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Doo Doo, Uh, I Mean Haiku Friday

So I was over on the Playgroupie's blog and she was doing this Haiku Friday thing and - being that I'm such a follower here lately - I thought I'd play, too. Apparently this originated with the playgroupie and Christina at A Mommy Story, so go check them both out.

The Playgroupie's first - of many, go read them yourself - poem was:

Enjoy these Haiku
If you don't, I will find you
And fart in your face

To which I was inspired to retort:

You'll fart in my face?
You're not a nice playgroupie
I'll throw poop at you

And one for the road:

It's his third birthday
My gift from my little man
Poopie in his pants

Yes, my big three year old, potty trained, no accident having (at home, anyway) little man gifted me with a big poop in his pants and a refusal to nap for his birthday. Oh, the joy. Is it too late to take back all that sweet stuff I said in that last post?

Just kidding.


Happy Friday to you, too!


Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Awesome! Sad how much poop makes me giggle!

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

Well, this is just so you remember he's still a baby, too, despite reaching the ripe ol' age of three. Catwoman should take note, considering she thinks Little Man is no longer one! Craptastick effort Punkin!!

Serina Hope said...

Yes, I like your blog.
Always the funny comments.
You're one of the best.

buddha_girl said...

Yeesh! Poop and no nap. That's a recipe for disaster!

I just caught up with your posties...and was soooooo wowed by your cross stitch talent. Damn, woman! I'm impressed and can't wait to see Punkin's jaguar!

willowtree said...

I never thought I'd see Haikus and and farts combined, interesting. But I'm more of a limerick guy myself:

I'll tell you this for a start,
Haikus are no place for a fart.
While turd sculptures may be quite cute
when accompanied by a loud smelly toot.
It can't be considered true art!

The Chick said...

Poop! You funny! I wish I could write a clever haiku have inspired me to think on this. Will get back to you!

Blue Momma said...

WT - I do think that limerick would pair with that last video you posted. And again I say, wrong, just wrong!

Gloria said...

You really made me laa-aaugh,
it was creative!

Poopthrow war...yay!

(In which after I shower you with Hokkien expletives. Hahaha!)

terri said...

One time at work ("this one tiiiime, at band caaaaamp...") I was put in charge of a MN Twins ticket giveaway. The girl who usually does it always sends out an email with a cutesy poem. I can't write poetry to save my soul, so I sent out the raffle notice in Haiku. It was a HUGE hit. But of course, I am too lazy to comment in Haiku, so you just get my lame little story.

Siegfried said...

Happy birthday, little man!
(Please don't fart on my face.)

Jennifer said...

children make us whole
they are the light in our lives
why must they poop so?

nikki said...

Mine just likes to fall in the toilet.

Catwoman said...

Haikus about poop? Now that's my kind of poetry!