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Fun Monday

So I'm the host for this week's Fun Monday. I wanted to see your unfinished projects, so I guess I better show you a few of mine. Which is easy because it seems I rarely finish anything these days.

Back in March I bought new furniture for my sons room. I rushed to paint his walls so that everything would be ready when the furniture was delivered. That was March. This is today:Still no trim, though you have that lovely, ragged blue band left over from the previous paint. At least I have purchased and painted, if not installed, the moldingBefore I ever started on Punkin's room I started working on my hall bathroom. I'm not crazy about wall paper, especially when it is peeling at every seam. I stripped my 17x20 bedroom in Michigan with no problems, so this room should have been a breeze. Wrong.

Whoever built this house didn't paint/seal the sheet rock before they put up the wallpaper. Needless to say the stripping was/will be a major pain in the ass. Then there is the mudding/sanding/sealing which needs to take place before the paint can be applied. I'm having my Moms group Dirty Santa party here on the 6th, so I damn well better have some after pics by then.

Anyway, here it is in all its gloryNow go visit everyone else and don't forget that Robinella will be our host next week. There are 51 of us participating this week so you better get moving!!!

Anglophile Football Fanatic
Kerith Collins
Robinella, who will be our illustrious host for next week
The Rotten Correspondent
Sauntering Soul
Serina Hope

Jo Beaufoix
Daddy D
Hootin Anni
Elena Jane
Ped Crossing


Robinella said...

Wow, that is some job ahead of you. Thanks for hosting and good luck with that.

Dirty Santa party sounds fun. Obviously, I have hooked up with the wrong kind of moms. Our gifts are always "totally appropriate". Bummer for me.

Willowtree said...

That would drive me crazy (I'm a little OCD).

Cathy said...

Wallpaper! Horrors!

I spent days and days stripping that stuff off the bathroom walls in our first house. Layers on layers, all of them hideous.

I feel for you! I'm betting you'll have it all done soon.

Kila said...

I just finished my post, and it also features a bathroom with peeling wallpaper! Yay, glad to know I'm not the only one with a bathroom project! Thanks for sharing.

susan said...

You are so brave to post this! Yay for you! My sweetie would kill me if I posted some of the undone projects I've got going. (He's still upset about some of them!)

Thanks for hosting. And be sure to tell us about the Dirty Santa party, that sounds great!

Mar said...

Those are major projects!!! love the molding, that room will look great!
Wallpaper is not used in Spain and I am glad!
I posted my unfinished project. It's blue to match your template :)
Happy Monday!!

Hootin' Anni said...

OMG....when you said last week you had a lot of unfinished projects I wouldn't have dreamed they were HUGE projects!!! Get it done girl!!!! rofl.

Mine's posted. It's two entries down on my blog today.

Peter said...

The 6th Huh?? so much time so few projects.

Steph said...

I like his paint color!

Wallpaper SUCKS!! I hope you get it done in time.

How do I participate in this for next week?

Robin (the PENSIEVE one) said...

Does anyone EVER prepare the walls correctly for wallpaper??? Just about every stripping job I've ever done shreds sheetrock :/.

For most of our home improvements, we get to about 90% and then stall...apparently I'm in good company.

(Thanks for hosting :). I spoke "ill" of you in my post...but surely you know it's tongue-in-cheek...right???)

Gattina said...

Wow ! I never thought about home reparations as a project, lol ! Here indeed you have something to do ! We are not "do it yourself" people at all, so when something has to be done in the house I call somebody who does it. Fortunately I am lucky and have good addresses for everything.

min said...

Eeeew wallpaper! I did one room once...never again. You are a better woman than I am.

elena jane said...

wow, those are some big projects to start. i hate painting, i let hubby handle that ;-) i'm clearly a wimp!

mine isn't up yet, it's a work in progress :-)

Jenni said...

Oh my goodness! I hate having to clean up someone else's mess. The first house we lived in after getting married had huge ugly stencils in every room. There were blue and pink houses on two walls of the living room and the other two walls had baskets of flowers the same size as the houses. Ugh! That took some serious painting to cover up.

Hey, could you please sign me up for Fun Monday also? I know I'm late, but I have a ton of unfinished projects I'd just love to share with the world. Maybe it will inspire us to get them done!

Sandy said...

You are my new best friend! When I posted mine, I really didn't like you much - MAKING me (yeah, I know, you didn't sign me up) air my horrid stuff. Now, after visiting a whole lot of folks, I feel much better! I hope you do, too!

kitten said...

I used warm water with Downy to get my wall paper off. It did a good job of getting all that glue off plus helped my house smell GOOD!
Good Luck! & Thanks for hosting this week!

Sayre said...

Why did I even bother writing my post? I could have just come over here and stolen yours! Damned builders just don't understand what a mess they make for us when they don't seal the drywall before papering! What if I don't LIKE cabbage roses???

Beckie said...

I feel your pain on that wall paper.

justmylife said...

