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Sharing the Love

Is it Saturday again? I guess it is. Hubby is home (they have a call team now for Saturday mornings so he'll be here from now on. Is this good or bad? Ask me in a few weeks) playing with Punkin and getting him ready to go do a little shopping.

So where does this leave me, you ask?

Sitting on my ever expanding ass, blogging my little heart out in soon-to-be total silence. Only the clicking of my keyboard. Isn't that a sweet sound?

I guess it is pretty sweet for a while, until I start missing the chaos and the hugs and smack kisses.

I was the recipient of some more blog bling over the past few weeks. Yes, I am dreadfully slow getting this stuff out, but I like to save it for when things get a little slow. Like today. I so love the slow days. My mother is coming up this afternoon and is spending the night so she'll be playing with Punkin, hubby is cooking dinner on the grill, the house if mostly clean (please, don't mention the laundry or my whole premise is shot to hell), so this will really, truly get to be a slow day.

Back to the bling. The first one

came from Crys at Memoirs of a Mommy. She has a sweet little boy names Noah who has been through a lot in his short life. He's home from the hospital now. Everyone give a big YAAAY! for Noah. And for Crys. And thanks from thinking I'm fabulous! It's always nice to have my suspicions confirmed by others! hehe

I'm passing the I'm Fabulous Award on to:

Mommadrool - my bunco pal and all around fabulous chick. Check out her blog and those cute kids. She graciously loaned me her photoshop textbook so maybe we'll get some cool photos around here thanks to her.

Cathy - she's obviously fabulous because I think this is the only award she doesn't have! Go visit and you'll think she's fab, too!

My new South African friend, Angel, passed this one along to me:

She said "I schmaark this chick laaaank", which is a South Africanism for I did this chick a lot. Well, I dig being dug, if that makes any sense. Thanks, Angel. And she just got a new tattoo and it is hurting me just seeing the pictures. Those needles...oooh. I'm such a wuss.

So this one is going to:

Secret Agent Mama - because I was really feeling that first haiku of hers on Friday! Check it and her out. Today.

- I found Gattina's blog through either Wordless Wednesday or the Thursday Thirteen and it's very cool. She posts all kind of funny pics and things and also plenty of cat photos. Remember, were it not for the Punkin I would still be the crazy cat lady. Though I guess I still am, just part time!

And last, but certainly least (false modesty here) my own little award. Passed on because you rock. Seriously. If you haven't got this it doesn't mean that you don't rock, just that I haven't gotten to you yet, or someone else already has, or you don't play along or you think these things are silly. Did I cover all of my ass bases there?

Serina - Girl, you know you rock! Serina does haiku Friday, too, but she actually writes some real poetry, not just tales of puke and poop like me. Plus, her kids? What cuties!

Cate - Us "Moms who should be ashamed" have to stick together. I just found Cate not long ago, but man, has she grown on me! Love her and love her blog. Go visit. Because I said so. Now!

I'm breaking my two passes rule this once, but I'm also tagging

Kathleen - Kathleen is a real sweetie. When you want to read something a little more uplifting and positive - and much less crass - than my drivel stop by and check her out. We've developed quite the little email correspondence and she's a super nice chick. hehe I love saying chick.

Ok, ladies. The tags have been passed. It's up to you now. Tag two each or none or twenty or whatever you feel like! These little awards just mean I like you and I'm glad I've got to "meet" you. If we were in elementary school I'd pass you a notebut since we're all grown up, but still like to be loved, we have these little awards. Just to pass on a little love!


AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

Get out! Get outta my head! Cause not only is my post today awards, I gave one to Serina, too. You are freaking me out again!

Secret Agent Mama said...

Thank you!! I feel like that first haiku every single day of my life (well except the days of my life after I lost a buttload of weight). LOL

Watch for my new bling to appear on my sidebar!!

Anonymous said...

ah blue momba:
you so rock! thank you for giving me this and saying such awesome things about me. i love sharing emails back and forth with you. thanks hon, kathleen :)

Devilish Southern Belle said...

I can't wait to check out your award recipients!

Joy T. said...

Visiting all the Fun Monday'ers from the NaBloPoMo list today to say hi. Oh. And congrats on the awards!

Bren said...

Enjoy the quiet time while you have it. :)

cate said...

i've won awards before...but nothing this prestigious! i am so very honoured....i would like to thank my family for giving me the perfect blog fodder, and all of my bloggy friends...especially one Blue Momma!

thanks, babe! can i award it right back to ya???? ;-)

Serina Hope said...

Yay! I wanted the Blue Momma award so badly. I really did. I was so jealous last time. I am Heaven. Little bloggy heaven. :)

Kimberly said...

Way to share the love!

"MommaDrool" said...

Thank you so much for the "fabulous" blog bling!

You know that you are my bestest bunco buddy, and I had a blast hangin' out with you the other night...can't wait for our next pseudo-bunco, beer swiggin', pizza eatin' get-together!

Hope you are having a fabuloso (sorry, I watch entirely too much Dora and Diego) weekend!

her indoors said...

congrats on your blings, enjoy your free time. and YAAAY for Noah

buddha_girl said...

Oooooh what I wouldn't do for a day of quiet - the only noise being the pecking of keys on my keyboard.

On another note, you ARE the award queen. I'm glad to fly on your coat tails, sister!

Cathy said...

Yay! More sparkley, shiny things!

Thank you ever so much!

Nap Warden said...

Congrats on the awards! I am off to check out the recipients...