Life in the Fish Bowl


The Phone, The Phone is Ringing....

My cell phone ring tone?

The phone,
The phone is ringing.
The phone
We'll be right there!
The phone,
The phone is ringing
There's an animal in trouble,
There's an animal in trouble,
There's an animal in tro

Ok, so it cuts of the last trouble and the somewhere.

But you get my point right?

If you don't, you are probably one of those people, who obviously have no kids and who look at me like I am insane when my phone rings while I'm anywhere other than the Mother's Day Out.

Or maybe you just play with your kids all day and don't let them watch tv. And you think I'm weird???


It really makes my Punkin' smile when he hears that ring tone. It's just not the same when his Daddy calls and Back in Black plays.

And, of course, I don't like The Wonder Pets. I'm a grown woman after all. Of course I don't. ( OK, I really want to be Linny when I grow up, but you don't have to judge me for it, do you?)

But, I will never, I say never, have that little B Dora on my phone! That is one show that, although Punkin' loves it, has never grown on me.

Even though I have been seen buying groceries singing "Backpack, Backpack".


M said...

Shut. UP! Your phone does not play the wonderpets theme song! (One show Liam doesn't care for but when the ads go on he goes apeshit.)

I am horribly jealous. I would kill for a backyardigans ring tone. Especially since the husband has the cell at work these days and the idea of interrupting a meeting with "we've got the whole wide world in our yard to exploooooooooooooooooore" makes me gleeful.

I'm cool like that.

But my point? I'm mostly jealous that you are the hero of mommyland.

Anonymous said...

hi, my first time here. i saw your comment today on kimberly's blog and thought what you wrote was so cute :) kathleen

Catwoman said...

Oh. my. god!

Seriously???? Do you mind if I totally steal that from you? Because DUDE!!!! That is the coolest ring tone EVER! If I were cool at all, I would have written evah.

And Ming Ming? Totally has my heart! I'm totally Seh-wious.

Kimberly said...

I looooove that show! And Dora, which I'm letting Emma watch right now? Can. Not. Stand.

If my husband finds out it's possible to have a WonderPets ringtone, he might just go out and get himself a cell.

I'm not joking either.

CakeHead said...

teheehehe. My ringtone goes like this:

Come in Space ranger,
This is Buzz Lightyear
Space Ranger
Do you read me
I repeat
Do you read me
WHY don't they answer?

Of course Little Man loves it; but it elicits an even better response from the grown ups.

Lucky Gem said...

I'm with Catwoman. Ming Ming is too cute.
And I want that ringtone!!

My favorite episode? The puppy that has to go "pee pee, wee wee, tinkle"!