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A Question of Maternity

I've never questioned the maternity of my child. Or the paternity, for that matter. But I've never questioned it.

Untill yesterday.

I had Punkin' via c-section. Within seconds of his birth, they slapped one of those tracking bracelets on his arm so that he couldn't be snatched by some loony. He stayed in my room with me for all but a couple of hours when I HAD to have some sleep.

He also has my eyes. And my temperament. His temper flares just like mine does. If he gets mad whatever is in his hand is likely to fly at you. We both like animals and we both like to read (ok, be read to, but you get it). He loves bacon and mac & cheese and lemonade and Captain Crunch. Just. Like. Me.

Then yesterday.

Yesterday my kid, yes my kid, Blue Momma's kid, the fruit of my loins, my progeny, my offspring, my. little. man. My Punkin'. Guess what he did?

He at broccoli for lunch.

No shit. He ate it. And he liked it.

What has happened? The universe is all askew. Eat broccoli? MY kid? No tears, no pleading on my part. He just ate it. Ate it all.

Now I don't like vegetables. I eat tomatoes, potatoes, corn, fresh spinach, and butter beans. The end. That's it. I wish I liked them, salads look great, but I just don't. And yes, I've tried vegetables. And no, I don't want to eat them fried. Or smothered in butter. To me, that kind of defeats the purpose of a vegetable. But I don't even want to eat broccoli. Even with cheese and cheese rocks my world.

Broccoli stinks. It has a weird texture. It looks like little trees, and I most certainly don't eat trees. What am I, a giraffe? It is just gross. And did I mention it smells really bad?

So what happened with my Punkin'? I guess he's gonna take after his daddy, who will eat anything you put in front of him. I just can't imagine how someone so like me could do something sooo different.

But I'm glad. Hopefully Punkin' will grow up to eat a more balanced diet than his old mum. More balanced and more nutritious. He'll grow up strong and healthy and happy and like all kinds of things.

But every time I pull the film off of his little bowl of frozen broccoli, I'll wonder if he's really mine.


Dx said...

This may scare you BUT I like broccoli. And...

You story reminds me of an incident when a group of parents were talkning about how their kids had inherited great parts of their personalities. Then Senior Management said that our kids had their father's brains. But then she added, "...because I've still got mine".

D&A said...

Hi Blue Momma!
I just stopped by to thank you for commenting on my blog. I also got a bit curious as to how you found me and decided to have a peak at what I write, albeit not as often as you, but I've been really busy lately.

Take care.

Emma in Canada said...

I hated broccoli as a kid, and I can only somewhat tolerate it today. As in, only in a stirfry.

At least your punkin' eats. Mine...nothing but the odd piece of toast and a bit of tomato soup in the last 2 weeks.

yellowdog granny said...

hahah...that's funny...I felt the same way when my oldest son said he didn't like dr. pepper and liked pepsi..I almost had a heart could a child of mind prefer that nasty shit pepsi over my nectar of the goddess, dr. pepper....and by the way...I LOVE it steamed with butter..

"MommaDrool" said...

Mmmm, broccoli...prepare for the green poo!

buddha_girl said...


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post! Buddha's brought that thought to my mind on a few occasions so far. Fortunately, he's my clone sans the other X chromosome, so I know he's mine.

BTW, just caught up on what I missed while out of town and have to tell you that I ADORED your post/letter to You Know Who. You took (many) of the words out of my mouth (had I written my own letter to my own You Know Who) with such clarity and honesty.

If you're selfish (SO NOT), I love that about you! Just as much as I love everything else. You're one of the "most real" people I've ever met. Love you, sister!

jennifer said...

My kids are great eaters. The best thing you can do for your kids it to let them eat anything and everything and NEVER assumed they won't like it. Give them a chance and you'll be surprised. My now 14 y.o. ate raw green peppers at that age and will still eat them by the handful!!