Life in the Fish Bowl


That's Really Nice!

Yesterday I took a blogging vacation. No, not a break from blogging or reading blogs, but a break from life to wallow in blogs all. day. long.

It was great. I caught up on every last one of my feeds. I commented and laughed and thoroughly enjoyed my day off.

During my glorious day free of responsibility - well, except for cooking breakfast and putting Punkin' to bed - I found that I was the recipient of an award. Yes, me, Blue Momma. Nell, over at Meanwhile...., has found that I am deserving of the Nice Matters Award.

Now I really appreciate being called nice. I think I'm nice. But it's not necessarily something I hear that often. I'm pretty straightforward and honest about my feelings and this isn't always considered nice, especially down here in Sweet Home Alabama. Maybe in Massachusetts, where this fish out of water lived for 2 1/2 years, but not down here. But hey, Nell's from MA, so she must know what she's talking about!

Did I forget to say I ~fuzzy pink heart with little white kitties on it~ Massachusetts?? Well, I do. Best. state. evah! I was designated an honorary Yankee while I was there, thank you very much.

Ok. Now for the awarding of the awards. (cue drum roll)

And the Nice Matters Award goes to - in no particular order because I love you all the same-

Mommapeas - I have the pleasure of knowing Mommapeas in real life and she is indeed very nice. And purtty, too! She suffered through our three person book club meeting this month and loaned me the latest Harry Potter book so that I could feed my Harry addiction and remain cheap thrifty at the same time. Plus, she even thought I rocked and she's going all green and will probably single handedly save the planet.

Catwoman - Ok, have you read her blog? She's the best and I've stalked read her pretty much since about the day after I even knew what a blog was. She also leaves great comments (you knew I couldn't go a whole post and not mention comments!) and has the cutest little boy ever (well, besides Punkin'!). I've gotten to know her a little better lately via email and she really is nice. ~hugs~

Serina - I just found her blog not too long ago, but she is definitely seeming really nice. I mean she has the hots for Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer just like I do. I guess that's nice in a dirty kind of way, but still nice! And that whole post about the stripper and the poop? She handled that situation very nicely.

Buddha Girl - I think we may be somehow related because we have waaay too much in common. She's become one of my best bloggy buddies and hey, she wouldn't be if she wasn't nice! She's gonna have to move to Alabama so we can have play dates for our little guys. Ok, Buddha Girl? Please?

Kimberly - Because Kimberly is genuinely nice, and not in a she swears more than I do kind of way! Though she does like a cliffhanger in her posts, which I just don't have the patience for. But still, a very nice lady and definitely worth a read. It's fun to visit her blog just to check out her layouts, which change on a weekly daily hourly basis. And a while back she, totally out of the blue, offered to help me with mine. Too cool, huh? Very nice!

Ok, so that's my five. I could go on and on because I think you're all nice. And great. And beautiful. And smart. And kick ass moms. Your houses are all clean and your kids all mind. Your husbands rub your feet and take out the trash without being told.

And my one male reader, Dx, you kick ass, too. And you'll soon be doing it somewhere near the Mediterranean. With that super cool wife of yours, Senior Management. On second though, I take the compliment back. You suck.

Jealousy rears it's ugly head. Not very nice, huh? I guess the nice was good while it lasted.

Further proof that the nice is only a passing thing - I didn't mention my other male reader, the illustrious, the witty, the most manly man, the one and only Willowtree! His blog is always entertaining, he answers his comments, and A Dingo's Got My Barbie? Who the hell has a blog title like that? I bow to his awesome awesomeness and promise not to leave him out again! If when I read him I could just hear the Australian accent......... This isn't gonna get me one of those special awards is it?


CakeHead said...

WOW! You have a male reader? I'm impressed. You deserve it, you seem very nice indeed! Oh, and BLECH HEAVE RALPH about your ramen noodle story!

Willowtree said...

Yeah nice, I got one too. About that one male reader thing....

nikki said...

I only number 4 in the line up for the special dingo award. I'm kind of glad though. The Dingo award kind of scares me.

Catwoman said...

This whole time I've only been nice to you to get awards out of you. Because I can read minds like that. So all I have to say is HAHA! SUCKER!

Who am I kidding, I'm from Canada. I can't even write a pretend mean comment without feeling bad about it. Sigh.

So I'll just say thanks for the award! Because just like how you love comments (which I do too!), I heart awards too, and if one of my bloggy friends figures out a way to give me the Oscar some day, then I can just totally die happy.

Kimberly said...

Awww....I'm blushin'!

My only male readers are my ex-boyfriends. Weird, eh?

willowtree said...


Serina Hope said...

Yay! I am glad you think I am nice. I am so happy. Now the reasons for my niceness are a bit dirty (both meanings of the word) but that fits me just fine. Thank you soo much! You made my day. The only thing that could make it better is Spike in the back alley of a burger joint....yeah, that would be nice.

Dx said...

Wow! An award, no less. Many thanks for including me. Is it really because I'm nice or is it because you want me to pass on the award to Senior Management? With her latest escapade, she probably deserves it more than me. And I can't believe I'm your only male reader apart from Willowtree.

That Chick Over There said...

I don't know all of these people, but the ones I know are quite nice.

Unlike me. I'm a complete bitch. Yay!

Jessica said...

YAY Massachusetts, my home sweet home! Good for you, congrats on the award!

Rachel said...

Congrats on the award! And, I need to check out your blogroll, sounds like there's some on there that I need to be reading!

buddha_girl said...

Niceeeeeeeeeeee. I'm so fucking nice! (And I curse really well, too! Shazaaaammm!)


I just went through those pics from Punkin's party. Jaysus,woman. That cake looked rockin'! I am utterly impressed.

Buddha's got one of those jumpy'll be the death of me. Honest.

As for the destruction downstairs the morning after:

*belly guffaws* heading your way!!!! Better you than me! I am officially naming YOUR place as the location for all play dates with our kids!

yellowdog granny said...

ahh, buddha girl is the best..and I'm kidnapping 'obert...