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Wordless Wednesday - A Halloween Retrospective




Brite Blue...and Proud of It!

As part of my Fun Monday post I posted this photoof the rear of my car. Almost every comment questioned what the bright blue dot was. Everyone must be awake today or something, because I've posted this same photo in a prior post and no one asked about it. Not one of twenty comments.

Well, today the blue dot is on fire. Nearly every comment mentioned it, or more exactly, questioned what it was. Go on over there and see. Someone left a comment explaining the dot, though they were decidedly coming at it from the polar opposite point of view as I. Yet, basically, they are accurate. Accurate, yet anonymous. RED head, why not link to your blog? It's not that you said anything inflammatory, so why no link?

Anyway, some background on the dot and why it's there. And why I'm Blue Momma, yet like red so much. It you could care less or are looking for haikus about poop, you probably will want to move on now.

I ran across the bright blue dot indirectly. I was either reading this blog which I can't even remember how I found, but damn is she funny, which led me to this other blog. Actually I think I was reading this other blog first and followed a link in a comment to this blog. Commenting really will get you more traffic, especially when your comments are really cool and funny. I'm still puzzled as to where my traffic comes from.... Anyway, these two blogs are linked and somehow I ended up at Brite Blue Dot site.

Please realize that I live in Alabama . Super, ultra conservative Alabama. Every where I go I am accosted by bumper stickers like these

Now to each his own, but personally? They make me want to puke. I didn't vote for him either time and if I had I sure as hell wouldn't be proud of it. This is my blog. I can say that. Hell, as far as I know, and if W hasn't changed it today, this is still a country where we CAN say we don't like or agree with our government. Though I haven't had the news on today, so I might ought to be careful.

Once, just once, I saw one of these

Now that one I thought was pretty cool. But I digress. The point being I am what you would categorize as a liberal. In Alabama I am definitely in the minority. That every other vehicle I pass seems to have one or ten of the Bush propaganda stickers on it makes me want to scream. God, I miss Massachusetts. So finding the brite blue dot? Totally gave me the warm fuzzies.

A way to express myself, to let "them" know I'm most definitely not one of the sheep. No way. And feel free to call me a liberal. I don't take that as an insult in the least. Go ahead and call me a blue dot. In fact, please call me one. It may be a disparaging remark to some of you, but I'll gladly accept the label.

Blue Momma? That name came from the idea I had early on for this blog to be somewhat political. Obviously that never materialized and I'm much more into poop than politics. Though often it is hard to tell the two apart, isn't it?

So this is on the rear window of my car
Not one of the sheep? Go buy your own. They have other items, too. That one with the baby really cracks me up.

As far as why I like red, hell, I don't know. I just do. I try to not think about what it has come to stand for. But what do red and blue make? Purple. What a coincidence. Purple is what this country really is and is also my favorite color. So if Motorola would make a purple phone and if Franklin Covey would come out with something in purple leather? I'd be all over it..

Fun Monday

Our host this week is Candid Karina. Our assignment is to share our security blankets, the items that we can't leave home without.

Damn if Fun Monday isn't a struggle for me every week! If it wasn't so much fun reading everyone else's and I wasn't such a follower, I'd just bail. But it is and I am so here goes.

I don't really have a security blanket. Never did as a child either. It's funny because neither does Punkin. Not a blanket or a particular toy. He never even took a pacifier. But things I can't leave home without? Now those I have plenty of.

Since Punkin is potty trained we really don't do the diaper bag thing anymore. Sure, we keep one in the car - just in case - but we don't carry it in anywhere with us. So I'm back to using a normal purse -
I also have to have my little planner - purse size, of course - and my most important possession, my credit card for daily expenses.
My cell phone. I like red. Sue me. No key photos because, SURPRISE!! I can't find them. But if I had my keys I'd be off with this sweetieIn my Mom mobileBut I could never, and I sincerely mean it, never leave the house without this one last thing.
Because I, dear readers, am blind as a damn bat!!!! Purse, credit card, planner, car - none of these would do me a bit of good without my contacts as I wouldn't be able to find any of them, even the car.

That's it for me. Go over to Karina's and check out the rest of the Fun Mondays. They're addictive, though, so go with care!

From The Mouths Of Babes....

I'm not going to brush my teeth anymore!!

Why? Do you want yuck mouth?

I thought you wanted to take a nap?

I can't Mommy. The sun's still awake.
Can't you get your own Einsten's treat?

No, Mommy. It's waaay up there. Very up there.

You need to get it because you are big and tall.

And brave.

Punkin, what are you doing?!?!

I'm playin' with my penis!


Because it tickles!
Mommy, I can't go to school anymore.


Because it's veeeerrrry dangerous!

How is it dangerous?

There's lots of little boys and girls there.

After you and Nanny go to Burger King and play, you need to take a nap.

I can't take a nap. You don't sleep when the sun is awake. (This is a recurring theme at our house!)

And for those of you who wondered - yes, my day yesterday went better than Friday and wasn't LOVELY at all! Of course I only washed one load of clothes and went through the junk mail. Today I must make up for my laziness yesterday so it may indeed end up LOVELY.

