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Bad Influences...or Not?

My mother is always worried about us influencing Punkin negatively. We say pee pee instead of tee tee. Wrong. We say turd. Wrong. We all kinds of things that she thinks are wrong, wrong, wrong.

So when he's at her house it is strictly G rated. She takes him to church, they only watch the Disney Channel and dvds. But guess what? You never know what kind of influence that "good" influence may be.

Punkin has been having some issues at MDO. This past week we moved him up to the "big kids" room. He was the youngest in his old class by a day or so and is the youngest in the new class by 6 months. I think he'll do fine as do the directors. His size and verbal ability is equal to or surpasses quite a few of the kids in the class so we thought things would go smoothly.

That's what I get for thinking.

Punkin has never been a biter. He's been bitten, but was never the biter. Until this week. He tried to bite on Monday, but they caught him before any damage was done. When I asked him why he was biting he said he was a rat.

A rat??

I just brushed it aside and told him he wasn't to bite. So the next day? Jumps on some little chick and bites the crap out of her!!! This time we get into a much more detailed discussion about the problem with biting. Plus he got no Bug Juice or pretzels, which was the cause of much distress for him. I ask him if the little girl cried and he said yes and that it made him very sad. I asked him why he was biting.

He said he was a rat.

WTF?????? Then I remember. When we were at my mother's on Sunday he was watching a Care Bears Christmas video. Yes, Care Bears. And guess who the Care Bears nemesis was?

RATS!!! Long toothed, evil looking rats.

Of course, I immediately called my mother and pointed out that not I, but she was the negative influence and she had to agree. I have to admit, I never thought my mother and the damn Care Bears would be the downfall of my child. But shit happens, right?

Yet, of course hubby helps out a bit with the influencing and it always seems to be in a way I find, well, rather retarded.

When I made the connection between the biting rat and the Care Bears, the following conversation ensued:

Punkin, the rats are the bad guys. You want to be a good guy, one of the Care Bears.

No, I'm a rat!

Don't you want to be a good guy?

I wanna be Pinky and The Brain!!

I'll be Pinky and you be The Brain!!!

(gasp, laugh, chuckle)

Ok, I guess if we have to be Pinky and The Brain, I'd rather be The Brain. But really? We have to have a talk with Daddy about the tv.

Obviously I didn't share Punkin's new viewing habit with Nana, not that she'd know what it was anyway. Daddy got a lecture about making Punkin smarter, not dumber, and was reminded that under NO circumstances were they to be watching South Park together.

Men. Grandparents. Toddlers.

Can someone just shoot me now????


Jennifer said...

Yeah, well I've got a biting 12 year old which is MUCH MUCH WORSE!! Pretty funny we both blogged on similar subjects today!!

Rachel said...

Lmao! I apparently am the bad influence in my house, since I teach my 22-month old curse words.

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

One is a genius..the other's insane... Oh, now I'm not going to get that one outta my head for a while. I agree. No comedy central for the tyke. Well, at least you got to stick your tongue out at your mother, even if it wasn't really her fault...

Catwoman said...

Who knew the Carebears sucked so bad? Actually, I did. I could never stand them.

Oh and Pinky and the Brain, how I heart them. "What are we going to do tonight, Brain?" "Same thing we do every night, Pinky, try to take over the world."

Bren said...

Mine bit for the first time last month. He was a dinosaur thanks to Imaginext. A good reminder of how literal they are.

Debs said...

Pinky and The Brain. I have forgotten all about that one.

My ex took the kids to see South Park The Movie. This AFTER I told him this is not a show for kids. He acted like I did NOT know what I was talking about. THEN he tells me he took the kids and walked out. I got to say well I told you so. :D

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Isn't it amazing the things kids pick up on? How great that you were able to figure out WHAT was causing the biting and that you could actually talk to him about it. Hopefully, that nips it in the bud. No pun intended. ;)

Becky said...

I have yet *knock on wood* have had a biter. However I do have a hitter. Why?
Because he is a Power Ranger. Yep a Power Ranger who has to fight the bad guys.
Daddy is to blame for this one. He's in his 30's and still watches cartoons. Cartoons that I warned him would cause issues with the boys later on. He kept telling me No way not my kids! Now? He wonders why the kids hit.
Care Bears huh? Never would have even thought about that one. I grew up on the care bears and can't remember this one.
It sure is good though when they tell us why they do somethings so we can talk about it!

buddha_girl said...

Fucking biting. I hate that shit!

I finally got to the bottom of Buddha's biting hell:

Lorna's two dogs "bite" and "growl" at each other when they're playing. Buddha told Lorna they did it when they were MAD...hence, he was evidently supposed to BITE kids when HE was mad.

Yeah. Great. My kid was taking fucking lessons from two mutts.

I love that your hubby is Pinky. Good times!

justmylife said...

My hubby watched Beevis and Butthead with my boys, so I had some weird giggling going on all the time.

angel said...

sheesh, the things that our kidlets get stuck in their heads...