Life in the Fish Bowl


The Most Boring Search Terms of All Time

Yesterday I finally got my hands on the new Harry Potter book - thanks Mommapeas!- and I've been on another Potter binge every free moment since then. I didn't get to start on it until about 10:30 last night and then we had a play date this morning, but I have finally finished it. My head is splitting, my eyes are tiny red slits and I've got about 95% of the blogs on my feeds which have been updated and I have yet to read.

I know, waaaaaaah, and no, I don't want any cheese with my whine. Smart asses.

All of that just leads me to a lazy post for today, one which has been sitting in my drafts partially finished for a while. Yes, I'm going to share (yeah, like its something reeeealy special) my search terms with you. I don't get cery many hits from searches, but for the ones I do get I should receive a Most Boring Searches EVER Award.

Please, my three readers, don't desert me due to the poor quality of my posting today! I just need a break and to not think for the rest of the night. Well, maybe except for a comment or ten........
  • "Tide to go" stinks - my only mention of Tide was to use it to clean up poop. No poop hits though and I'm quite disappointed
  • Dora the phone is ringing - Is this kind of like Freddy vs Jason? or Predator vs. Alien ? Is someone hoping for Wonder Pets saaaave Dora? I say leave that heifer alone.
  • fish bowl cake - sorry, wrong number
  • fish bowl toad habitat - our fish died. Sorry again
  • how to care for frogs in the fish bowl - Enough with the frogs! Wouldn't frogs be in a frog bowl and not a fish bowl anyway?
  • i miss those moments - Yeah, me too.
  • walmart fish bowl - Please get off my blog! WAL. MART. SUCKS.
  • his willy - Ok, so he is two and he thinks it's a great toy. Perv. You, not Punkin'.
  • how did shrek spent his life - Probably playing with the same toys as my Punkin'.
  • i am rated r - Are you? Do you think I may be writing about you?
  • i love being mom because - Ok, so I get this one. Hope you like it!
  • my life in a fish bowl - The fish bowl, folks, the fish bowl.
  • ocd alabama - So am am OC and I live in Alabama. I hope you kept searching and got some real help.
  • spanking potty - Was this the same perv who was searching for "his willy"?
  • stegosaurus brontosaurus - This search is as lame as this post. Talk to you guys tomorrow.


Jennifer said...

yeah, well check me out with my hits for an obese, man squashing dominatrix!!! Goddess Patty anyone??