We'll see.

Can You Say Sarcasm?

I had a lovely day yesterday.

While Punkin is at MDO, I am trying to figure out how to upload video to my computer. I figure it out (didn't I tell you how smart I was?), only to discover that I've kept 387 usb cords which hook up to a printer, but thrown away my one fire wire cord. LOVELY.

I go to pick Punkin up at MDO and while sitting on the oh so clean floor with him realize that the whole side of my poor stay at home mom, cheap ass clog has pulled free from the sole. LOVELY.

Hubby puts up the Halloween decorations, again, and only plugs 725 different things into the one white cheap ass extension cord. I'm sure it won't burn the house down. LOVELY.

One pumpkin only lights up when it feels like it. Instead of unscrewing the cover to check the bulb, he would rather throw it away and buy a new one. LOVELY.

We are just made of money around here at the house of Blues. Made of it. LOVELY.

I am walking through the house and slip on some trash debris shit something laying in the floor, falling and busting my fat ass while also managing to knock the glass lamp off of the end table. LOVELY.

Now that I'm in such a good mood, I decide to go to Zaxby's instead of cooking. Since I no longer have shoes I go in my socks (to the drive through, people. Please!). While getting into my car I experience the lovely sensation of closing the car door on four toes of my left foot. Fucking LOVELY.

At Zaxby's the wonderfully attentive, smart and caring employees manage to not only NOT check my order after I specifically ask them to, they also: over charge me, leave part of my order out, make part of what actually do give me incorrectly, charge me $2 extra for the priveledge of NOT getting two cokes, and act like I'm a bitch for asking for the actual food that I ordered. LOVELY.

I call the 800 number on the window to complain about their sorry asses attitudes and the decline in the level of service and I actually get a real human and not a recording. LOVELY. Normally this would be great, but I was in a pissy mood by now and didn't need to talk to humans.

Today is Saturday. My kid is going to his Nanny's so I have about a day and a half of freedom. That time? To be spent cleaning this lovely, neat, spic and span place I call home. LOVELY.

I hope you all do not have a LOVELY day today. Seriously. I mean that. Because you? I know you'd get my order right.

Wouldn't you??????

Little Men Behaving Badly aka We've Been Watching Too Much TV!!!

I've been trying to figure out how to get video uploaded from my video camera and I think I've finally got it. It's about time. Those cell phone videos really suck, don't they?

This one isn't so great, but is one I shot the first night I attempted an upload. Of course my dumb ass recorded over Punkin's first meal. Yeah, smart move on my part. Grrrrr... You'll see a bit of it, me still in my nursing jammies, at the end.

It seems the video after upload is a bit degraded from what I see on my computer. If anyone has suggestions on sites for uploads or just tips in general I would appreciate them.

And thanks to Cate and her hubby for the all of the help!


Haiku Friday

Haiku Friday

Thank God it's Friday
Was a saying I once said
Now all days the same.

Off to his Nana's
My Punkin goes tomorrow
Two days of freedom?

Two days of cleaning!
Floors, tubs, laundry and dishes.
My house is a sty.

After this past week -
Puking, puking, pooping- I'm
Excited to clean!

Video eludes.
In its home on camcorder,
Yet not in my post.

Thursday Thirteen #5 - Cancelled TV Shows

Thirteen TV Shows Which I Wish Hadn't Been Cancelled
  1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - I was late to start watching Buffy, but quickly became obsessed. And not just because of Spike. It was a really cool show, with it's own back story and mythology. Coolest. Show. Ever. Oh, and Spike. I have every season on DVD. Come over and we'll have a Spike Buffy marathon.
  2. Sex and the City - Was there ever a better show about the lives of single girls? Laverne and Shirley? Puh- lease. Remember when the bouncy seat broke? Funky spunk? hehe Can't wait for the movie!
  3. The Sopranos - Tony was the baddest, bad ass around. And I loved the theme song too. I've never enjoyed a killer so much as I did Tony. Well, except for Spike.....

