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I Rock! Didn't You Know?

And I want to thank the Academy ....oh, oh, sorry, I was just daydreaming a little. Buddha Girl, over at Buddha Girl's World, has tagged me as a

It's my first tag and, like I told her, you always remember your first, don't you? One day when I'm old older, I'll look back fondly and cherish the memories of my first time. And it'll be all about you, Buddha Girl!

I think a Rockin' Blogger is one who:
  • can find the humor in the mundane, everyday events which ordinarily would bore the crap out of us or drive us to tears

  • can fight her way through a mountain of poop and emerge on the other side intact, if not victorious, and ready to fight another day

  • is willing to bare her soul to the unknown masses on the internet (but I'm so glad many of you are moving over to the catagory of known for me!), even if she's unwilling to bare her other assets "in real life"

  • when faced with the "fight or flight" instinct, chooses to fight - or at least to whimper loudly while cowering in the corner

  • while loving her family can still find a spare minute or two to love herself (and I didn't mean it like that, Random Mommy!)

  • who knows that the cleanliness or tidiness of her house is not the measure of a woman, its the impact she leaves on those around her

  • who can say "I like me!" - and mean it, flabby thighs, muffin top, frizzy hair, saggy boobs, be damned - "I like me!"

Now to pass this esteemed award along. Everyone I tag will probably have already been tagged because you are all rockin' or I wouldn't be stalking reading you every minute hour day. 'Cause I've just got good taste like that, you know? Here are my picks, in no particular order:

  • I'm a Mom!.., because she's the one who got me hooked on blogging in the first place. Where would I be without you? Except maybe in a clean house since all of my time wouldn't be spent blogging! She's also the organizer of the most kick ass, rockin' mommy's group ever. Thanks, I'm A Mom!
  • Random Mommy, because she tells it all on her blog. I don't comment too much, because I'm usually speechless. And that doesn't happen too often! She doesn't know it, but the first time I met her I was blushing because I had just read her blog the night before. It seemed funny to be just meeting someone who it seemed I knew soooo well. Oh, and she knows Catwoman in. real. life. And I love Catwoman! I'm sure she's got this about a thousand times so I'm not including her again.
  • Daily Diatribes, because her blog is funny and informative and her posts are as long as mine - even longer! I also see her comments around on other blogs and she can really stir it up sometimes.
  • Nell, because her blog just kicks ass. I've not been reading her long, but I'm impressed so far. Her blog is about her kids, but not all about her kids. She's funny and thought provoking. And we share some of the same thoughts.

That's it, though the list could go on and on and on and on... just like one of my posts. Rockin' Bloggers, this is your mission, if you choose to accept it. Tell us what you think a rockin' blogger is, or who they are, or whatever the hell you feel like telling us. Because I know, whatever it is, it'll rock! Then tag away.


nell said...

Hey, thanks! And congratulations! I know what you mean about that feed reader, whew! I'll try to accept this one a little more gracefully than the last, wish me luck.

Kimberly said...

You are brilliant - and muchly deserving. Congrats!

I'm a Mom!..? said...

Awe, Thanks! I'm so glad to be the cause of your downfall! If I'm going down, you are all going down with me!

Jennifer said...

Ok, I have no idea what it means to be tagged, but thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I've never been nominated for anything before. I'll have to go to Dolce and Gabbana and get a gown. Do they make plus sizes?