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My New Project

I have to admit to having a big case of writer's block these last few days. I usually don't have a shortage of words, but today they just aren't coming.

I could tell you that I sub'd at the mother's day out the past two days and that child care providers are waaaaaay underpaid. Or that Punkin' has been exposed to chicken pox and that it looks like he may have them. (edit. He does have them.)

But no one wants to hear that, right? Punkin' has been a little terror the past few days so there are no cute stories, only ones which would best serve as verbal prophylactics for the child free.

I do have a new project ready to start, though. Not that it is any less boring than the things I just mentioned, but at least I can take pictures of it! I've said before that I like to cross stitch, but I haven't started finished a project since shortly after Punkin' was born.

I had Punkin' pick out something for his room for my new project. Being that he has always been animal crazy, I shouldn't have been surprised at his choice. I really need to get going on this because his walls have nothing on them other than this

which is the project which was finished shortly after his birth. He picked out - big surprise here- a jaguarI've had everything ready to get started for a while now,

but this damn blog -and your damn blogs- keeps getting in the way! I've really got to learn how to allocate my time. And a little moderation wouldn't hurt me, either. I find sitting down and making little xxx for an hour or two really relaxes me.

I've given away most of my work, but a took/found photos of what I have here -

This is the first big project that I completed. My husband loves it, but it doesn't match anything so it's sitting in a closet in the basement.

This one is hanging in my bedroom. This cart looks almost identical to one of mine, Tabby. The flash lightened the cloth up a bit, but its really on a deep red, similar to the wall.

The mat is navy suede and I was really pleased with how the framing turned out. Kudos to The Rocking Horse. Wish your were still local for me!

I couldn't get a very good photo of this one due to glare from the windows, the lights, the camera. This is my favorite of the ones I have here. It hangs over our mantle in the living room.

If anyone wants to volunteer to fix that nail pop to the right of the frame, just send me an email!!!!


Kimberly said...

Ooooo....pretties! I can hardly remember the last time I picked up my needle. Hmmm....maybe I'll turn off the computer and do just that. =)

Emma in Canada said...

Holy crap! You are talented! I've a box full of untouched and half finished cross stitch projects in my basement. I stopped when a map of Ireland ended up in a big mess. And I think I may have actually left it in Ireland anyway. Anyway, it's been like 6 years. I sort of miss it.

I'm a Mom!..? said...

Chicken Pox?? Isn't that what the vaccine is for?

nikki said...

Hope he feels better soon. Toddlers + chickenpox= hell.

Wow, you are pretty freaking talented!

M said...

WOW. The cross stitch? AMAZING.

The chicken pox? Shitsville. Lets hope it goes byebye very fast!

Rachel said...

I used to crosstitch and still could if I just had the time. But, I've never done any as complicated and intricate as those!! Great job!

Catwoman said...

Wow! You are really, really good! I used to cross-stitch too, although I don't think I'm good like you are. I always mess up the count... sigh...

And Sweetie Pie always mocked my cross stitching asking me how it felt to be an 80-year old woman. Bastard.

I will now tell him that Blue Momma's hubby not only admires her work, but lets her get it framed and matted, respecting her as an artist.

ohio blue eyes said...

OMG, you are CRAFTY! I had no idea a person could do that with string (or whatever the hell it is)!

Anonymous said...

hi blue momma:
wow, these are completely beautiful! thanks for sharing :)