Life in the Fish Bowl


He Knows How To Work It

While I'm cooking breakfast.....

Momma!! Look!!! I got all soaking wet!

What were you doing? Washing your lizard? (this kid likes his animals clean - and to hell with voluntary water restrictions to get them that way!!!)

I was playing with my fish and he jumped in the floor.

Of course, I race to the bathroom, save the fish from certain death, try to explain the concept of fish death to a three year old (yea! He's three today! Attempt at mooshy post to follow later) without scarring him for life (still haven't told him about Butterbean), and then run back to keep the eggs from burning.


Now we are eating the eggs mentioned above.....

Sit back down in you chair or you're going to fall!

(Continues climbing up onto the kitchen table. )

I said sit down or you're gonna fall!

(Starts sitting back down.

Falls, well half way falls, because I catch him)

Oooooh. I gotta boo boo.

Why do you have a boo boo?

Because it hurts!

Why does it hurt? What were you doing?

Because I fell!

Oh, because you fell! Didn't I tell you that you'd fall if you kept climbing? Why didn't you do what Momma said? Why did you keep climbing?

Because I just wannna love you, Momma.

And I wanna love the squishy alligator and the squishy lizard and the.....

Well, you get the drift of it right? He named about 10 other animals he wanted to love.

He may be only three, but he has already learned to drop the L word to get himself out of trouble.

I'm here to tell you it doesn't work on me.

Well, maybe it does work some of the time part of the time every once in a while occasionally.

The smile is hard to resist, even with breakfast on his face!!!!


Rachel said...

Who COULD resist that face??!!

Emma in Canada said...

Yeah. He's pretty cute. Shall we hook him up with my Saoirse in 17 years or so? I'm not all against arranged marriages to cute Americans.

nell said...

My god he's adorable. And he already knows how to swear his undying love when he's in trouble? The future women of the world are doomed!

angel said...

aaw he's so precious!
congratulations on your punkin's 3rd birthday!

Jo Beaufoix said...

They just know how to get you don't they.
It's either with love, or they make you laugh.

lisa's chaos said...

Ah, the L word. :) Such little sweethearts, at least in bursts.