Life in the Fish Bowl


Oh, Yes You Are!!!!

Scene: We are in the recliner in the basement, watching Dumbo. I'm singing along with Pink Elephants on Parade (It's 94 degrees, heat index is 101, so too damn hot for the pool, kids in school or not).

No! Don't sing! Be quiet and not so loud. Let them sing.

Uh. You're a rat.

I'm not a rat. I'm a boy.

Now, this has come up before. This whole " I'm not a (fill in the blank). I'm a boy".

He may be only two, but just like a man, figures since he has a penis he is above it all.

And, just like a man, WRONG!!!!

Yes, my name is Bitchy Mom. Nice to meet you, too.


Shelby said...

fun :)

Kimberly said...

Mwahahahah! You funny!

nell said...

Good to meet you, too - apparently we have more in common than rocking - my name's Bitchy Mom today too!

Emma in Canada said...

My 2 oldest used to say "Please stop singing." My 2 1/2 year old isn't as polite "Mummy! Stop singing! NOW!"

They are right though,I am horrible singer.

"MommaDrool" said...

Oh yes, the good ole tantrum-inducing singing! I am a seasoned pro and am considering the title of Mommy Idol...ask Punkin' if I can come over and audition.

So, how many of us are named Bitchy Mom? I thought it was just me : )

Feener said...

just found your blog, my daughter who is turning 3, does the no i am (says her name), i like the take of the boy.

willowtree said...

No, you're wrong! Whoever has the penis wins.

And I don't just mean control over the penis (that way you'd win), I mean whoever actually has it attached.

Rachel said...

Bitchy Mom? Nice to meet you, my name is The Kids Are Going To Bed Early...Again Mom.