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It's A Small World After All

(imagine It's a Small World After All playing in the background)

The longer I have this blog, the more often I think about what a small world it is! We lived in two different states prior to moving back to Alabama and we didn't meet very many people in either, other than neighbors and coworkers.

Yet I look at Sitemeter, StatCounter or that new Feedjit widget in my left sidebar (can you tell I'm obsessed with my stats? And I didn't even list all of my counters!) and I see people who lived really close to me. People who obviously have enough in common with me to choose to read my blog.

And it makes me kind of sad.

Sad to think about the friends I might have made, who were just down the road, but whom I never had the opportunity to meet. We may have stood in line together at Farmer Jacks or Big Y, but we never knew we had things in common or shared experiences.

I was so wrapped up in my job that I never took the time to explore the community right outside my front door.

I think about the friends I might have made and I'm sad. But then I think about all of the great people who I've had the opportunity to meet through this blog and the sadness lifts a bit. I may not have gotten out and explored my "real" communities, but I feel so lucky to have the chance to get to know you in my bloggy neighborhood.

So as Mr. Rogers would have said, Welcome to My Neighborhood! Take off your coat and put on your comfy sweater and slippers. Sit and stay awhile and get to know me. Because I want to know you. The people in my neighborhood.

(You'll have to click to enlarge the image if you want to read it! I could not figure out how to make it larger, no matter how many times I tried. Grrrrr.)


Kaytabug said...

X amount of people fed my addiction...that is soo funny!!!
I am glad that that thingy has my town wrong...woo hoo!!!
Shoot on my stat counter my BFF show up in an entirely different state and in a whole different region of the US than where she physically resides!!! This thingy is rather cool...I don't need to be more of a Stat watcher than I already am!!

Kimberly said...

I so wish I'd started blogging -before- I moved back to Canada. There were so many cool bloggers within a few hours of where I used to live, and now they're soooo far away.

Struck a nerve with this one, babe.

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

You = my alibi, so any and all frequent flier miles are joyfully donated to you. I don't think we actually have any, but they are yours all the same.

You need to teach me your fancy new computer ways. I'm in awe.

Mom Chatter said...

Wow... those state counters are pretty detailed aren't they?! I must say they're a little scary, but I can't help but checking them out occasionally, too (ok, so all the time)! I didn't realize they had all those snazzy looking ones. One day maybe I'll get my own. For now, I'll just admire yours!...Just so you know, I blame you for my upcoming dreams of disney! :)

her indoors said...

ok i just tried it out but it shows me going from blog to blog to blog, would be better if it omited my movements lol
how is your granny?

buddha_girl said...

I'm considering asking strangers for their frequent flyer miles. I have a high tolerance for public humiliation. It'll be worth it when the guy who treks to DC each day from my city says, "What the fuck, lady? You can have 'em. It took balls to ask!"

Then I'll be on the first plane to Hellabama. Make room for me, sister! I want to be able to say I was able to sit my arse in the cord-eating recliner!

.. Dallas Meow >^^ said...


i almost never look - too sad to see it read:
there haven't been any visitors in the past 30 days

angel said...

luvverly stuff! i've always had few close friends and i've connected with so many like-minded souls through my blog i don't feel like i've missed out on anything!

Anonymous said...

Love that feedjit...Just installed it myself!!!!

Serina Hope said...

That is so freaking cool. You have the coolest toys.

Emma in Canada said...

That is freaking something else! I'm so stealing it. If I ever get on the computer from home again that is.

M said...

I'm pretty sure more stat obsessions would be bad for my health.

Though I'm terribly interested in anyone near me because fuck knows I cannot find them IRL!

Anonymous said...

hi blue momma:
great post. and what an interesting point you make about people who were around who you never gave a chance to know.

i really like your perspective about real life and blog buddies. thank you for the email today, too.

take care,