.

random_mommy said...

We have such opposite taste! I only watch a few of those, ER, SVU, and 2 1/2 men... wow!

random_mommy said...

And Pwoject Wunway. I love how Heidi can't pronounce Pwoject Wunway.

Joy T. said...

I swear I just about cried when they made it seem like Mandy Patinkin was going to commit suicide. Then when it turned out he just 'left' I realized it still meant he was never going to be on the show again. Damn! I really like the new guy though so they did good in replacing him I guess. Jeez, get me started about my fav show and I can't shut up. Anyway, I like 3, 4, 8 and 11 too. Add in Cold Case and Corner Gas and these are about the only shows I watch on tv. Great list!

That Chick Over There said...

I loooooooooooove SVU.

Devilish Southern Belle said...

Damn, I have missed too much ER! When did Abby cheat on Luka? Is she out of her freaking mind? He is so hot. I think I love him. The character, anyway. They need to write me into that show as his love interest! Who'd she cheat with? Does Luka know? What did he do when he found out? I am so watching tonight. Every time I lapse, something incredibly important happens!

Nicholas said...

We have 3 in common! I watch ER though it isn't as good as it used to be. Top Chef and Runway are fun, though Bravo was getting a bit desperate, I think, with it's interior design and hairdressing competitions!

Jennifer said...

I honestly can't follow series television. I used to watch ER years ago, but that's about it. I hate having to wait a week to find out what happened. I usually get bored and forget it's on and then I miss six episodes and I get pissed off so I decide not to watch it anymore. I wait until it goes into syndication and it's on 35 different channels and then I watch!

Head Gaggler said...

I love so many of those too. Too much TV too little time.

Sassy Lucy said...

We watch a lot of the same shows, wish I would have stopped by yesterday.....come read my T13, about why they cannot kill Penelope Garcia on Criminal Minds...I am peeved over that.

Thea said...

We had never seen House until Dave saw it on an airplane once...we've been watching it ever since. He cracks me up.

We never get to see Smallville in "real time", we are always a season behind on DVD. Tom Welling? Yummy.

I love Heroes and SVU, but I was very confused by Mariska's hair at the beginning of the season. I'm glad she has it all worked out now.

dawn224 said...

Oh I love me some Boreanaz. He's totally on my laminated list.

Aline de Chevigny said...

LOL have you been spying on my TV Habits?


elena jane said...

okay, i watch none of those shows, but i HAD to comment cos you shared a pic of darling mr visnjic and he is the only reason i occasionally remember to watch ER ;-)