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Yes, He Said It - Part 2

We interrupt the regularly scheduled program to make this announcement from Blue Momma headquarters:

Punkin' said his first cuss word.

I was trying to to a 90 question survey (damn, M!) on mySpace while Punkin' sat on/beside me watching Little Bear. I started pulling on my arm and I said Dang (I know, how southern of me, but I'm trying to watch the language) Punkin', let me finish and I'll move my arm.

He interrupts me and says



Dammit, Momma!


All the while grinning from ear to ear, head to toe! He made it to just 18 days short of his third birthday before uttering his first curse. I made it all the way to seventh grade before letting one slip, in public anyway. Obviously I forgot to say dang a few times.

I acted like I didn't hear it or that nothing was wrong with it and said "Look at Little Bear!" I don't want to make a big deal out of it because when he knows something gets your attention then it is on! I would really rather he wait until at least third grade before he lets loose his inner Captain Morgan. Just because Momma has the mouth of a sailor doesn't mean he has to.

Kids these days. I get the feeling he's been holding this one in, waiting for the appropriate time to spring it on me. I bet when I put him in time out he is letting it fly big time, just very quietly.

Anyone want to start a pool as to when he tells my mother to kiss his ass? Or when she leaves him in the nursery at church and he tells her to hurry back, dammit?

I just can't wait for that.....


Jennie said...

DV learned that word too- much younger than Punkin'... sigh.

Now every time we take in a deep breath (as in not saying the word) he says it for us.

I am just hoping he doesn't say it in moms-day-out...

Kimberly said...

Congrats on maintaing your composure and not encouraging him by flipping out!

slackermommy said...

At least it wasn't the F word. The one time one of my kids said it I nearly fell off my chair.

nell said...

Oh boy. Freya's coming up on three, and I can't believe she hasn't cursed yet. it's coming, I know it's coming. Kimberly's right, you done good!

Feener said...

i wish damnit was the ONLY word Sass has said, during Frass's colic days I had far more WORSE curse words that spewed out of my mouth. Sass started saying them and I was mortified !!

buddha_girl said...

Go with the flow, woman. I swear (no pun intended), Buddha beat Punkin by miles on the swearing thing.

Just last week, while driving back from the beach, I said, "Yes, Mommy's lookin for some more damn big trucks." To which he responded, "Damn big trucks! Damn big trucks!"

Good times.

yellowdog granny said...

oh's gonna start now...I can't wait for cuss word 2.and 3 and well, you get it...ha

M said...

Dude. You see the most used word on my blog? It's one of the most used out of my mouth.

I'm thinking I'm lucky Liam's a non speaker. ;)