Life in the Fish Bowl


Punkin' 101

As Punkin' climbs up into my lap in the cord crunching recliner:

Mommy, read me this book.

Ok, let me finish reading this blog this important work.

Mommy, this is a book. You're gonna read it.

You open the pages. You say the words.

he he hahahahaha hehe, turning to look at him

Turn your head, look at the pages. Now talk.

hehehehehe, turning to look at him again

No, Mommy. It's not funny.

Look at the pages. Say the words.

(laughing) Punkin', I needed a laugh. I love you. Thanks for making my day.

I love you, too, Mommy. Look at the book. Say the words.
Sometimes it's just hard to stay in a rotten mood, you know?


Jessica said...

I love it--its the best when they can change your whole mood.

By the way...I gave you an award:

You deserve it! Yay for you!

buddha_girl said...

Hellacious. Even when Buddha completely knocked over my dinner...UPSIDE DOWN PLATE...tonight, I couldn't help but snuggle with him AFTER he spent his two minutes in time-out.

He patted MY back while he went to sleep tonight. Life is good.

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

So glad you got the priviledge of saying the words. Sometimes they just make you forget how hard they can be, huh?

Bad mood? Do you need more crabs?

slackermommy said...

I try to stay in a rotten mood but my kids are always doing something to snap me out of it.

Anonymous said...

Yah. You can't stay in a rotten mood with that...

nikki said...

Gah, I wish my son would have been a good mood this morning. I almost locked him in the closet.

Thanks for my Tuesday morning chuckle.

Anonymous said...

How funny!! Send him my way...I needed a laugh last night!!

Catwoman said...

Why is it I can picture him holding a plastic toy gun to your head? ;)

Kidding, of course. Unless you have Italian blood.

Queeny said...

These days it's hard for me to stay OUT of a rotten mood (menopause the likely culprit). But, I don't begrudge you your Punkin' moments.

The Ex said...

So CUTE. I think I'm in love with punkin.

Emma in Canada said...

Okay that's adorable and most definitely Punkin' and Saoirse are destined to be together. Don't worry, I'll make sure she has no lice first.

Serina Hope said...

What a sweetie. He sounds like a charmer.

"MommaDrool" said...

The Fred likes to hold my face in her hands, so I can't look at the computer...funny stuff!

CakeHead said...

Awww, just wonderful. Reminds me of the time my son told me I couldn't possibly be reading because I wasn't saying the words out loud.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Kids are just far too cute sometimes.
It's wrong.
Somebody should stop them.
Hee hee

Rachel said...

Lol! How cute! How is it that they can make you laugh and scream all in a 5 minute time span?

angel said...

our boys make life worthwhile... no matter how old they are!