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The Party's Over

The calm before the storm.
Punkin's birthday party is now behind us.

I was falling asleep on the couch at 6pm last night. It kicked my ass. Really, it did. I took photos of the footprints it left, but they were too disturbing to show you. Take my word for it.

She saw the photos and look at her face! You'll just have to make due with a photo of the cake - from this side
and from the other side

It didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. I guess that's what happens when you wait until the very last minute because you're blogging soooo busy and don't practice at all. The grass, which was supposed to go around the outside of the cake and cover up the icing which I didn't even attempt to smooth out (because that shit was supposed to be covered with grass, duh), didn't cooperate. It didn't stand up, it just kind of fell over.

To be completely honest, the grassed looked like little limp penis or penises or peni - what the hell is the plural of penis? - and I so I gave up on them and went with the balls. What a theme I had! From little limp penises to balls!!

I guess the kids didn't mind. The cake was the hit of the party. And it wasn't because of its yummy Duncan Hines goodness. Or it's wonderful Wilton class icing. Or its flowing river of blue piping gel. You know what it was? It was the damn animals!

(Disclaimer: The camera adds 100 pounds. No, really. It really does.)

The animals I took from Punkin's stash to decorate the cake. And of course, I did sanitize them before putting them on the cake. I may be from Alabama, but I wasn't raised in a barn. Anyway, every kid there was screaming to take an animal off of the cake. No shit. They didn't want to eat the cake, just to pull the animals off of it.

It was a great party. The kids - and some of the parents - had fun swimming and busting all of the balloons we I had blown up the night before which were floating all over the pool. Forgot to take any outside photos. It was just too damn hot to be out there long if you weren't in swimming attire. Punkin' was so excited and so thrilled with all of the kids. He got a ton of animals toys which all of the kids had fun opening!

He also got a black eye fighting playing with his cousin and the giant monkey.

The giant monkey was also a big hit.

I recommend a giant monkey for all birthday parties.

My little man standing next to his great Grandmother. Doesn't he look all grown up?

Punkin' is now really the king of his castle. I'm not sure where this thing is gonna end up!

He played hard last night. As evidenced by the monkey carcasses in the jump-o-lene.
This is what I awoke to this morning in the basement playroom
This is me thinking about cleaning this mess up - or maybe you after waiting for this page to load. Sorry to any readers with dial up!!!!


Not Afraid to Use It said...

That looks like one HELLUVA party. No wonder it kicked your ass! GREAT cake by the way. I made Little Man's cake, too, but it was more of a ghetto cake that your Wilton masterpiece. Now, off to blog about my ds's party! LOL

Serina Hope said...

That looks like a great party! And I am so jealous of both your cake making skills and that giant playroom. And I agree 100% about the camera adding 100 pounds... I believe that is a documented scientific fact.

nikki said...

Wow, great pictures! Dude you said penis and blow up monkey in the same post!!

And the cake was far better than I ever could make. Great job!

andi said...

What a fun-looking party - even if it did kick your ass!

Kimberly said...

Freak. E.


M said...

I am impressed, in awe, jealous, and amazed. And hella (OMFG when did I last use that? 1992?) excited about all the pics! WEEE! What a great day! (And seriously the monkey theme has me so green with envy I could scream! You're creative dammit! I'm so not. *sigh*) The cake turned out ADORABLE! Good call on no penises on the cake! ;)

random_mommy said...

That poor monkey.

nell said...

That cake is awesome!

Rachel said...

OMG, I am jealous that I didn't get a birthday party like that! Good luck cleaning that playroom, teehee.

Rachel said...

Oh, and I can't even put icing on a caked, much less try to do fancy stuff!

Jennie said...

Great party! It looks like Punkin and all had SO much fun!

I love the cake- you did a great job decorating!

Emma in Canada said...

Don't tell me that first pic is of a room in your house...that's freaking huge!

angel said...

love it! love it! love it!
wonderful pictures- happy birthday punkin!
i called my damien punkin for a long time too!