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Working the Sale

Friday I worked my first day of indentured slavery shift at the consignment sale. I have to work twenty hours, plus sorting day. OK, so no, I didn't have to do this.

I could have shopped with the teeming masses, the ones who camped out in the parking lot overnight so that they could get an early number (your number determines your entry into the sale). But if you wanted to get in super early, which I did, and get to the good stuff before everyone else, which I did, that's what you have to do.

My first shift was worked on the day after the ten hour workers shopped. Now if you are a worker you know how things work, right? You know that the clothes don't magically walk themselves back to the racks when the lights turn off. You know that the floor in a vacant grocery store building is most likely very dusty. You know better than to be a lazy slacker bitch.

Ooooh. Was that last one a little harsh? Sorry.

Well, really? Not so sorry. I so wish I had had my camera with me yesterday. You wouldn't believe the mess that was left in that store. There were multiple, and by multiple I mean probably more than twenty, piles of clothing left in the floor. These piles were taller than my child. A few of them were probably taller than you! If you're kind of short.

Then there were tons of average sized piles. Ones only tall as your young toddler. The mess was unreal! Toys, clothing, shoes, accessories. Hell, there were Pack-n-Plays and strollers left all over the place. Now I'm the first to admit I'm a big mess at home. But at someone else's house? Not so much so.

Ladies, when you are at a store, you are at someone else's house. PICK UP YOUR OWN SHIT!!! Do not leave piles of stuff that if it were to fall over would smother one of our shorter sisters. Don't throw shit that you've decided you don't want on the nasty ass floor. Someone else just may want to purchase it, even if you don't. And they probably don't want it covered with empty grocery store dust/lint/crap.

And ladies. If you are working, you more than likely consigned, too. Don't you know someone is probably throwing your treasures - and by some of the prices marked? I know you consider your things treasures - on the nasty ass floor, too. Bet you wouldn't like that so much.

I don't really know where I'm going with this post, other than to say to treat other workers, like the ones working the day after you shop, and others things, like you'd like to be treated.

And I'm oh so sure you wouldn't want to be left in a big pile on a dirty floor.

It really is a shame. Literate civilization emerges 3000 years ago in Mesopotamia and manages to survive this long, only to be wiped out by a bunch of greedy women at a consignment sale in Birmingham, AL.

Bitches, please.


angel said...

sheeez thats a huge store!!! so how does the numbering thing work? in our shops its first come first served...

her indoors said...

oh i would so love to shop their! and yes i agree people are so rude and untidy when pushing a nd shoving to get what they want! and i am a shortie so i could have been covered up underneath all those piles of clothes!

Lil Mouse (Jill) said...

holy crap! that's a lot of stuff. and yes i agree i hate it when people leave crap laying around like their hobos. no offense to hobos. they can't help it.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I try to be tidy when I am in a store and return everything I try on to the PROPER place on the rack or to a salesperson if they want it. I'm not so tidy at home, sometimes. I also avoid big sales because I hate crowds.

Alabama taxes are the lowest in the nation--how are the services?

Massachusetts taxes are 6th highest, after DC, NY, Conn and Wyoming (WYOMING?).

It's in the high 80s here today--what's it like in Alabama?

I was in Alabama once. That was more than 40 years ago.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ooo how rude.
Does it hurt to stick something back on a hanger.
Some people tsk.

That Chick Over There said...

It always shocks me when people behave so rudely in stores and restaurants. I used to work at McDonalds when I was in high school and once I had to clean the men's bathrooms and someone had taken #2 and smeared it all over the walls. I mean, what the hell? You do that at home?


Gloria said...

I was guilty of that once. It wasn't until I got a part-time job as a sales assistant did I found out how annoying that could be. So now I make it a point to return it to the proper rack or put them in a collecting basket. I've learned about my rudeness the hard way. =(

On behalf of those who doesn't know any better, sorry!

I think everyone should be a shop assistant once to fully appreciate what kind of trouble shop assistants go for us.


Darla said...

Angel led me to you and myGawd you are hilarious. Instead of road rage I think you might have Slacker Shopper rage! You need a button to wear at work for that "Your momma doesn't live here - put it back where ya found it."
On a side note ... that store has me drooling! We don't have enough her.

Devilish Southern Belle said...

That sucks! It's almost as bad as people leaving things behind in public restrooms for others to have to flush or clean off the seats.

I am a bit behind, so tell me....what does this consignment store sell? Do they have DISHES there, too? If so, I may just have to drive to Birmingham to try to check this place out one of these days. Or is it one of those once-every-blue-moon things?

Yeah, I can't believe people's rudeness. Oh, wait...I work retail, so I totally can!

Hope you are having a great weekend!

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

I'm thinking your consignment sale is bigger than ours, if the pics are true. geez! I never would've thought Birmingham would be the clothing haven it must be, what with the amount of Bailey Boys & Orient Expressed things I see on Ebay coming from there.

SwampAngel65 said...

My Lord, that store is HUGE! I can only imagine the messes that were made. People can be pigs. Complete pigs. What's funny is that if the place was crammed with shopping-crazed men, I bet it wouldn't have been so bad. And I'm sur we all know wat pigs men can be around the least in my house! Some women just get looney in certain situations.

Have a drink,put your feet up and thank God it's over. (It is over for you ,isn't it???)

mjd said...

That may be the biggest store ever. I am not much of a shopper, but I cannot imagine leaving stuff on the floor. I might even pick up a few items that someone else dropped. The store looks very neat after your hours of work.

terri said...

People lose their common sense when it comes to bargains. I'd be ticked off too. This ranks up there with people who pick stuff up in the grocery store, eat it while they shop, and leave the wrapper on a shelf somewhere.

WorksForMom said...

2 words: HOLY CRAP.

bermudabluez said...

No WONDER you are tired after looking at the size of that is GIGANTIC!! In general, people are slobs. I discovered that when I worked at Bath&BodyWorks at the mall. Sale days were awful...just billion tiny little tubes of lip gloss all OVER the floor covered in dust. I don't miss that!

Willowtree said...

Holy Shit! I've never seen anything like that before!!

justmylife said...

Where is this place, I need a shopping day!!!

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

DUDE! That's one big sale!

Rachel said...

Holy freakin crap! That's a HUGE sale! No wonder you're worn out!

I'm a Mom!..? said...

Looks like they have more stuff than I have ever seen, just don't think I'm up for the "excitement" this year!!