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  4. Oz - I can't imagine anyone committing a crime if they had to sit through a couple of seasons of Oz first. I can hardly watch Law and Order: SVU without imagining Det. Stabler as Keller. And can you say full. frontal. nudity. Male variety. Now you don't see that often.
  5. Angel - Angel started off on Buffy, so of course I had to watch it. Angel was the baddest good guy vampire around. Ok, so he was the only one around. Until Spike. Notice how it always comes back to Spike....
  6. Melrose Place - Do I even need to say why Melrose Place rocked? That bitch Amanda. That wuss Billy. That hottie Jake. The first Evil Doc, Michael. I. Loved. It.
  7. Everwood - Everwood rocked. How could people not watch this show? Teenage angst, adult drama, a tale of fish out of water? Loved it. I guess you already knew that though or it wouldn't be on my list.
  8. Veronica Mars - Veronica was the smartest chick in town. She kicked the bad guys asses and took names. I wish I was as smart and cool as Veronica. And I've yet to see the first season. Can someone please bootleg me a copy and put it in the mail?
  9. Married with Children - Al Bundy rocks. And Peg. And Bud. And Kelly. Remember that episode where they were going on vacation and got stuck in traffic on the interstate? hehe Just the best comedy ever. Plus hubby and I used to sell shoes so we can relate.
  10. Chicago Hope - This show made me want to be a doctor. I was just too lazy. I loved Mandy Patinkin and Mark Harmon was hot. I even had a little crush on Dr. Shutt from time to time. I've enjoyed the reruns, but haven't seen one in a while.
  11. Ally McBeal - This was the craziest show around at the time it was on. It was so different. That dancing baby just killed me. And totally turned me on to Barry White.
  12. Rome - If you didn't see the two short seasons of Rome, go , now. Buy the DVDs. I understand that this wasn't cancelled due to ratings, but due to high production costs. It was excellent, just excellent. Oooh, and men in togas, too!
  13. Daria - Angst. Sarcasm. Cynicism. What more could you ask for in a cartoon? Plus she escaped from Beavis and Butthead. That should earn her a spot on any lists she wants.

Wordless Wednesday - Friends, part 2

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year....

It is really time to figure it out, folks. Have you been naughty or nice? Because Santa's visit is just around the corner. Luckily for some of you your gifts will be better if you HAVE been naughty! I guess getting old has to have some benefits, right?

So it is only a couple of more months until Christmas. Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love the trees, the colors, the lights, I love wrapping gifts almost as much as I love opening them. And I love opening them.

Since we are on such a tight budget these days, I've been trying to buy a few gifts every week or so so that we aren't hammered with massive credit card bills in January. It's really a lot of fun since this year Punkin is all into Christmas. We'll be watching tv and some commercial will come on and he'll just go insane.

The other day a commercial came on for this fellowHis name is Squawkers McCaw and he may just be the coolest toy ever! And no, this isn't some sort of paid review. I bought this bird with my hubby's own hard earned money. And my ten dollar gift certificate from an online survey.

He talks, he dances, he sings. He learns your own words. He is so damn cool. And men, he even has a remote control. I've mentioned before that Punkin is animal crazy. Well, for some reason he wants a squishy green macaw.

People, there is no such thing as a squishy green mccaw!!! If you find one, please, email me, ok? So I figure this is as close as we are going to get. Anyway, after seeing the commercial and after the punk calmed down I did some research and ordered it.

After the pumpkin patch Sunday we went by WalHell. I know I said I was never going back. I lied. So while we were there we went to the toy department. Of course what do we see on the end cap? Squawkers himself!Punkin had another fit and we had to stand there and play with him for a while. He loved it. When we got home from WalHell he was in the box from Amazon at our front door. Punkin and Hubby went to bed and I went and hid in the bathroom and played with him for an hour!

I am officially in love with Squawkers. Don't tell hubby, ok? Because I really don't want to have to go get a job to support me and that damn bird, no matter how cool he is.

So the Christmas shopping is underway. I'm not sure if it is still going on, but last week Amazon had some killer deals on toys. Thiswhich I almost bought for one of his birthday gifts, is $29 at Toys r Us. I got it for $15, plus free shipping. I also ordered one of these which is $18.94 at WalHell. I got it for $11.50 on Amazon and it shipped for free. This is another one of those toys from a commercial which Punkin went cuckoo over. The one thing I like better than buying my little man gifts is buying them on sale. And avoiding WalHell whenever I can

We've made a pretty good dent in the Santa shopping thanks to my purchases at the sale (Hot Wheels electric car, puzzles, books, etc), the things I've just shown you, and a few miscellaneous purchases at WalHell.

Of course I have bought exactly zero gifts for anyone else. Does anyone have any suggestions as to which bank I should rob to pay for the gifts this year? I'm open to any recommendations you may have. And I also take donations via pay pal, oh rich and generous readers!!!

Fun Monday

WT is our host for Fun Monday this week and he wants to:
..... see some clothing art. That's tee shirts, baseball caps, hoodies, sports uniforms or any bit of clothing that you or your kids own that has interesting, funny or artistic graphics.
I almost bailed on this one, both because I am tired as hell from working my last, last, last day of servitude at the consignment sale and because clothing art? Huh?

Then I realized we do have some "art" that I'd love to share.

When I was working I was a cost accountant. For the longest time I worked in plants where I could wear jeans and tshirts and I did. Who wants to pay for dry cleaning if you don't have to?

And before I was this kid crazy stay at home mom? I was the crazy cat lady. You'll see.....
Educational cats

Tourist cats

Fall cats

Christmas cats

Cautious cats

Cute cats

Now a couple from Hubby's closet. You see we both follow a theme, be it a different theme....

To Punkin's closet. I had to get him a Halloween tee, though its been too warm to wear it so far

And more of Punkin's "art". An animal theme, of course. Guess where our clothing budget goes....

For those of you who don't like our "art"..

Karina is hosting next week. But of course you'll want to go check out more Fun Monday's at WT's, too, so get going. Punkin's laying out of school today and we need to get some snuggling done. So bye....