Life in the Fish Bowl


Hair Hell

Wash, blow dry and flat iron hair : 45 minutes

Get in car (in garage), drive 20 minutes to McWane Center for birthday party. Park in parking deck, take elevator to lobby. Spend 1 1/2 hours inside building. Obviously a very humid building. Take Punkin' to the bathroom on the way out and see this in the mirror

I hate summer.
I hate summer in Alabama.
I hate that I've got to go to an outdoor birthday party tonight, when my hair looks like this after staying inside.

I'm thinking of trying this look

Or maybe this
Oh. I take some of that hatin' back. There are some kinds of hot I don't mind.


Jennie said...

Oh yes- 98% humidity- my hair is curly and it's usually straight! (Just kidding, actually wavy and I have found that large volumes of hairspray make all the difference....)

At least no one's hair really works here!

Feener said...

like the photos....i use to like the heat, not so much anymore

Kimberly said...

Man that girl has an alien-esque shaped head!

Much sympathy flowin' your way!

Serina Hope said...

Well if you have the parka to go with that hair it might work for you. That was hilarious. I have the same hair and I live in the south, so yeah...right there with you.

buddha_girl said...

All I can say is that you have my sympathies...and this from a chick whose hair is usually pin-straight, except on days soaked in hunidity.

I sat in one of those photo booths with Buddha the other day. When the pics printed, I had fucking curly hair. WTF? I don't have curly hair.

Kudos for you for TRYING to outwit Mother Nature and her ManWhore the Heat Mizer.

Jennifer said...

I vote for the Britney Spears look. Although it will take a lot of work to keep it looking good. I will be glad to go clubbing with you and help you get drunk enough to shave it!!

yellowdog granny said...

i am so lucky..i have short hair..and i can shampoo, condition brush out and blow dry in about 7 minutes...thank the goddess.. cause if i had to spend 45 minutes on my hair?...i'd be really bitchy..

Emma in Canada said...

My suggestion would be to spend part of your summer in my city, where it is freaking freezing in August! I'll start cleaning now shall I?

Joy T. said...

Here for Fun Monday and got me a little Beckham. Not bad, not bad at all. And I also read your 'comment' post below and loved it. So I commented :o)

We Doo, Doo You?? said...

Mine is used to the humidity, but it still looks the same unless I put straightening or anti-frizz gel in it.

Yankee Belle said...

ROTFLMAO! Happy Birthday to Punkin!

M said...

OH! Is it you really you?! I'm so distracted!

And dude. GIVE UP on the straight. Go with the chaos. Besides when curly hair gets jacked up no one notices much. Case in point? Yours truely.

Or move to WA> The humidity factor is fairly low and a little rain? Well that's what umbrellas are for!