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Punkin's Birthday

We were going to have Punkin's birthday party - my little man will soon be three!!!- at our house this year, but we have decided to move it to the clubhouse at the swim club in our subdivision. We were trying to be thrifty (the rental is $75, which really sucks since you have to pay to join, then pay annual dues), but I decided it would take more than $75 to recover my white dining room chairs after a bunch of three year olds and miscellaneous relatives (some more miscellaneous than others) get cake all over them.

Plus with it being at the pool I don't have to plan activities. I'm a lazy mom, I know, but that's just me. With the kids spread out to the big pool, the baby pool and the playground they are also much less likely to be beating the shit out of each other, like they would if confined to my house.

And its just to friggin' hot to keep everyone outside. Well, except for when they are in a pool. I'll be in the clubhouse under the AC.

We are going with his first request and having an animal theme. I will be making the cake so it will be an outstanding masterpiece of cake decorating art a piece of shit, but hey, he is three. I've got a plan already and plenty of animals for decorations. And it will have icing, people! Isn't that the most important thing about birthday cake anyway?

We are ignoring his second and most recent request for a party theme, as I do not dance well and have no idea how to make a "dance party" cake. A dance party? Give me a break, Punkin'. You've seen mommy dance when you say "shake your booty". It's not a pretty site. But then again, you are three and I am your Mommy so you don't giggle at mind the jiggle.

And I love you for it.


buddha_girl said...

1. I wanna see pics of the cake! You're a braver woman than I am...honest.

2. Excellent investment - I never want more than two or three kids at a time at my house. The debacle that could ensue just makes me shudder.

3. Walmart IS hell. Period. I have to go there this morning and am dreading every second.


Buddha would ADORE playing with Punkin. They can beat the shit out of each other while you and I sit around gossiping and cursing to our hearts' content!

Heather said...

I think it's awesome that you're making the birthday cake yourself! My mom always made my cakes and I loved them! And yes, the icing is the most important part. As long as there's icing, you can't go wrong!

yellowdog granny said...

ahhh, i see who our connection is...buddha_girl...
im with her..want to see ill show you my poop droppings from bolish if you show me yours..hhahahahahahah

Kimberly said...

For Emma, I had two parties. Double the fun for her, no insanely hectic overrun by kids stress for me.

CakeHead said...

I wanna see pictures too! I bet you'll do fabulous. I am all up in the icing too. If you want the best buttercream ever, check out the recipe I posted on my cake blog. It's divine!

Yankee Belle said...

If you are even considering making the cake - you must be good. The thought would NEVER cross my mind.

Southern Fried Mom said...

We are having a third birthday pool party next week-end. I will be ordering an overpriced, but FINE cake from a great local bakery. I agree with you...better to lack creativity & save the furniture! Happy Birthday Punkin'!

M said...

OMC Liam got craptacular all natural (then out of a box after I fucked up the natural) cupcakes with homemade (weird sugar free freak) icing last year. Believe me. I'm already in awe of your cake baking skills.

When I say I SUCK at sweets...I mean I SUCK. I should share the pics of when I made a cake for Josh. it looked just LOOOOOOOVELY. And then there's the cherry pie that I took out of the oven and instantly put candles in. Golly. Hot pie melts candle wax! Who knew! Yeah.

So as I was saying? You're my personal hero. Though I think a dance party cake sounds terrific. You could just paint music notes with that gel icing crap and call it a day. (And have you seen Jack's Big Music Show dance party episode? I HIGHLY recommend it for bootie shaking and general toddler hilarity!)