Ihave too many unfinished projects, I should do this fun MOnday, but I have too many projects to finish. HA!!

Alix said...

Nightmare I can barely cope with paint never mind wall paper - good luck.
Thanks for hosting it was a fun idea and made me do some sorting :)

klasieprof said...

Ok I will post some pictures on my blog. Does it HAVE to be the piles of dishes ????

laurie said...

oh man that molding is beautiful. i wish i had some. not that it would ever end up anywhere other than stashed under the bed. but still. i could look at it on insomniac nights.

i hate that striped wallpaper. wowser. what were they thinking?

Sauntering Soul said...

I'm not a big fan of wallpaper either. Good luck!!

dawn said...

That wall paper thing happened in a previous house. The bathroom was in the basement. They didn't do anything to the walls before they did the wall paper. The put the toilet on a platform and carpeted it. We did not use that bathroom. It stunk and they had smoked in it. The door remained closed for a couple years. Then there was a bad rain storm, and the town runoff flooded our basement. Insurance covered it, and the guys doing the clean up and re-contruction felt sorry for us, and said the whole bathroom had been wrecked by the flood, and took out all the drywall and redone the whole thing. We paid for a new toilet and sink, and they installed. It was very nice.

Kaytabug said...

I am so thankful our house was a blank canvas with no wallpaper!
I dig the blue boarder! ;) The molding is lovely.

Junebug said...

I finally got mine posted. I looked over here at yours and forgot that my son's room is an unfinished project of wallpaper removed and half-painted room. I am calling it "his" unfinished project. But alas, in the end it will be mine! Thanks for hosting this week. :D

Tiggerlane said...

Removing wallpaper sounds like a real job - I need to do that in our old living room, since it is falling off.

However, I think I'm going to leave it all to the professionals!

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Getting rid of that wallpaper - ugh. And ugh again.

I like the paint color in your son's room. And our house is also decorated in blue tape strips.

Thanks for hosting. This was fun.Painful, but fun!

Cynthia said...

We buy houses and fix them up for resale. Nothing scares us more than wallpaper. I feel sorry for you!

I am glad to see someone with their house as full of projects as my own!

ChrisB said...

I so wish I could have joined in this week. I didn't know the topic before I came to San Francisco, so I had no photos of our unfinished projects ( would have been hard to choose just one)!

"MommaDrool" said...

Be sure to check out our latest "in progress" project on today's's an epidemic!

dawn224 said...

I. hate. wallpaper. "no wallpaper" was actually something we put on our lists of things when we were looking for the house. I've peeled enough to last a lifetime.

Catwoman said...

I hate, hate wallpaper... To people who put it up, I always want to ask "do you REALLY think the person who buys your house will enjoy little bouquets of flowers shaped like hearts?" We had so much wallpaper to take down in our old house. And we also had the kitchen with an unfinished wall. Total nightmare...

daddy d said...

Sorry about the baseboard under the wall paper. Problems like that are real stoppers to process. Sometimes stoppers are not very big, but that base is a major stopper.

Jennifer said...

I have run into the same wallpaper issue with both of my houses in Alabama. Apparently, it's all the rage here to apply wallpaper to unfinished walls!

Robin said...

Thank you for hosting and being so brave in sharing. You spurred me to bravery and I have finally posted. Great Idea. Now just to get those things done.

Robin of mytwoblessings

BS said...

Thanks for hosting - I thought I had signed up (I meant to) but evidently I didn't, but am going to post anyways - another unfinished project !!

Joy T. said...

Groan...wallpaper!! I lived in a house that had wallpaper. And that's all I'm going to say about that. It's a HUGE project to get off if it wasn't put on properly, as you're finding out. Oh I feel for you!!

Oh and thanks for hosting Fun Monday :o)

Pamela said...

I don't envy your that wall paper removal. I'm ready to change that stuff in my kitchen.. but just seeing your project makes me think it can wait.

This subject turned out to be much more fun that I thought.

Sirdar said...

I sure understand your feeling about not getting things done. As you saw on my post all the work that we need to do on, in, and outside our place. I guess that is what you get when buying a work in progress. Just have to remember that one day it will all be done.

Thanks for hosting Fun Monday. Enjoyed the assignment.

mjd said...

Blue Momma,
Thanks for hosting this Fun Monday. Although it Tuesday, I am just getting around to making my visits. After I posted my entry, I did remember a few unfinished or rather left undone house projects. We NEVER did get around to painting the basement stairwell, and we have two rooms that need rewired or something. And then, the basement needs waterproofing. Somehow these things slipped my mind for my Fun Monday post. I guess that is why we have not worked on these projects.

cate said...

i hate wallpaper with a passion...not so much the way it looks as the task of removing it!

i wish i hadn't have missed this Fun would have been perfect for me! we have so many unfinished projects...and they all have to be finished for when we hand the keys to the house over at the end of February!

Kerith Collins said...

i hate wallpaper...i did just a boarder once and it took me a whole weekend. good luck!