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Today Tag

So Mommapeas tagged me and I'm playing along. Now you'll find out just how boring I really am!

What I'm reading: Europe by Norman Davies - I've started the damn thing probably fifteen times over the past few years and don't think I've ever gotten past the first chapter. Something always seems to come up. At bedtime last night we read Hug by Jez Alborough. Not that there are too many words to read, but Punkin' can read has memorized the few that it has and is quite entertaining adding his own thought to the pictures.

Who I'm listening to: Ok, so I'm officially old. I never listen to the radio anymore and don't even know who most of the "cool" new artists are. We do listen to Choo Choo Soul every time we are in the car. Yeah, it's kid music, but it's the coolest kid music I've run across. Ok, smart ass, I know that's not saying much, but just give it a try, OK? The last CD I actually bought was the Dixie Chicks Taking the Long Way. It's an excellent Cd, even if country isn't your favorite.

I've most recently watched: Max and Ruby. For the 10 millionth time. Do I get a prize or something? Before Punkin' woke up I was watching Civil War Terror on A&E. Can you tell I'm a bit of a history nerd? Hey, at least I'm not watching the Soap Opera Channel. Or the Reality Channel (only because I forgot about it, but don't tell, ok?).

What I'm cooking: Nothing exciting, I'm busy with birthday preparations (please see Agenda below). Probably Chicken Helper. Now you all may turn your nose up at anything with Helper attached to it, but I love me some Helper, especially Four Cheese Chicken Helper. Of course none of the stores around her carry it anymore so I must have been the only one who bought it. Dumb asses. That stuff rocks. Anyway, I guess it'll be whatever kind of Chicken Helper I have in the cabinet. We'll do some real cooking when there is no party and it isn't over 100 degrees.

What's on the agenda today: Punkin's birthday party is Saturday, so preparations are very much underway. I planned everything months ago, of course, but I've waited until the week before to do anything. We went to buy miscellaneous party supplies today, in the 104 degree heat, and it sucked ass.

Tonight I need to do a test run of the birthday cake, as I've never made this one or one this big before, so that I don't embarrass Punkin' myself at the party. Then make goody bags, roll the fondant for the trees on the cake, wrap presents, buy wrapping paper - obviously not all in the order listed.

Probably what I'll do is sit on my ass and read blogs while I let Hubby play with Punkin' and I put off everything until the verrrrry last minute. You'd think I'd learn.

Now I realize I was suppose to talk about movies I've most recently watched, not tv in general. That's really easy, because I've only seen one in I don't know when. It was Harry Potter - Order of the Phoenix. And it kicked ass. Though the book did kick even more ass, but isn't that usually true?

Ok, that about covers it. I tag M because she keeps hammering me with surveys on MySpace so she owes me one! Plus she is so damn entertaining I want to keep her off MySpace for ten minutes hear about her day.


Kimberly said...

Sympathies over Max&Ruby. Huge, huge sympathies. It's one of Emma's favourites right now.

Such a lot going on there! You must be tired!

Catwoman said...

You must join Facebook and become one of my friends! Way more fun than My Space and way better, and I play Scrabble on there and I would love to play with you!

M said...

I swear I read this and I will do this dammit!