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That's My Boy!!!

Here at the House of Blues we like to keep things clean. Well, except for our house, we like to keep things clean. Oh, and my car. Not clean at all. Other than that, teaching our son proper hygiene is important to us.

It is always nice when you see that all of your efforts are paying off. That your child can take specific directions you have given him and generalize those directions to other situations.

I'm so proud!! I'm waiting on a letter of early admittance from Harvard to arrive any day now. I'll settle for Yale, but we're holding out for Harvard.

To get to the point, this morning things got awfully quiet. I look around, but no Punkin. Then I notice this
When that bathroom door is shut, the light is on, and Punkin is missing - impending doom.

Taking my life in my own hands, I opened the door and found this
Yes, that's my Punkin! So conscientious. Washing his hands. First, he gets the soap nice and wet.

Wait! What is that? His triceratops? MY BOY!! Not only is he sure to keep his own hygienic practices, but he's helping his triceratops to get in tip top shape! ~swelling with pride~

Now he's getting the triceratops all nice and wet so that the soap goes on easily
Now scrub, scrub, scrub. Those pesky dinosaur germs take some elbow greats...not that our elbows are greasy. Hygiene, remember? Scrub behind the horns...

Make sure and get the back all clean. No germs or unsightly spots for us!
He even knows to never forget the backside. Clean that dinosaur butt, Punkin!
Sometimes you have to be firm with your animals when bathing them. Even a three year old knows that. And when they say those naughty things about your mother? Wash that mouth out with soap!
We had to curtail the bath when the Water Board representative called and said, though it was only 9:30am, we had reached our water allotment for the day.

Obviously, Punkin didn't handle this very well, and went to sit in his time out chair and think about it.

Knowing how enthralled you must be with our little story, I thought I'd show you the results of my little prodigy's work.
Doesn't he just look great now? And smells berry fresh. In fact, he looked and smelled so good that in no time at all he had found himself a girl friend.
I know, she's bigger than him. But us big girls need love, too!


Kimberly said...

Awww...I could only see half the pictures, but what I did see was precious!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

That is hilarious!! Now if you could only convince him to do the dishes!!! LOL

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hee hee hee

Punkin is so cute, and I love how his dinosaur got a good scrub too.

And as for dinosaur's lady friend, she's definitely top totty as we Brits would say.

Maybe Punkin will have to learn about Dinosaur nappies/diapers soon.

Dinosaur Junior.

Serina Hope said...

Hehe Yes, big pink dino girls need love too. And from a clean little man dino? You can't beat that. When he learns dishes, send him my way.

lisa's chaos said...

Dang I couldn't see all the photos but what I did see was precious! Sorry that the rest of you can't have showers today now, since you've reached your water allotment and all. :)

her indoors said...

love it, children have the ability to make you smile and to lighten the day and he sure did that for me today thanks

nikki said...

Hey, I have a kitchen he could clean! Send him my way!

Too cute.

david mcmahon said...

G'day from Australia,

I'm a friend (and a big fan) of Jo's as well. I do like your style.

Us parents rock, don't we!

Really enjoyed your blog header, too!



My2Suns said...

TOO CUTE! Don't you just love it when you see that they ARE listening to all your babbling

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

Yay. Happy Mommy! She forgives the three times he peed his pants yesterday, right? And, Dino looks happy he's got a babe!

Midas said...

That was a very good story of the cleaniest dinosaur in the planet.

I remember when my chlldren were obsessed with water. I have bills to show it too.

ohio blue eyes said...

I too, received the wintery looking LLBean catalog this week, WTF...TOO EARLY people, back off the snow pants!!!

I am glad he is such a tidy boy!

Catwoman said...

That's one sexy elbow you're sporting.

I'm reading this late, so all the good comments were taken.

Does he do house calls? I'll give him 10 bucks to do my floors.

Emma in Canada said...

FFS, I can't see all the pics. I'm glad he likes to wash his toys, because his future wife? Not so much.

chele said...

You can send your little fella over to clean my house anytime. I'm happy to pay him in dinosaurs. LOL

angel said...

oh that is just so precious! he's worked so hard...
you know i called my damien "punkin" or the longest time!

Anonymous said...

hi blue momma:
really adorable post. so cute how determined your little one is about it. funny how you showed a pic of the dino w/his girlfriend.

sure am getting a kick out of your sense of humor :) kathleen