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What Could Have Been....

I hate shopping at WalMart. No, let me restate that. I despise, abhor, dread shopping at WalMart. But since becoming a stay at home Mom and a member of a one income family, I've had to do it anyway. But I hated it.

Our local WalMart is fairly new. It opened about two years ago, a couple of weeks after we moved here. It was nice - for a WalMart - for a few months. Now it is nasty, has the dirtiest bathrooms around, the lights are usually half on so its like shopping in a dungeon, and the shelves are usually half empty. Add that to the fact that most of the employees seem to be permanently pissed off at the world and it makes for a delightful shopping experience.

But my salvation was coming. Across from WalMart a new Target was being built. I had dreams of wide, clean isles, of great product selection, clean bathrooms, employees who do not seem to have a stick up their asses. Can you tell? I ~heart~ Target!

So Target finally opened up this weekend. Now being that I hate people crowds, I avoided the grand opening, but planned a run for this morning to bask in the glory of Target, MY Target buy groceries and pick up a few miscellaneous things. I pulled up the Target website to find out what time the store opened and my happiness was shattered.

It's not a Super Target. Holy shit.

After a few moments of gnashing my teeth and pulling out my hair wailing crying reflection, I realize that I do have options. I can shop at Publix. I ~heart~ Publix almost as much as Target. But they are high as hell. Of course you get floors clean enough to eat off of, shelves which are always stocked, employees which are knowledgeable and aren't stricken with stick-in-ass disease. Oh, and I just love that they put up those little signs in the empty spot on the shelf telling you what is going on when they occasionally are out of something. But like I said, high. as. hell.

I did a little research and a basket of groceries at WalMart was $123 and the same at Publix was $98. Now maybe that's not much to you, but in our household these days that it is huge. Gone are the days of not looking at the price and just buying what I want. I. miss. those. days. ~sniff, sniff~

But the decision is made. With the exception of an occasional trip to WalMart for their Great Value Popcorn Chicken Nuggets - Punkin's favorite -, I will now be a Publix shopper. We will just eat less. And it's not like we couldn't stand to eat less. I will be a more careful shopper. I will buy what is on sale, even if it's not exactly what I want. I'll skip lunch. I'll eat grass.

Then I'll go to that wimpy little Target for my other needs and WalMart can bite my poor ass!!!!

But Target, I'll always think about what could have been, what should have been.

And I still love you.

I'll just be getting a little on the side from Publix.


Catwoman said...

Yeah, my hatred for Walmart is public knowledge as well. I hate them, everything they stand for and I spit in the face of their lower prices. But I too, am currently shopping there for groceries, as we are trying to save money for a new car. Sigh.

And what is up with Target messing with your mind like this and not giving you a Super Target? That is just cruel!

Woobie said...

I have a friend who is a manager for Target, and she said the grocery part of SuperTarget stores isn't doing that well. So most new stores are regular Targets. But Target + Publix = Happiness. :)

I'm a Mom!..? said...

I love Publix, more expensive but it's worth it with all of the extras. Don't forget to sign up for the UPromise, to help with Punkin's college money!

Sarah said...

I'm an unabashed, proud Target ho. But Hubby and I miss the Publix! Glad to hear you're not a Piggly Wiggly shopper!

Gloria said...

Coming from a country without a WalMart and then now living in a country that also do not have one, one of my mission in life before I die is to shop at WalMart, at least once! Walmart has become a retailing supergod that a lot of people end up hating. I need, need, need to experience it!

M said...

I went to Walhell tonight. They are the only place to get formula and diapers for the picky folk.

I like to consider it my weekly trip to experience the opportunity to be justified in murder and not acting on it.

I think I'll get more brownie points in heaven for every Walhell shopper I don't kill.

(Additionally? Our walhell is the only superwalhell in the area. Although they are opening a winco which is ghetto tacular and can rival walhell's groceries at least which makes me happy because less walhell = more happy me. and our target is really inconvenient and tiny aisles and rotten. almost as rotten as walhell. i travel for target.)

Heather said...

I have a Super Target just up the road (I'm special, touch me) and I have to say, they have the same stocking problems as Wal mart. Gasp! It's true.

They are less crowded though, but only earlier in the day.

We don't have a Publix so knocked me down a notch on the cool rating.